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Suggestion Rework Vampire Again...

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by ericivi, Jan 3, 2022.

Suggestion - Rework Vampire Again...
  1. FIXVAMP Silver

    Just got the chance to try out the reworked vampire... last time I played vamp it was the one where u turn into bat...
    It was really fun class... i like the idea of a vampire stealing health from others, it's called a "drain tank" in other games...
    it didn't even feel like i was playing a class.... the heal is so little, 95% of the time you barely notice that you stole their health (0.5 hearts)... the only indication is the particles... even in the rework notes i remember the devs saying that they removed that healing mechanic from succubus and added it to vampire and it was "little known", so people didn't even know that succubus had it before the rework
    and the ability is kinda broken,,, what is it supposed to do??? i have some suggestions to fix the class.. no one plays it RN except me :lmao:

    make the heal more apparent.. maybe 1.5 hearts healed (but don't make enemy take that much damage,, it would be OP)
    give 2 hearts on kill,, but only during night time (THIS is broken if ur rushing so maybe if they spawned recently it doesn't heal u),,
    another idea i have is that when u hit someone, there's a chance that they start bleeding (indicated by red particles) and when a vamp hits someone who's bleeding they do a half heart more damage or something, or have a chance to heal more from them,,

    i think that with all of this if vampire also had an ability vampire would be broken,,, so i think if tehere were to be an ability it would have to be really small.. maybe something to do with bleeding,, e.g. something like "all players currently bleeding because u hit them get slowed for a second" or something

    ooh i have idea what if that ability is like that and it has a low cooldown, like 10 seconds, and the point us ur supposed to use it in big chases to catch up to people

    those last few paragraphs are all just ideas, im not saying the rework should include all of them... but right now vampire is weak as shit and useless during the daytime... ty for reading thsi far

    farewell people..
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  2. NATALIE_SUNDBERG Regular Member

    You're right. I think this update would greatly improve Annihilation.
  3. soto Platinum

    In recent updates Shotbow has started turning broken or good classes into complete and utter dogcrap useless ones. They forgot how to find the silver lining and balance them. Couple examples:
    - Vamp broken --> Useless
    - Mercenary balanced --> Useless
    - Hunter useless --> Still useless
    - Scout skilfully balanced --> Useless

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  4. FIXVAMP Silver

    :lmao: it is sad seeing a fun game like annihilation turn into this because of admin's ignorance...
    i will step in..
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