Suggestion //redo Does not work at Ledari :(

Discussion in 'Qubion Creative' started by FinHed, Feb 15, 2017.

Suggestion - //redo Does not work at Ledari :(

What rank are you

Apprentice :( 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Vetrain :/ 2 vote(s) 40.0%
Ledari :) 2 vote(s) 40.0%
Centurion :D 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Sentinal :P 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Legatus, BT Member, Or mod :^ 1 vote(s) 20.0%
  1. FinHed Regular Member

    I'm a Ledari rank and I have //undo but when I do //redo It comes up with 'You do not have permission to do this command, are you in the right mode?'

    I might be mistaken and Ledari rank do not have access to //redo but i would have expected to have it since i have //undo

    If this is a bug it would be brilliant if it could be fixed :)

    Or If Ledari rank should not have access to //redo I think that we should have access to it if we already have //undo

  2. McJeffr Regular Member


    People never have had //redo. This is not a bug in WorldEdit or a mistake with how we set up our permissions. Back when we were using PlotMe as our plot manager, there was a bug involving PlotMe's WorldEdit integration. For this reason, //redo has never been a command at any rank except for staff.

    That being said, with Qubion 1.9 coming up as soon as Shotbow rolls their 1.9 update, people will have //redo again.
  3. FinHed Regular Member


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