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Ranks, Cosmetics, and XP Overhaul

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mistri, Jun 2, 2023.

Ranks, Cosmetics, and XP Overhaul
  1. Mistri Network Lead



    Hello Shotbow! I am honored to be able to share the Ranks, Cosmetics, and XP Overhaul update with you today. This update is long overdue, and comes with a ton of features that you will love. Let's dive into it!

    Rank Overhaul

    Ranks are getting a huge update, with tons of new perks and some old perks being brought back.

    Changes to all ranks:
    • All ranks will regain their per-person XP multiplier. Over the past few years, premium XP multipliers were shared between everyone on your current server. Now, you only get the XP value of your rank's multiplier!
      • Silver - 2.0x XP
      • Gold - 2.5x XP
      • Platinum - 3.0x XP
    Changes to Silver:
    • Price reduction from $25 to $12.49, a 50% price decrease.
    • Duration change from a 3-month temporary rank to a permanent rank.
    • Access to the brand-new Silver Cosmetics Package. (more info below)
    • Access to 1,000 XP per month through Shotbow Rewards. (more info below)
    • Updated friends limit for Silver to 50 friends.
    • Access to 1 free shout token upon purchase.
    Click here to purchase the brand-new Silver rank now!

    Changes to Gold:
    • Price reduction from $50 to $24.99, a 50% price decrease.
    • Duration change from a 7-month temporary rank to a permanent rank.
    • Access to the brand-new Gold Cosmetics Package. (more info below)
    • Access to 5,000 XP per month through Shotbow Rewards. (more info below)
    • Updated friends limit for Gold to 75 friends.
    • Access to 2 free shout tokens upon purchase.
    Click here to purchase the brand-new Gold rank now!

    Changes to Platinum:
    • Price reduction from $100 to $49.99, a 50% price decrease.
    • Access to the brand-new Platinum Cosmetics Package. (more info below)
    • Access to 10,000 XP per month through Shotbow Rewards. (more info below)
    • Updated friends limit for Platinum to 100 friends.
    • Access to 3 free shout tokens upon purchase.
    Click here to purchase the brand-new Platinum rank now!

    For Silver, Gold, and Platinum, since the prices have decreased by 50%, some of you may have already spent the equivalent amount of the new rank (i.e. you spent $50 for Gold, but you now qualify for Platinum). We're happy to announce that we have automatically upgraded your rank to your new equivalent rank. Everyone that has ever purchased Silver and Gold in the past have now been automatically upgraded to Gold and Platinum respectively. Enjoy!

    Changes to Emerald:
    • Access to the brand-new Emerald Cosmetics Package. (more info below)
    Changes to Obsidian:
    • Access to the brand-new Obsidian Cosmetics Package. (more info below)

    We are super excited to announce that Subscriber is getting a complete makeover. Please welcome Shotbow+, a brand-new subscription rank that trumps the old Subscriber in every way.

    The indicator of a Shotbow+ member will be a multicolored + icon after their rank icon.

    [P+] Mistri: chat

    Shotbow+ subscribers will be able to change the color of their indicator to any color they want from the following options: dark red, red, gold, yellow, dark green, green, aqua, dark aqua, dark blue, blue, light purple, dark purple, gray.

    In addition to the beautiful indicator, there are also a ton of perks that come with the subscription:
    • Price reduction from $10 to $6.99 per month, a 30% price decrease.
    • +0.1x XP per month subscribed, up to 4x XP.
      • For example, if you are already Platinum with a 3x XP multiplier, subscribing for 1 month will get you to 3.1x XP, and subscribing for 10 months will max you out at 4x XP.
      • This multiplier will reset upon cancellation of your subscription.
    • 3 XP boosters per month - these XP boosters last for 1 hour and will boost everyone's XP gain on your current server.
      • For example, if you are in an Annihilation game with your friends, turn on an XP booster, and everyone will get a free +3x XP boost. If your friend is Platinum, they'll get a total of 6x XP.
    • Access to 5,000 XP per month through Shotbow Rewards. (more info below)
    • Access to a curated set of cosmetics.
      • Active Shotbow+ subscribers will receive access to a ton available cosmetics, with the exception of rank-specific or special cosmetics, like the Jello pet for Emerald.
    • Access to 3 free shout tokens per month.
    • Contribution towards any premium ranks, including the new overhauled Silver, Gold, and Platinum.
    Click here to purchase Shotbow+ now!


    When we first launched Shotbow, we created only 3 ranks: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. However, we noticed that once people got to Platinum, they started purchasing ranks and other for other people as gifts. We really appreciated the support for Shotbow and the kindness they extended towards other people, and we wanted to reward them for it. We created 2 additional ranks, Emerald and Obsidian. Unlike the other 3 ranks, these ranks could be unlocked by purchasing ranks for others, which encouraged creating a friendly gifting environment, which we loved. To this day, we consider Emerald and Obsidian as tokens of appreciation from the Shotbow staff to the players.

    However, we now have people that are going above and beyond, contributing far more than Obsidian's $500 requirement, and we would like to express our sincerest gratitude towards them with our newest rank: the Ruby rank. Ruby functions identically to Emerald and Obsidian, but it unlocks when you've spent $1,000 on Shotbow. After reaching Platinum (which now costs only $49.99), all ranks that you gift to others will count towards your total spent towards Emerald, Obsidian, and Ruby.

    Just like Emerald and Obsidian, you will be automatically be upgraded to Ruby once you've spent the required amount. Instructions on how to purchase gifts for other players, and information on spending calculations, can be found here.

    Ruby boasts a beautiful new dual-colored rank icon, along with our first bold rank icon:

    [R] Mistri: chat

    Additionally, Ruby members have access to the all-new Ruby Cosmetics Package. (more info below)

    XP Overhaul

    As a recap from above, we have made the following changes to XP:
    • Per-person XP multipliers are returning.
    • Subscriber now includes +0.1x XP per month.
    • The introduction of XP boosters.
    Purchasable XP
    We are excited to announce that XP is once again purchasable in the Shotbow Store.
    • 25,000 XP - $4.99
    • 100,000 XP - $12.49
    • 250,000 XP - $24.99
    • 550,000 XP - $49.99
    Click here to purchase XP now!

    Lobby NPCs
    We have added 2 new friendly NPCs to the lobby, Shotbow Rewards and Shotbow XP.

    Shotbow Rewards
    • Daily XP - redeem 100 XP for free, daily. All you have to do is log in!
    • Monthly XP (premium only) - redeem your rank's monthly XP
    • Monthly Shout Tokens (Shotbow+ only) - redeem your Shotbow+ monthly shout tokens
    • Monthly XP Boosters (Shotbow+ only) - redeem your Shotbow+ monthly XP boosters
    Shotbow XP
    • View your XP
    • Manage your XP
    • Use XP Boosters
    • Redeem XP codes
    In-Game XP Shop
    A forums account is no longer required to make XP purchases - it can all be done in-game! For cosmetics, you can purchase a cosmetic by right-clicking it in the cosmetics GUI.

    Each game's purchasables can be purchased in their game lobby.

    Cosmetics Overhaul

    Our cosmetics system has been entirely rewritten, to clean up thousands of lines of old and broken code. This allows for our developers to more easily create beautiful cosmetics and rapidly deploy them.

    This update comes with a few user-facing changes as well:
    • Pets - pets have returned! All previously removed pets are back, polished, and all bugs are fixed.
    • Balloons - balloons are better than ever, with a selection of country balloon flags, pride flags (for month of June - happy pride month!), and more!
    • Particles - we now have the ability to create brand-new types of particle designs.
    Premium Cosmetic Packages
    Premium cosmetic packages are available for all premium ranks. While these don't have many cosmetics to start, we will continue adding cosmetics to them over the next few weeks and months, across all gamemodes - this update is just the start.

    Silver Cosmetics Package
    • Silver Lining particle trail
    Gold Cosmetics Package
    • Golden Delight particle trail
    Platinum Cosmetics Package
    • Platinum Flame particle trail
    Emerald Cosmetics Package
    • Emerald Skyline particle trail
    • Jello pet
    • Emerald Balloon
    Obsidian Cosmetics Package
    • Obsidian Arrow particle trail
    • Ben pet
    • Obsidian Balloon
    Ruby Cosmetics Package
    • Ruby Wednesday particle trail
    • Glaumm pet
    • Ruby Balloon

    Here are a couple of miscellaneous updates as well.

    New Commands
    • /purchases - displays how much money you've spent on Shotbow, and how much you need to get to the next rank. No more DMing Mistri! :D
      • Note - this number may take a few minutes to update after purchasing on Tebex.
      • Note - this number may be inaccurate for OG players. Please contact us with proof of purchases if you believe your number is incorrect.
    • /shouts - view how many shout tokens you have.
    Overhauled Commands
    • /sbrank - overhaul of this command allows you to select the rank that is displayed in chat and in tab, including the + indicator color for Shotbow+.
    • /pets - an overhauled, polished GUI to view pets, including pet categories!
    • /balloons - an overhauled, polished GUI to view balloons, including balloon categories!
    • /trails - an overhauled, polished GUI to view particle trails!
    • /swag - view all of your Shotbow swag!
    • /myxp - an overhauled XP GUI to manage XP.
    Note - please note that some features listed in this thread are only available on a subset of games while we update the whole network to this new infrastructure. Hopefully the whole network will support everything in this thread in the next few weeks. This includes the Shotbow+ rank icon, XP boosters, some cosmetics, and per-person XP multipliers. For now, please remember that XP boosters stack, so you can continue collecting them until your favorite game starts supporting XP boosters. Thanks for your understanding!

    Thank You

    Please show some gratitude to Pyachi2002, one of our developers who has been working tirelessly on these updates over the last few months!

    And to the community - thanks for flying Shotbow!

  2. ShayminPlays Emerald

    It's finally happening!!
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  3. JayPredictable Emerald

    Some of the best news I've heard from Shotbow in a long time.
  4. LangScott MineZ Events Lead, Administrator, Specialist

    I love all the new cosmetics so much!
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  5. Axyy Network Co-Lead

    Let's goooooooo
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  6. SnowVi1liers Administrator

    Hyppe!! :cool:
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  7. Craftiii4 Ruby

    Seems interesting
  8. Fluffoon Retired Staff

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  9. squallythewally Obsidian

    very nice. thanks team.

    gonna be a graft tho
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  10. MinishMae Platinum

    Yooo this is awesome!! The mod team did a fantastic job with this overhaul! :heart:
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  11. naqare SMASH Lead

    nice :)
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  12. giew Event Staff

    Niceeee :)
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  13. Friendly123 Co-Lead Builder

    Good stuff!!
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  14. ImAbbyy Anni Events Co-Lead

    This is so hype! Thank you to the shotbow staff for these amazing changes! I have seen many of these suggestions from the community and I am glad they are being implemented :)
  15. TheRadiantDawn Obsidian

    Wow You guys still play the game ? =D Hi
    Congratz on admin for shotbow Mistri =p

    - theloverboy78
  16. TheRadiantDawn Obsidian

    Also this can't be right =p [IMG]
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  17. DanielM78 Obsidian

  18. Smartzz Emerald

    Gotta give credit where it's due, this is a really good update. I'm a fan of the lobby npcs as well for top donator of the month.
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  19. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    The more I read, the more I'm left scratching my head.
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  20. Shimmied Platinum

    This is a fine update and cleanup of the command system, along with a welcome return to the old store system, but its too little too late. Shotbow bent the knee to Mojang for no reason and took a lot of the fun out of their server, now everyone is gone. You're gonna need to to some serious fixing of the systems of Anni and MineZ if you want people to return.
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