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Class Suggestion Rogue

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by _Swipe, Nov 16, 2017.

Class Suggestion - Rogue
  1. _Swipe Platinum

    DISCLAIMER: All values mentioned are subject to change/removal and balancing.
    Credit to moarcringe for the inspiration.


    You are the backstabber.

    With a backstab damage boost and special tonics, Rogues are deadly damage dealers that sacrifice survivability for power. Pick your poison of choice: Mutilate, Confuse, or Sap.


    Rogues come equipped with tonics to apply to their swords, granting them a chance for special harming effects to occur on each hit to another player. Every time the tonic effect activates on an opponent, a short cooldown must occur before it can be applied again. If a Rogue hits a player in the back, their tonic is immediately applied and the opponent receives extra damage. However, this comes at a cost: Rogues have less armor; taking increased damage.



    The "Tonics" ability is placed on your hotbar. When right-clicked, the selected tonic is applied to your sword, when left-clicked the ability is cycled to the next tonic. You can switch out these tonics at any time freely, however only one tonic can be triggered on an opponent every few seconds.

    Each tonic has a 15% chance to be triggered per successful hit on a target. After a tonic is triggered, you must wait at least 5 seconds before a tonic can be triggered again.

    - Mutilate: When triggered, your opponent will receive extra damage for that hit and wither for 2 seconds.
    - Confuse: When triggered, your opponent receives nausea for 2 seconds, disorienting them.
    - Sap: When triggered, your opponent receives weakness for 3 seconds.

    The idea is for the ability to trigger one-two times in each fight, using the specific tonic for the situation. Special particles can trigger for each tonic ability when it activates, like the splash effect for each potion type.


    - Backstab: When you hit an opponent with your sword directly in the back, your sword deals extra damage (gains +1 Attack Power for that hit, or something) and whatever tonic you have active is immediately applied.

    - Silence: If you are walking, other players will not hear your footsteps. However, your footsteps will still be heard while sprinting.

    - Vulnerability: Any armor worn has its value decreased by 25%, rounded half-down. For example, if you have a full set of iron armor equipped (15 armor points), your current armor will be 11 armor points.

    Starting Kit / Design

    Everything in the starting kit will be the default, except the inclusion of the "Tonics" ability. The only thing I could think of to change would possibly be the starting armor, like dying one part of it black or giving chain boots. Just something to add personality to the class.

    My idea of the design of the "Tonics" ability is an enchanted potion icon for each tonic: an enchanted fire resistance potion for the Mutilate tonic, an enchanted nausea potion for the Confusion tonic, and an enchanted weakness potion for the Sap tonic.

    When the "Tonics" ability is right-clicked, the icon will change; reflecting the current active tonic.


    Rogues have immense burst and opening potential, with the ability to take out players much better geared than them with a combination of skill and surprise. They are limited in situations involving multiple opponents, but in a 1v1 battle their toolkit is extremely powerful. Overall, the class involves a high-risk high-reward playstyle, raising the standard for game awareness and ability for greater power.

    Hope you enjoy! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

  2. LegendaryAlex Platinum

    I have to sleep so imma just help you a small bit for now.
    Vulnerable should be called vulnerability, right?
    Lay out is different than I'm used to, I like it.
    Increasing the backstab damage is new in Annihilation but I don't understand why you've added the passive vulnerability, it looks kind of vague and out of nowhere. It's also not really specific, how much more damage do you take, how many hearts do you have?
    The cooldown of the tonic ability is also really important. So make sure to add that and be more clear about the vulnerability or think of a more original passive debuff for this class.

    I certainly do love the tonic though, really original and also looks kinda fun. :wink: (Maybe a bit op though)
  3. _Swipe Platinum

    Thanks for the reply! Yeah, I left the effect kinda general because the right numbers would have to be found with balancing/play-testing. I'm not entirely sure myself how squishy the class should be made to maintain that balance between fun/strong and killable. Though, if I had to put initial numbers on it it would probably look something like:

    - Rogue has 8 hearts, instead of 10.
    - Players who attack the rogue have +1 Attack on their weapons.

    Making it so the rogue is deadly, but vulnerable to attacks is key in my opinion. Also, "vulnerable" can also be called "vulnerability," and probably should too... yes. :lmao:

    EDIT: updated the main post, thanks again alex.
    LegendaryAlex likes this.
  4. ACringyWeeb Platinum

    I actually like this better than my idea! In my opinion, tonics are only useful when you sneak behind somebody or if u can switch your hotbar really fast. It might be complicated for some players but +1 for me!
  5. skunkthecat Platinum

    One problem is that you said the tonic will immanently activate after hitting someone in the back. Is there a cool-down? Can i consistently hit someone in the back and know that i will 100% of the time give the status effect to them? also, whilst changing tonics, will there be a cool-down to switch to the next, or in quick succession, could I give a person all 3 status effects?
    _Swipe and LegendaryAlex like this.
  6. _Swipe Platinum

    "Each tonic has a 15% chance to be triggered per successful hit on a target. After a tonic is triggered, you must wait at least 5 seconds before a tonic can be triggered again."

    When you have your tonic instantly trigger on someone on a hit on the back, this still applies. With switching tonics there is no penalty, but the cooldown is still in effect. In a perfect scenario with crazy RNG / well-timed back hits, you can still only apply 1 tonic every 5 seconds. Hope that helps!
  7. skunkthecat Platinum

    Ok thank you, I just wanted to get that cleared up.
    _Swipe likes this.

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