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Suggestion Remove non-premiums ability to choose team.

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Glitchyy, Mar 23, 2014.

Suggestion - Remove non-premiums ability to choose team.
  1. JuanDeags Platinum

    Simple, stops team overloading, and fixes it. Instead of the 30 players limit.

    I understand that some people will not like the fact that they will not be able to join their friends. But, maybe an /invite or /party command?

    I think its just going to make games a little more balanced.

    Constructive feedback is welcome!

    EDIT: And give them a "Join Game" or something sign that puts them into a random team.

  2. The_Melonmancer Platinum

    *Builds a wall*
    There's your construction.

    There's your feedback.

  3. JuanDeags Platinum

    That was not constructive criticism ಠ_ಠ
  4. Cool172 Platinum

    This seems like a fair idea, when the party or invite command comes out
  5. BrownSlaughter Regular Member

    the problem is not noobs joining teams, its the premiums that overload teams.....
  6. Goldpaws Gold

    I don't think the idea is that good, at least if premiums can still join the team they want. It will only make premium groups/clans more powerfull because non premium groups/clans can't team up to defeat them imo.

    Edit: Also, why not make the premium joining cap higher then regular? 3 for reg and 5 for prem for example. That would possibly fix the overloading.
    ghana7 likes this.
  7. jaka100 Gold

    Terrible idea.
    Forgetting about clans filled with premiums?
  8. JuanDeags Platinum

    Stopping clans isn't what this suggestion was made for, you can't really stop clans unless you remove the ability to choose for everyone.
    With or without, clans will continue to stack. Doing this will only make slightly more easier, slightly levelling the player count of all teams.
  9. theofficialn00b Platinum

    This is an awful idea, sorry.
    There's barely any team overloading now and the 30 player limit helps.
    someboxy, Walkop, a2A209_ and 10 others like this.
  10. SydMontague Regular Member

    Non-Premiums can only join a team if it has less than 3 ppl more than the team with the least players. It's not possible for non-premiums to overload a team.

    There are only 2 reasons a team can be overloaded:
    - premiums who use their "join any game" perk
    - ppl who leave while the game is running

    Also, those who demands the removal of the 30 player mark, should go back to school to learn some math. 120/4=30, so a team with more than 30 players is ALWAYS overloaded.
  11. Strawfish Regular Member

    Premium players generally have more skill and experience playing, and by taking the team joining away from non-premiums will make an even more one sided game where the a couple of teams will have players that don't really have any experience with or any great classes, (as already happens now) meaning I'd just be joining lobbies and after getting geared up realizing that I'm the only one who at mid where are the fun and action is, where I'll think: "Oh, I'm the only one trying to capture mid, theirs no chance I'll be able to get into any long or good fights without getting outnumbered, I may as well just leave." [Cycle repeats until I find a game and team which aren't trying to steal from your furnaces and stand afking at the respawn point]

    I may have missed something that means this comment is totally wrong, sorry if so.
  12. 99sheiks Silver

    Worst idea ever.
  13. I3ryanz Gold

    Bad idea in my opinion, would curve shotbow into a pay to win server sorta.....
    At the moment it's not really the non premiums fault for massive teams. It's us, the premiums. We most of the time join teams with other premiums on it, then we have massive convos in 'all' chat making the non perms think. "SO MANY PREMS ON PURPLE, CLAN ON PUPLE, PURPLE WINZ" then they all start spamming purples sign trying to get in hence why all the other teams will start phase 1 with a small amount of player and the team with the premiums will have the most
  14. DrPyro Silver

    Honestly, I get your idea of fair games, but this is not the way to achieve it. How about his: some anni games (not all) auto-balance using ELO during voting for all players, and the game sorts out the remaining players as they filter in, with the goal being even combined ELO for all 4 teams? That sound a bit less aggravating.
  15. _Fluppy_ Emerald

    Please elaborate
  16. JuanDeags Platinum

    Please elaborate? I created this topic for constructive responses and criticism.

    Currently, with what we have letting regular players choose a team, is Pay 2 Win. But you're not paying. This allows all players to stack a team that has most players on it.
    If that goes, then you might think that giving premiums only the ability to choose a team will be P2W. The removal of that ability for non-premiums, eradicates the P2W feel of what the premiums get. Because it evens out teams.

    With the ELO system(Which I have not seen or experience or know of), it might help with teams. With this and that, who knows.

    I really think that with what saunders has done, there will be something that he'll come up with, that will stop the stacking and overall cluttering of teams and games.
  17. IAmTheSoup Regular Member

    This is quite a bad idea, it would turn the servers into a pay-to-win, because the teams could be easily stacked with premium clans. It's not noobs that overload teams, it's the premiums like you that do.
  18. JuanDeags Platinum

    Please read my response above.

    Are you implying that I am like premiums in Anni? or just a generalization that I am premium?
  19. R33PS Silver

    No, just no.
    andrew8240 likes this.
  20. IAmTheSoup Regular Member

    I'm not implying that. But I'm saying that this is not the way to solve stacked teams. If the suggestion were implemented, the server would just turn into another one of those BS minigame networks that require users to buy premium just to have a chance of winning.

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