Other Qubion Changelog of the week of 24-07-2017

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Other - Qubion Changelog of the week of 24-07-2017
  1. McJeffr Regular Member


    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to the second weekly changelog of the new Qubion Creative server! This week has been more of a quiet week. Development is coming along pretty nicely. However, we got another announcement to make! We have opened up our official Discord group to the public! This means that anyone can join our Discord server. The Qubion staff team is also present on this Discord group to answer any questions that you might have!

    Our Discord group can be found here: https://discord.gg/2UrceXv


    The first area of the new server is the administration section. This section contains updates from the Qubion Administration Team, consisting of all the Qubion+ and Mod+ members of Qubion. This team is the team that leads both Qubion Build Team as well as Qubion Creative. The list below contains the most important updates of this week in the administration section:

    - The Administration Board has decided to create a Discord group for the public.
    - The Administration Board continued to look into ways to increase the activity of Qubion in multiple social media platforms.


    The second area of the new server is the development section. This section contains updates from the developers of Qubion and contain more information around the progress of the server from a technical perspective. The list below contains the most important updates of this week in the development section:

    - A lot of progress has been made on the review functionality of the core plugin. This functionality is the biggest roadblock that we have to get across. Once this functionality is done, we will have a better vision at a possible release date of the new Qubion Creative server.

    We hope to hear from you about what you want to see in Qubion, or to address possible concerns you might be having about the current developments.

    - The Qubion Administration Board

  2. HungerHealer Regular Member

    Will there be a new forum? Will the forums be transfered over to discord or will it still be hosted on the site of shotbow.
    Or most likely will it be hosted on the Qubion site? (redirects to shotbow now)

    Are all moderators willing to put time in the server again? If not, you might want to open applications again.
  3. McJeffr Regular Member

    As of now, there are no plans to set up a seperate forums for Qubion due to the very low traffic we get on this current one. Therefore, Discord sort of functions as our "forums" (read: communication platform) for now. If we ever feel the need to have a forums in the future, it will obviously still be a possibility to consider.

    Once Qubion has fully moved away from Shotbow and are running on their own server, it is up to Shotbow to decide what they want to do with these forums. I don't think that the Qubion team will continue to support them anymore.

    As for moderators, funny that you ask. We actually were planning to open up our moderator applications prior to the server release. A post of that will very most likely follow later today. I will make sure it is sticked on top of these forums. It will land on Twitter soon afterwards. Our current moderator team is rather inactive as they have been effectively placed out of duty temporarily by the lack of "things" they need to moderate. We hope to find a batch of new moderators to support the current moderators that are still active.
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