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Class Suggestion Rogue

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by NyvexOfShadows, Jan 8, 2021.

Class Suggestion - Rogue
  1. NyvexOfShadows Regular Member

    You are the deception. Unlike normal players, you spawn at a random location upon death! The only thing you can remember is your nifty golden pickaxe.

    It's about time I created another class.

    Rogue is a very... interesting class, to say the least. This class is one of few that has a death-oriented passive. When a rogue dies, they don't return to their main base -- their respawn location can be anywhere on the map (of course, somewhere that can be escaped from to avoid accidental self-trapping)!

    While many think this is a great way to raid bases effortlessly, the shear randomness of possible respawns makes it very hard to predict where you'll end up. To compensate for the eventual rarity of showing up to your own base, this class has a golden pickaxe to give it something good. It'll allow for some more aggressive play, but it won't be so easily dedicated to one opposing team.

    - Golden Pickaxe for faster mining
    - Potential to spawn close to enemy bases for chip

    - Randomness of respawns makes it hard to set a definite strategy
    - Can't revisit base as easily if hoping to defend
    - Requires some player adaptability

    - Full Leather Armor
    - Wooden Sword, Axe, Shovel
    - Golden Pickaxe

    I don't see any classes that work with adaptability but I hope this class can bring some to the table. Hopefully this one can shine some light on this aspect of play.

    All constructive feedback is appreciated!

  2. JonnyDvE Platinum

    Golden pickaxe is too strong, at least in less populated games.
    /kill allows you to teleport anywhere on the map... need some tries but you´ll get somewhere
    Otherwise interesting Idea
  3. lPirlo Regular Member

  4. NyvexOfShadows Regular Member

    Why is the command even available in the first place? Great point there, I've never considered it since I rarely see it. If it had limited usages that might balance some things out.
  5. lPirlo Regular Member

    With /kill a swapper cant jail u in a 1x2 wool box all game, for example.

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