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Suggestion RobinHood ability (or a new class)

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Jarool, Jan 10, 2021.

Suggestion - RobinHood ability (or a new class)

Would you want this ability on RobinHood?

Yes, this looks good! 6 vote(s) 100.0%
No, I wouldn't. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Could be cool for a new class (obviously with changes). 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Jarool Emerald

    I have been TRYING to come up with ideas or anything that would make RobinHood an actually useful class, and I thought up an interesting idea that could work.

    'Leap' (working title) will allow the RobinHood to reach new heights while also allowing both offensive and defensive capabilities. Unlike other movement abilities, this ability only allows directly vertical momentum while also allowing you to deal some knockback and damage to surrounding enemies, thus allowing you to escape or deal quick, dirty damage mid-fight, while also giving height to be able to shoot enemies from afar.

    'Leap' has a 25 second cooldown. The ability will launch you directly vertically by 8 blocks and give a 25% fall damage reduction. This allows you to quickly get up high, but doesn't stop you from dying if you land from where you launched.

    The ability deals, within a 3-block radius, 1/2 heart of TRUE damage and 2 hearts of UNTRUE damage and a small amount of knockback. The ability also allows you to reveal invisible enemies. This allows to deal quick damage while not making the class rely on the ability for damage (the bow is your main source of damage). It also can cause a small amount of chaos.

    The ability allows both a defensive playstyle by running in and hitting enemies, then running away and leaping into trees, or using offensively by running into a group and annoying them, but is mostly a defensive ability. The damage and knockback it deals is minimal to allow for an easier getaway.

    Also, weakness bad.

  2. zoomninja3000 Regular Member

    Why not also add some sort of damage buff while in the air?
  3. Jarool Emerald

    I would argue that, beyond this ability, I could ask for more.

    Accuracy being RobinHood's best attribute, arrows hit from further away receive a greater chance of not being consumed (per 1.5 blocks, 1% is added up to +20% (30 blocks) for a 70% chance), reduce the current chance from 60% -> 50%.

    Arrows shot from above have increased damage (per 2 blocks vertically downward (not upward), deal an additional 0.1 damage up to 30 blocks above with 1.5 damage).

    Add the ability originally suggested above.

    Reduce the total kills required by 10 (0, 2, 4, 8, 16, 21, 30, 40 -> 0, 2, 4, 7, 11, 16, 22, 30), tiers remain the same.

    First works on any (the chance of returning an arrow on any other bow is reduced further to 40%, Bow of Justice specifically gets 50%) while the second is specific to Bow of Justice. While it may seem worse, the first change keeps RobinHood at a similar power level as it already is while promoting aim and the second allows RobinHood to be similar to, or better than, Acrobat (in specific situations). The fourth in reduction just allows players to actually get the max bow.

    RobinHood is never going to be a good choice for a bow class if it isn't changed drastically enough.
  4. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    Give tipped arrows back instead of normal ones. (Maybe when final upgrade, infinity, is reached.)
    Have some tiers (or amount of kills) lock in like they do on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" making it impossible to go below a certain threshold. Could be phase or time dependent, i.e. Get to 21 kills before phase 3 and you keep rank 5 for the remainder of the game.
    Robinhood definitely needs some extra mobility if they are going to keep weakness since you have to stand relatively still while holding a bow.

    Other than that? Blinding arrows could give Robinhood an extra mind game. Probably a class item since a passive blind would be a difficult thing to gage if it is applied or not. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT MAKE THE TARGET GLOW.
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  5. Jarool Emerald

    Great idea! I think I wanna keep these ideas separate for now and hope the admins aggregate all the ideas together, but I'll expand on your idea a bit maybe.

    On arrow hit, give a chance on obtaining a tipped arrow (regular arrows still exist). You can obtain a blindness-tipped arrow (0:07) (shown as a glowing one, renamed to 'flashbang arrow') when the bow is at tier 1, a poison-tipped arrow (0:07) (renamed to 'poison arrow', duh) at tier 3, and a wither-tipped arrow (0:15) (shown as a weakness-tipped one renamed to 'curse arrow') at tier 6.

    ADDITIONAL EDIT: RobinHood is the only class that can put arrows and tipped arrows in their off-hand.

    I kind of like the idea of 'locking' in tiers, but maybe more of a 'second chance' version where dying twice in one tier lowers you after t3, since t1/t2 are very easy to get. Sort of like a soft-lock.
  6. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    I'm particularly salty about the complete removal of everything but melons from the offhand slot. Arrows are one of the few items I ALWAYS placed in the offhand slot because there was absolutely no downside. Eating food takes priority over bow charging, so you realistically should never put watermelon in the offhand because it makes combat a little more unpredictable.

    Making Robinhood the only class that could do this would make me angry.
  7. Jarool Emerald

    My thought on this is that, since RobinHood would be the only class with tipped arrows, you need a quick way to swap which type of arrow you're shooting. Off-hand allows that. It would be nice if they added a wider whitelist to what can be put in the off-hand in general, but I added that for that specific reason.
  8. Mysterious_Seven Platinum


    That makes sense, but also it adds no functionality besides holding the item in your offhand to show off to your enemies what arrow you're using.
    Maybe that should be a feature of Anni, an Offhand Arrow View, should the need arise from this thread.

    Arrow usage is as follows: ROYGBIV (Tested in Annihilation to double check, you indeed cannot put arrows in the offhand.)

    >On a slightly related note, Sniper should spawn with a Crossbow in the next protocol update to 1.14+, no more forcing max charge. Much easier to understand. Some crossbow enchantments, like piecing, may even be applied as default to the Robinhood Bow. All in all, bow variation and nuance is about to double. Hope to get all the ideas fleshed out before the protocol drops, it'd be easier to code when you know exactly what you're aiming for. The Piecing code may also reused to bypass teammates instead of deleting the arrow, this would be a much needed QoL improvement.

    >Here are some suggestions I found while doing some research on which arrows are used first.
    This would probably not be implementable because of the limitations of the Minecraft UI, but you might be able to "open" a crossbow with left click and chose your arrow. Food for thought.
    You would obviously need to force it so only RobinHood could utilize these arrows, maybe in a way similar to Alchemist, duplicating code from the cauldron as well. This also states that Nausea, Blindness, Mining Fatigue and Haste are not obtainable in Tipped Arrow form and this is consistent with Java edition as well. Nausea would be an interesting addition if the Accessibility feature that nearly disables it was not currently in the UI, so that isn't really viable. (Nausea could make other ranged uses miss because of the distortions, but blindness might work just as well.)
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