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Discussion Say you could change one thing about Annihilation...

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Repressing, Aug 17, 2023.

Discussion - Say you could change one thing about Annihilation...
  1. Repressing Regular Member

    What would it be, if anything at all?

  2. okinaboru Gold

    Bring in better admins lmao, admins that actually know how to pvp or are active playing the gamemode
  3. ment0l66 Emerald

    Not necessarily one thing, but I would downscale the gamemode: smaller maps, lower max player count, less nexus health and shorter phases. This would obviously require some rebalancing of classes and maybe a few further tweaks to make the game flow well and be enjoyable, but my belief is that by bringing the game more in line with other, still very popular shorter-form gamemodes such as skywars and bedwars the game would more easily retain players, as well as attract new players that are looking for something new to play.

    I don't think this change would solve all problems, but it would at least be a start in making the game a more viable option for those that want to play the game, but don't have the heaps of time that the average game takes now.
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