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Question PVE not for everyone?

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by KingOmage, Oct 11, 2019.

Question - PVE not for everyone?
  1. KingOmage Regular Member

    Why Is PVE in mineZ no longer public it was cool to be able to play it with out having to worry about people killing you unless you went a certain distance north why is it now Premium only?

    Or was it mineZ2 that did that and if so what happened to it? its been years sense I have been last on this server so I don't know all that has happened.

  2. Tozzu Platinum

    MineZ 2 had PvE down south, Pve access has always been for premiums.

    MineZ 2 got put into the garage due to bugs, and not having a dev.
  3. KingOmage Regular Member

    and this is why its been years sense I last played on this server get a free thing going thin they remove it. never the less thanks for answering my question.

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