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Suggestion Queue Late In Games

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Cupu, Mar 13, 2022.

Suggestion - Queue Late In Games
  1. Cupu Platinum

    After Phase 3, there is no need for a queue. Teams not having enough players due to leaving or other disconnects shouldn't penalize teams that have players that want to play. This is almost always the case late in games.

    After Phase 3, remove the queue system. It doesn't matter at that point since no new players can join anyways.
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  2. STEVE1010101 Regular Member

    10 peopel who queue in phase 2:nice idea
  3. Cupu Platinum

    So how the new queue would work in theory is that after P3 if you're disconnected after P3 you'd be able to join. This would not change the queue for the first 3 phases. After P3, so beginning of P4, no new players can join anyways. If people are still queue for one of the teams, random place them onto a team at the beginning of P4.

    I still want the queue to work, I just don't want to be locked out of a game that I geared up and got DCed in.
  4. Mang_Ple Regular Member

    i like cupu my name is monkey
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  5. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    This is a huge suggestion, and even easier to implement I'd guess.
    But since alternatives make for good conversation, how about just remove the ability to pick your team after the game starts?
  6. Cupu Platinum


    I like that idea. If you want to play with a group or something, you'd have to join beforehand if you want a chance to get all your members in.

    What happens a lot, is the teams will be balanced till about halfway thru P1, when the other game ends and players flood in, joining teams that are already set up nicely or have players that they know are just better than others. Then we'll have games where 1-2 teams have 20+ players while the other 2-3 teams have less than 15
  7. Cupu Platinum


    I think both of these suggestions together however would be a really nice QOL change to the mode.
  8. SnowVi1liers Annihilation Mini Admin

    An interesting suggestion,
    However there are issues I see can arise from this.

    Removing a queue after phase 3 could be exploited by larger groups. Members can join a team leave and wait for their other members to get in then rejoin and imbalance the teams further, ruining the game that little bit more.

    In relation to the assigning players to random teams if they join after the game starts could promote more crossteaming or team griefing. If this were to happen many players who finish a game will have to wait if they want to play with someone, some may or may not have that type of patience.
  9. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    Then people might finally have a reason to be in the same party, just have the queue work normally then. It's better to look for how you could make it work rather than how it would fail. I can think of many ways to help a person on a different team, however I see very little evidence that this would be the case. Farmer is in the game right now for instance, you can fill up peoples hunger bar with the Feast ability without giving them saturation. No saturation means no health regen from food (this should probably be changed or removed.) Likewise the famine ability starves enemies but allows them to get saturation from food, 38.4 points from 3 steak in fact.

    The community has picked farmer over and over again to get enchanted apples but nobody abuses cross teaming for saturation because they can be banned for it. People that throw the game on purpose don't stick around for long either. No matter what change you make you cannot stop people from leaving games that's the ultimate problem that no one can fix. I say keep the door revolving get more bodies in the teams when some leave.
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  10. Cupu Platinum


    I get your points

    When I made the initial post, it was mostly targeted towards P4/P5 disconnects, and how impactful they can be to a game. And out of frustration lol.

    Is that not what the report feature is for though? I get hackers and other things take priority, but I think team grief is still in the /report

    To respond to the queue/random team argument, this really purely to even teams out and prevent team stacking. I don't honestly know how many players you can have in a party, if this were to happen I think it should be like 7-8, and they should get priority in joining together over solo players.

    I think a feature where you could set who you prefer to play with, with the chance of playing on the same team being greater if you both prefer to play with each other. (Also, quick side note. The /help is disabled, so commands are really only spread by word of mouth)
  11. Tobi472 Platinum

    I dont think we have those larger groups otherwise the state of the server would be much better
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  12. xCreeperGoddessx Regular Member

    lmao literally, 30 people online on anni rn. this server is a joke

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