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Suggestion Random post (#bored)

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by soto, Oct 22, 2019.

Suggestion - Random post (#bored)
  1. soto Platinum


    (disclaimer: read this when u got the time cause I already know this post not gonna be small)

    Here's a list of things I'd like to see added/ changed/ adapted/ . . .

    1 - Lumberjack: Depending on the type of axe you use (stone, iron, diamond) it should deal more shredding damage to the armor. This goes for the lads who like using a battle-axe.

    2 - Acrobat: fix the goddamn double jump (and the falldamage random direction launcher). You're trying to use a class ability to your own advantage but damn this class becomes ur worst enemy if it launches u half a block up or into some random direction.

    3 - Scout: I have no clue how you managed to make it even worse but if your hook slides off a side of a block and lands on the block you aimed at, suddenly your grapple doesn't work anymore. Y'all just making this class look like shit.

    4 - Defender: Why are we still respawning without the chainmail chestplate.

    5 - Hunter: Fix the explosion to how it was supposed to be & bring back the dogs.

    6 - Ninja: Needs a passive ability during pvp, I recommend a split second of blindness.

    7 - Swapper: If redstone ain't allowed, remove levers too.

    8 - Wizard: Fix missile

    Other things to fix:

    a - Remove the invisible TP that can either be made using Tinkerer pads or Bardboxes.

    b - Some classes, after kit-change have a countdown that doesn't go down, this has been an ongoing issue for a while.

    c - Though I use it myself after mining, the fact that I can /hub or /al and rejoin quickly as a means to get back to base is quite an unfair advantage. I'll exploit it as long as it's still a thing though.

    d - Tinkerer pads should have a cooldown before you use it again.

    e - Vamps shouldn't be able to mine diamond.

    f - Make skybridges great again. Put a fly height limit on vamps. Add some rush variety and not the "Let's wait for nighttime to quickly go vamp and take it down".

    There is a lot of crap i'm missing out of or that probably is just my own personal thought on it. Add your own damn opinions on it or things you agree on I couldn't really care less.

  2. ryomou_200 Gold

    soto, your word-choosing skill is one of things I admire and want to learn.
    Fluffoon and soto like this.
  3. soto Platinum

    What word-choosing skill in particular are we talking about :) ?
  4. karabear04 Regular Member

    i agree with this post like alot
    soto likes this.
  5. cokc Platinum

    good post as always soto
    Fluffoon likes this.
  6. ryomou_200 Gold

    Sentences about Acrobat, Scout and Defender particularly. with my English skill I can't explain it properly but I felt sense of humor from them
    soto likes this.
  7. soto Platinum

    Thanks For #Agreeing Big Lad.
    I know right, mans always posting godly stuff on here.
    Oh! I get what you mean, I always like adding some sense of humour to my posts, ain't nobody trying to read a boring post especially if it's long.
    ryomou_200 and Fluffoon like this.
  8. soto Platinum


    surprised no one has really said anything about it but why can I not take items out my 9th inventory slot when I enter the crafting table? It's really annoying especially if you shift click when crafting items.
    ryomou_200 likes this.

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