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Suggestion Remake of Achievements

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by ArsMagia, Nov 18, 2017.

Suggestion - Remake of Achievements
  1. ArsMagia Retired Staff

    Many achievements have nothing to reward.
    For example, please add rewards by visiting 30 towns and reenable this achievement in a week. In addition, rewards by this should be XP.
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  2. Goliac Silver

    As much as i agree with this idea, i believe it won't be happening.
  3. walaver0808 Platinum

    This revolution must be implemented immediately.
    His idea broaden the possibility for MineZ.
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  4. LaukNLoad Film Crew

    Maybe make a couple more achievements too? Like achievements that are dated with the map? on the topic with the "town achievements" not all the maps that were added the past couple years you can even get achievements for. So hopefully that as well?
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