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Suggestion Rules Modifications and Suggestions

Discussion in 'The Network' started by Irishkaiser, Apr 3, 2013.

Suggestion - Rules Modifications and Suggestions
  1. Irishkaiser Silver

    In reference to the Draft, the rules seem very overdone and needs to be summarized so it'll at least be more readable when first looked at, well to be specific: the Common Rules

    All of these practically mean the same damn thing. You should define spam, what encompasses spam and then place it into a single DON'T. The definition provided in replying to a spam thread however is more of against "Backseat Moderating" which should be a Don't of its own.

    The "Do"s part of the Common Rules and all the other rules are not so much as rules but more of guidelines which kind of makes an overbearing threat with its follow-up:

    It's safer to use "Guidelines" rather than rules.

    In the Games Ideas and Suggestion #5, my only problem with this is your understanding of "harsh".

    Harsh criticism is not "useless" criticism. "Your idea sucks" is useless criticism because it fails to follow up on a why and doesn't target anything other than the fact that the idea was pulled out of the person's ass in 3 seconds flat. Blunt and otherwise straightforward words are acceptable on creative levels, especially if the idea and or work submitted was terrible to begin with.

    Additional Rules Suggestions:

    1)Signature Limits - pet peeve of mine to see oversized signatures dominating more than half the user's post length. The aesthetic design of the forum(which I still assume is a work in progress) with the layout, advertisements and the distance per box just bothers me.

    2)Remove special mentioning of Platinum users.

    3)Add Common Rules Apply to all sectional rules with a link to the original.
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  2. jeff2106 Regular Member

    Maybe you could do the snowball in SMASH to a blind and frezze grenade. so you cant do anything for like 3,5 secounds

    (blindes for like 3,2 secounds)
    (frezze for like 2,1 secounds :))
    :D :stuck_out_tongue:
  3. Irishkaiser Silver

    Wrong thread, buster brown. lol
  4. Majicou Retired Staff

    I see your points - it is indeed a draft. I'll work more on it.
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  5. Pesadillan Regular Member

    I am always afraid that my "constructive" criticism is too harsh, but what you said your meaning of harsh is gives me some reassurance. And I think we all know the boundary between Helpful and Hateful, some of us just need to respect it.
  6. Prophettt Platinum

    You just made one admin work even harder. WE ARE SLOWLY TAKING OVER THIS WORLD..
  7. Irishkaiser Silver

    On the contrary, they're overworking themselves. I'm just streamlining the rules.

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