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Recruiting for HCF Map 20!- Chance

Discussion in 'Looking For Faction' started by apelsauce, Aug 3, 2014.

Recruiting for HCF Map 20!- Chance | Page 2
  1. Kutabare Regular Member

    IGN: Sunyeoshidae (im not gonna play on this accout)
    Age: 14
    Timezone: GMT +2
    availability: I will be available whole day, i can play when i want but not when im at school ._. ^^
    PVP Skill on 1-10 Scale: I would rate my self 7-8. and i will upload my pvp video when i uploaded it i will pm u ^^
    Previous Experience: I practice a lot pvp on cubecore and i played hcf like 5 map ago but i didn't play in map 19 because i don't have a faction.
    Please also specify if you prefer mining or Building and brewing/enchanting: what i can do is brewing and enchanting. i'm not good at mining but if i would rate my self 1-10 at building i would rate 5. Np if i can't join :)

  2. SilverJesus4 Regular Member

    List your:
    Age 15
    Timezone Central
    availability i will be on quite often
    PVP skill on 1-10 scale (plus video of you pvping if possible) 8, I come from another potion server called gontroller and I am a very good pvper.
    Previous experience I have an experienced pvp background and have played for a very long time on potion servers like HCF
  3. NorteChico Gold

    Age: 15
    TimeZone: Eastern
    Availability: Anytime in the afternoon after school
    Pvp: I would say im very good myself, probably a nine.
    Experience: Ive played in several factions in maps 12-18, and I was busy during 19.
    Specialty: Im good at it all and can do it all, But I prefer brewing/enchanting

    I would really like to join you guys! I think it'll be lots of fun and I would help your faction a lot. Thanks!
  4. apelsauce Obsidian

    My faction has merged with a bigger faction, please contact Forgotten_king.

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