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Other RANK GIVEAWAY - Send Clips!

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by _Swipe, Mar 14, 2019.

Other - RANK GIVEAWAY - Send Clips!
  1. _Swipe Platinum

    What's up guys,

    In my quest for emerald, I really want to make a video showcasing the awesome plays I know you guys have in Annihilation, so I'm giving you all a challenge:

    If I get a clip of a great play in Annihilation from 12 different people, I will make a video, judge every clip with some guests, and the player with the BEST clip will win GOLD ($50) rank, and the player with the second-best clip will win SILVER ($25) rank (paid by me)!

    - Clips submissions must be no longer than 30 seconds.
    - Clips submissions have to be spicy if you want to win. (no simple kill montages, or basic pot rushes)
    - All clip submissions must be recent (played and recorded from at least January 2019).

    And that's it! If you want to send a clip, put it on a streaming site and send me the link to my PMs on the Shotbow website or my discord @ Swipe#4566.

    I'm also looking for editors and judges, so if you want to help me edit or want to judge with me, hit me up on discord too. I'll be taking submissions until March 31 April 6, then expect the video to be out 1-2 weeks after that. But I need you guys, so please send me clips, and let's make a fun annihilation vid together :D. Thanks!

    EDIT: Moved deadline to April 6!

  2. soto Platinum

    good luck, upvote upvote upvote
  3. HyuYou Silver

    m8, I play in 60 (now 65 FOV), so sPicY is my middle name. GLHF participants!
    _Swipe likes this.
  4. Jeroen_jb Platinum

    Nice :3
    Layhoun and _Swipe like this.
  5. soto Platinum

    _Swipe likes this.
  6. Alipoodle Regular Member

    do they have to be new clips?? Or can they be clips that I already have
  7. Unhinge Gold

  8. Snurkle Platinum

    I already have a rank, but if I were to win, would I be allowed to gift it to a friend who is rankless?
  9. _Swipe Platinum

    As long as they're from January 2019 and later, you're good to go!

    yeah definitely!
  10. Layhoun Gold

    Fakka bro
    Jeroen_jb likes this.
  11. boogaert Emerald

    anni :V
    _Swipe likes this.
  12. _Swipe Platinum

    Since I've only received one clip so far, I'm extending the time to April 6th. Please send clips so I can showcase them and reward you!
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