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Discussion Save the Community. One Less Over-The-Top Rush at a Time.

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by charman305, Jul 17, 2014.

Discussion - Save the Community. One Less Over-The-Top Rush at a Time.
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  1. _Charman Obsidian

    Hello all.

    This is a more serious conversation today about what the Annihilation community -- mainly clans -- has become. For a while, clans have been bad about what I call "over-the-top rushes". They are basically, in common knowledge, 15 STR2 rushers with gapples and bloodmage, breaking down to 1 nexus health then farming til their swords break.

    This has been a problem for quite a while, but honestly, it's reached it's peak now. Back when Axis was around, stuff like this was "cool", but now it's not. It's gotten to the point that it's almost embarrassing how impossible it is to stop these rushes, with the overpowered bloodmages and the strength and the gapples.

    The amount of clans like this we have are stunning. Much of the time, I can't even play fun, long, interesting games because clans like these (won't name any names, and I'd appreciate if no one did in the comments also, even though I bet you know many) are wiping out all teams in early phase 4-early phase 5. This has given clans a bad reputation and I am here to try to fix this.

    It ruins my fun, and many others stand by me and agree. Annihilation doesn't need these rushes, no one does, except for the clans doing this. But do they? Can't they just enjoy the game, try new strategies, explore the game a little instead of having fun but ruining it for everyone else? It is really necessary for them to do these over-the-top rushes? The answer is quite plainly no. Annihilation is amazing, but this flaw in the community is ruining it.

    So what do we do about this? How do we end this, once and for all? To fix the Anni community, to make it actually good and fun again?

    Well, first, you clans out there like this, you over-the-top rush clans, the ones that do it every single day, please, I'm begging you, stop. Branch out, do more interesting stuff that doesn't get you 1000000000 xp. Do something fun for a change.

    And for you guys that aren't in one of these clans, keep doing what your doing. Add a few more things though. If you see a clan doing this, suggest that they don't. Tell them that it isn't fun for anyone if they do this.

    You can also put a #SaveTheCommunity in your signature, with this thread linked to it. And maybe you can even spread the word. Get the word out that we, the members of the community that want to fix this, are going to end the over-the-top rushes.

    You can also find ways to stop them, physically. Spy defend. Just defend in general. Brew some strength to stop them. Or just rush them when they are rushing YOU! (Or another team.) With that, they may learn the hard way not to rush, because we'll be stopping them!

    And the final thing you can do is say you support it. If you do, I'll add your name to the supporters list, and soon enough we'll end this. Just do everything up there, and eventually, this will be over and we can have our old community back, with the occasional strength rush, but not that much.

    Due to the fact that I am going to camp without being able to edit the supporters list, for now I shall have it in a Google Document and you can add your name their, but please nothing else, or else I'll have to lock it.

    Supporters list can be found here. [Edit: Removed.] As I said, put just your name, nothing else, and maybe a message, but keep it appropriate and don't type random stuff or I will have to lock it, as I said.

  2. xXSexyTanXx Silver

  3. chipotl_ Regular Member

    Support +1
  4. _Charman Obsidian

    If you support, you should be making changes.
  5. Sanguinarius Platinum

    :stuck_out_tongue: add me on there.
  6. Bestninjaw Gold

  7. _Charman Obsidian

    Done! Added.
  8. llamacek Platinum

    I shall Support this!
  9. EvergreenManor Silver

    To be honest any type of rush a clan does that is effective will usually ruin it for the rest of the players. I was in a game where a clan rushed with ten or so people, mostly regular full irons, in phase 2, and absolutely destroyed every team. No team really stood a chance and there was no way to stop it. They will always have the advantage of voice chat. But none of that matters I suppose because they're just using teamwork which is the point of the game.
  10. R33PS Silver

    This is literally like the 1000000000th thread about "OOmmemregud st2 OPOPOPOPOPOP"

    It already got nerfed, if the game lasts til phase 4 then strength is needed,

    I don't know about you, but I don't want to spend 3 hours in one fricken game.

    My clan can usually take out a nexus before phase 4, but after 40 minutes of getting materials, strength needs to come into play.

    If you want to save the community, get rid of the hackers, douche bag team greifers, and fix the bugs.
  11. Rebel_Vanguard Platinum

    I'm for it, there are some of us who want defending for the whole game to pay off once in a while.

    I've been in too many games where I've gotten Iron gear and Spy defended for the whole game. And, that alone got my team to Phase 5, but then come the Strength rushing Bloodmages, and while I recognize that it is a strategy and it is in the game for a reason, that doesn't mean that I like having spent a whole game defending only to have it end with no reward for it.

    I would've gotten Healer long ago if it had not been for these rushes... Sorry for going off on a tangent, but I figured I'd give my reasons for what I'm about to say next. I support this.
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  12. _Charman Obsidian

    I don't care if you succeed a rush. I care if it's done in the fashion that it's so over that top that it's even unfair.

    Hmm? OP? Mind me asking where I said OP, where I wanted anything nerfed? No where! This thread is 100% for the stopping of over-the-top rushes by the community. The staff can't fix this one. They may play a part, but this is a battle won by the community, not by nerfs. And I don't care about 3 hour games. I care about it being fun, and it's not if a clan goes around gapple, str2 and Bloodmage rushing.

    Will you please read my post and think about it before posting? Because you clearly didn't.
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  13. DoxNotch Platinum

    That's why I like the clan I'm in a lot. We can crush any game we join together, we can gapple strength 2 bloodmage and whatnot, but we choose to just have fun most of the time. We use farmer then attack with the regen pots and mini gapples we earn, we dick around with bungee stuff and scout, and sometimes we just play together with no purpose in mind other than having a fun time. We're a pretty big clan, none of us are horrible at the game, and we have the ability to dominate every game we join but we like goofing around more. I'm really glad I got to join them and they've made the game so much better for me. And yeah sometimes we spawn kill and slaughter people and completely ruin games for every other team, but that's the advantage of being in a clan too. The coordination you have, the help, the planning, it lets you maximize your potential when you don't have to fight alone.
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  14. _Charman Obsidian

    This is a great example of what my goal is with this!
  15. theofficialn00b Platinum

  16. R33PS Silver


    So you're saying clans who st2 rush take all of the fun out of the game?
    Ever think WHY they st2 rush as a whole clan?
    Because it's fun.

    These stupid st2 clan rushes need to stop and bloodmage farming needs to go away threads are stupid and getting too damn annoying.
  17. _Charman Obsidian

    Ah well, if you want to believe that. It may be fun for them. But like if a baseball team had all the beat players in the league and won almost every time, I may be fun for them, but is it fun for everyone else? To put it simply? No.

    So don't tell me my thread is stupid, that my ideas are also. If they're so annoying, don't read them and don't rant about how annoying they are.
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  18. Tiltzored Regular Member

    So you're saying farming 9999999999999xp is fun? It might be if you have a strange sense of enjoyment but it's not fun for everyone else. And it's quite selfish.
  19. DieDream Obsidian

    sign me up. i try this all the time. just dont assume im going to hashtag. hashtags are lame
  20. Killer_Saiyan Regular Member

    you got my support. +1
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