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Guide Recruitment & Gangs

Discussion in 'Mine Theft Auto' started by Runkelpokk, Feb 20, 2018.

Guide - Recruitment & Gangs
  1. Runkelpokk Gold

    This post is intended to introduce gangs in MTA and to submit applications for these.
    I will present the course presentation form at the example of my own gang .

    Gangname : Continental
    Owner : Ultimativemaster
    Co-owner : McDuckler
    Seniors : Eisenklinge
    Admin : Ahmaddervierte , Shelburne , MlgCapitonArmy , R3ktByCh1cken
    Current Gang Lv. : 10
    Member Count : 36/38
    Min. XpSplit : 10%
    Gang houses : O1 , W23, N1 ,V30 , J10 , T11
    Languages : German , English
    Rules :
    Don´t kill gang outher gang members
    Put more stuff in the gang chests than you take out
    How to join ? :
    Anser the following questions and reply this thread or pm me
    Mta Level (Min. lv. 10 ) :
    IGN :
    Languages :
    Owned Houses :
    Bank balance :
    Skype/ Discord :

    Alliances: RäumeHierNurAuf , CosaNostra
    Enemys : La-Familia , KBTIT , TheGameblademob , GB-Army, noobs

    Inspired by KounterattacK
    Need more information about how to run a gang ? Check out here
    amf3000, Nanacoro and MCDuckler like this.

  2. MCDuckler Platinum

    Why am i temporarily removed D:
  3. Runkelpokk Gold

    reasons ...
  4. LegitNube Platinum

    Gangname : The Gameblade Mob
    Owner : Viral333
    Co-owner : LegitNube
    Seniors : None
    Admin : None
    Current Gang Lv. : 8
    Min. XpSplit : IDC
    Gang houses : N1, J10, W23, W15
    Languages : English
    Rules :
    Whatever, none of us ever play anymore
    How to join ? :
    Alliances: GB Army, Trinity
    Enemys : La-Familia, noobs, Continental, The Ferocious 5
    dange, MCDuckler and Ultimativemaster like this.
  5. WarpShadow135 Regular Member

    Gang : The Seige
    Owner : WarpShadow
    Co Owner : None Yet
    Senior : RealisticLie
    Admins : Zyphlox Syilthi TheNataraptor MineCraftTreyAC
    Gang Houses : W23 T11
    Member Count : 14/14
    Friend Gangs : None Yet
    Enemies : noobs CosaNostra
  6. nanacoro Silver

    Gangname : noobs
    Owner : Nanacoro
    Co-owner : Kumin_0507, rai_0221
    Senior : None
    Current Gang Lv : 14
    Member Count : 26/46
    Min. XpSplit : 5%
    Gang houses : J10, N1, I2, T11, E13, V30, W23
    Languages : Japanese
    Rules :
    Don't kill gang members.
    If you take items from chest, put more items than you take out, please.
    How to join?:
    Send me private message please.
    You have to tell me
    MTA lv (Min.30):
    Alliances : None?:lmao:
    Enemies : KBTIT, Continental, The Gameblade Mob

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