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No Prefix Revisions & confirmations (Wasted Mini-Game)

Discussion in 'Wasted' started by romangeeks, Mar 26, 2014.

No Prefix - Revisions & confirmations (Wasted Mini-Game)
  1. romangeeks Silver

    I've recently been noticing that a lot of rumoring has been spreading regarding the topics of very major edits (Jetpacks removal's etc.). If you see what options are available to solve the issue WITHOUT removing it, it wouldn't need the risk of having more complaints or players leaving from the outrageous jetpack removal's (Or PKP's etc.).

    Revisions necessary:
    - Block any spreading weapons to be fought in-air (PKP etc., in general shooting in-air shooting should add back)
    - Rocket launcher's should have a less ratios (However it should have a high block destruction)
    - Making it simplified to just hop on a car and move with the keys (No need for two mode's!)
    - Making weapons such as aa-12 have a longer tank and PKP's (Add shooting limit though)
    - Make jetpacks much longer *maybe add fuel* or make it harder to switch with jetpacks in-air but extend the fuel for jetpacks.
    - Extend the ratios for Remington's and AA-12's.
    - Slight the accuracy on in-air shooting if it's really that bad.

    Everything else should return to the way it was, and making it more simplified! Keeping it not so complicated and revising these features while making a new update on Wasted.

  2. jugularvein123 Silver

    The players who leave when jetpacks are removed are the players that most of the community would rather see gone anyway.
  3. Megaplaylist64 Platinum

    The best nerf is removing the ability to change Jetpacks in mid-air. How do you think this RLer fighthing you never has to refuel?
  4. kyogyu Regular Member

    Only thing I would like to see is a drum magazine on the AA12.

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