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Races by Void

Discussion in 'Death by Void' started by Tominimax, Jan 6, 2016.

Races by Void
  1. Tominimax Regular Member

    I have an idea that would improve DBV when playing with friends.
    The races would be joinable via clicking a sign like in SMASH. The player that creates a game would need to choose between 3 variants:
    1. Time run: The goal is to complete more platforms than any orther player within a time limit (1-3 minutes)
    2. clasic: Get to the finish before anyone else
    3. Survival: get as far as posible without dying
    The number of lives, number of platforms and game time would be configurable for player parties. (maybe a pass like in SMASH?) This would also allow to change how common are certain obstacles on the track.
    What do you think about it? Is this idea good?

  2. 97WaterPolo Administrator

    i think this is a good idea, one thought I wanted to implement was survival of sorts. You have 30 seconds to get as far as you can, after those 30seconsd are up the map will start to crumble (starting at the 1st platform) and increasing at a rate until it catches up the the player. The last person alive basically wins :stuck_out_tongue:
  3. Unicycle43 Retired Staff

    This sounds awesome!
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