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Suggestion PvP Mode, Annihilation.

Discussion in 'GG' started by iAxyy, Jul 16, 2016.

Suggestion - PvP Mode, Annihilation.
  1. Axyy Network Co-Lead

    PvP Mode: Annihilation.
    GG got 2 different PvP Modes; HCF and MineZ.
    My idea//suggestion is to add a third PvP Mode namely Annihilation.

    3 different kits.
    Leather Kit.
    You'll spawn with a Diamond Sword, Annihilation Grapple, Wooden Pickaxe, Wooden Axe, 1 gapple, 32 melons and Compass.
    You always have speed with a leather set.

    Iron Kit
    You'll spawn with a Diamond Sword, Archer Kit (16 arrows, punch one bow, a book to get +16 arrows each minute), Wooden Pickaxe, Wooden Axe, 32 melons and Compass.

    Diamond Kit
    You'll spawn with a Diamond Sword, Arcrobat Kit (a bow and 6 arrows), Wooden Pickaxe, Wooden Axe, 32 melons and Compass.
    With this kit you can double jump and you don't get any fall damage.

  2. Aexon Regular Member

    Very good idea, I would just like to know if you already tested the gapple with leather armor, I know without armor against a sharp 5, cheat gapple is useless, but in this case don't you think it would be a bit op against other classes ?
    Even if you have one cheat gapple you can still run and /kit or hide and "dupe" it.
    Why not replace it by strength (which is also used a lot in anni) and/or normal golden apples ?

    Also melons don't have a lot of saturation, I know it represents anni in terms of food but it is really not practical for pvp. Maybe replace it with bread because it's the only food you can get after melon I think ?

    A last thing, it is probably the same plugin for every worlds in GG, it means a developper would have to edit the plugin to add the book to give arrows, and something like that could take... A lot of time on shotbow.

    I hope we'll see it in the game, and rebalance it if it really needs to be rebalanced :D
  3. DutchBartje Emerald

    Oohh! I like the idea! Sounds very appealing to me. :wink:
    iAxyy likes this.

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