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Report a Player Guidelines - READ ME BEFORE POSTING

Discussion in 'Report a Player' started by roel_LP, Apr 21, 2016.

Report a Player Guidelines - READ ME BEFORE POSTING
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  1. roel_LP Retired Staff

    The Report a Player section is your place to report users who have broken the Shotbow Rules.
    At the bottom of this page you find the link to post your report!

    Someone still online and still breaking the rules in right now? Use /report - the in-game reporting system.

    -Banned? How to post a Ban Appeal then follow the link for the proper forum.
    -Bugs? Bug Reports & Technical Supportforum or contact any of the bug report team directly.

    Report Format:
    Good reports help us find evidence again should we need it for research, surveillance or a ban appeal - days, weeks even months later.

    If you are reporting multiple unrelated people, use a separate post for each person.
    Each person then has their own dedicated thread to lookup.

    Staff need evidence (and 100% certainty) before taking action.
    Staff's 100% certainty is a high bar. If your proof is just generally good we can still check the player out later.
    Attach as much evidence as you can.
    Images - someone spamming twice will be looked at differently than someone spamming twenty times.
    Video - a single instance is okay to iffy, a few is good, as many as you can get is great.


    Title: (Game Tag) - Username - Offense
    Make sure the username is correct and CaSe SeNsItIvE!
    "Hacking" is not a valid description.
    Lobby - TheKitty - Spamming in lobby
    MineZ - AoifeShadows - Forcefield
    Annihilation - roel_LP - Abusing Players

    Text: Repeat name, any details on offense. Include timestamps (as needed) and evidence.
    Location and date are also useful.

    Attach all evidence to your report.
    Chat issues - use screenshots.
    Multiple screenshots is always better. For example, if someone is spamming 20-40 times show that vs showing just 2-3 instances of spam.
    Cheating or gameplay issues - use video.
    Multiple encounters/instances is greatly preferred when possible. Extremely brief clips may be of limited use.

    If you are using screenshots (chat)...
    • Here is a guide for uploading screenshots.
    • Link the image directly.
    • Do not crop out the rest of your Minecraft screen.
    • Do not edit (even just for emphasis.)
    If you are using video (gameplay/cheating)...
    • Include timestamps.
    • You should explain what exactly they did even if the video is short.
    • Username should be clearly visible in the video.
    • Don't use an intro in the report videos.
    • Use "Unlisted" YouTube privacy.
    • Please avoid using "Quake Pro" mode or tiny GUI as it can distort evidence even at high resolutions.
    • Falsified evidence may lead to a permanent removal of the Network.
    • Please do not use cropped video evidence.
    Reporting examples:

    Are They Banned?
    We do not take "ban requests." This section is for players to report suspicious or rule-breaking behavior.
    Reports may lead to a permanent ban, a temporary ban, surveillance, verbal warnings and/or more.

    You won't get feedback on wether the player is banned or not, please do not message one of our PRP's or RAP admins to ask wether he is banned or not. Your question will not be answered.
    Not every report will lead to a ban but even bits of information can be useful while we are gathering evidence.

    Remember, our decision is final.
    Reports are not open to replies or discussion, this is a place for you to submit information.

    We will not enter into a discussion about each case. We will not entertain arguments such as "so-and-so got banned for this but you are not banning for my report." Each case can be quite complicated and there are often other factors involved that you are not aware of such as a ban history, additional reports or other mitigating factors.

    Reporting Information:
    Reports are a crucial part player's feedback. Even incomplete reports may still have good information and are stored. Proper, thorough reporting can speed up the process of finding and (as necessary) dealing with any issues.

    We strongly recommend not telling the person you're reporting that you recorded them, are reporting them, that they are getting banned, etc. No need to cause drama.

    Any evidence should be either attached via hosting service such as Imgur.com or YouTube.com. Other sources may be rejected or unviewable.

    Thank you for taking the time to review the guidelines and post reports.
    It is appreciated and it helps improve our community.

    If you have any suggestions for the guide please add them to the bottom of your report.

    Ready to Report?

    The 'main' forum is locked. To report, use the link below.
    Go to the Report a Player forum or Post a Player Report
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