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MineZ *READ* MineZ map corruption info.

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by Glitchyy, Sep 23, 2013.

MineZ - *READ* MineZ map corruption info.
  1. JuanDeags Platinum

    This is just an unofficial PSA telling everyone info on MineZ map corruption.


    Please guys. Stop posting threads about MineZ's current problem.

    Staff will most likely be fixing it.

    You do not need to make more threads saying the same thing others have already said. It's pointless.

    Info on bug:
    Currently, EU(Maybe US) has a problem where MineZ's map(world) will bug out on all servers and show parts(chunks) of vanilla generated terrain. Do not fret, if you're stuck - I'm sorry. Nothing the Staff can do, they most likely will not refund.

    Feel free to explore the wonderful world. But I'm warning you, if you go to an area you think you will get trapped once the world gets fixed, go there and get out. Though you will most likely get a Teleport out upon map fixing.

    Thanks :3
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  2. brandonsuter Platinum

    Sometimes a massive rollback happens btw :wink:
  3. 100PercentHippo Retired Staff

    I believe that staff do teleport people out of blocks, so if everyone just sits tight until this is fixed, they should be fine.
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  4. gpandaman Platinum

    Yea... Once I saw this bug happen to Wholemilk and Nickskibike on youtube... They picked up an Diamond and a few obsidian blocks from a village Blacksmith. This doesnt happen very often, so explore while you can :D Dont forget that hoe if you find an village for the wheat!
  5. DuskShadowBrony Obsidian

    All diamonds in the inventory (or diamond items) supposedly turn into coal, even for staff/OPs.

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