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Suggestion Save MTA..

Discussion in 'Mine Theft Auto' started by SaudAlfaris, Apr 22, 2018.

Suggestion - Save MTA..
  1. SaudAlfaris Regular Member


    My name is Saud, and I'm sure that most of you don't even know me.

    I was an MTA player before it merged with Shotbow, and I played MTA even after it merged with Shotbow.
    MTA started dying even before it merged with Shotbow, however after it merged it stopped dying for a while, but then it continued dying, why?

    The gamemode is GREAT and servers like "GTM" are copying its features and they're having hundreds of players!
    The reason is lack of advertising and development, since I've left(1.5 years ago) nothing have changed, the only thing that has changed is the players, all of my friends left it, except for two..

    Please, SAVE MTA.
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  2. Ktrompfl MTA Mini Admin

  3. LegitNube Platinum

    gtm is also pretty dead
  4. PokeTheEye Administrator

    Haven't seen you in a long long time.

    I can't agree with you that MTA didn't change in these years. MTA never really had any big gameplay updates. However MTA did have some gameplay updates, but not on a massive scale with tons of new stuff etc. This is because that would take a lot of time and effort from people and since MTA is all volunteers you can't expect the staff to work 24/7 on MTA.

    These days people get bored pretty quick at least from my experience(online and irl). Due to lack of time and staff it is impossible to keep this awesome gamemode updating on a regular basis.

    I personally think nobody is to blame for this. We have to accept this and try to make the most of it by keeping this game alive and keep suggesting stuff. (Maybe a dev will see a suggestion they like and work it out for MTA.)
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  5. Inserted305 Regular Member

    isnt it too late do save mta ?
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  6. PaySafeKaart Platinum

    MTA now has no developer atm if I say it right because they all work on goldrush, if im right there isn't going to be an update in 2018
  7. akitaboy2 Regular Member

    how about you uhh reward higher leveled players and not make the game easy as hell for newcomers
  8. Murgatron Network Lead

    Incorrect, the developer for MTA is currently busy with his studies IRL (as posted here). Other developers are working on their own projects.
  9. Runkelpokk Gold

    So mta have no ACTIVE dev right now :/
    It would be nice if you would ask around if there is a dev interested to work on mta
  10. PaySafeKaart Platinum

    Thaught so because just like I said im not sure but good to know because I play sometimes mta.
  11. PaySafeKaart Platinum

    Any new updates coming to MTA this year?
  12. PaySafeKaart Platinum

    I want to play it more often but there are no new updates, sorry for stacking the messages.
  13. Aexon Regular Member

    There's an edit button.
  14. PaySafeKaart Platinum

    I know that there is one.

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