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Suggestion Publicise Bans (Anonymously)

Discussion in 'The Network' started by SquallyTheWally, Jun 22, 2020.

Suggestion - Publicise Bans (Anonymously)
  1. SquallyTheWally Emerald

    I don't know why this isn't a thing yet, most other servers have it and there are many positives:
    - Reassures players that admins are active
    - Stops all the complaining on forums/in game that admins do nothing
    - Notifies when it is potentially safe to return to normal play once a hacker has been removed from an area
    - Gives players peace of mind that staff are patrolling and gives an incentive to more use of /report
    - Improves transparency between staff and players

    - I can't think of any

    There is already a lot of implication over evident bans as an obvious cheater usually has their name spat out across chat and subsequently, if banned, the combat logger notification often pops up in chat and everyone celebrates.

    Simple as:

    A player was recently removed from your lobby for breaking the rules. Remember to use /report!

    Happy days :)
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  2. Deadspeck Mini Builder

    next thing you know this pops up

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  3. Smartzz Platinum

    I don't know how active you are in the MineZ community or what ties you have to it but this has been a topic we've been talking about for a while (that first sentence sounded passive aggressive but I assure you that wasn't what I meant lol). Doc has been talking about a public ban system where you can go to a website and see who has been banned. He wants to get this out because people have been "teaming" with players who were previously blacklisted without knowing. I can say for myself I actually did this and had no clue the person I typed "Help team for 2v2" at hasa with was actually a blacklisted player.

    Recently to combat this Marine has been going around and dming some of the leaders and well known members of the community, "XYZ person has been blacklisted for X reason, do not play with them." This has been helpful as it lets us know who was blacklisted.

    I personally think that if a hacker was in a fight the whole fight should be reset. By that I mean, if I get into a fight with my buddy and we see 2 people and one is cheating we should get refunded our inventories which we had at the beginning of the fight (win or lose) and the person who was cheating should be banned and the person who was with the cheater should be warned and turned away from the spot we fought at for a bit.
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  4. SquallyTheWally Emerald

    Yeah potentially even more useful in MineZ given the time it takes to gear up, just to get to pvp hotspots and spot a bhopper who just kills you. At least you could potentially have time to run away and watch out in chat for that player getting banned thus signalling it's safe(r) to return.
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  5. Smartzz Platinum

    Yeah no I always record for a reason. Getting to hasa and dying to someone whose blatant stings.
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  6. ShayminPlays Platinum

    I do hope that in future we might see a section to the website where you can look up players, their ban reasons, which admin banned them, etc. That would be a super handy tool to have for both admins and players
  7. Navarr Network Co-Lead


    I've talked about things like this before with the staff team, actually. We have some ideas, but number one thing to note here is that you will never see the staff member that banned someone. That opens staff members up to specifically targeted harassment even more than they already are, so we will not be doing it.

    That said, we DO want some way for coordinate oversight with players in such a theoretical system, such that bans can more easily be connected in the event of staff abuse. Unfortunately I'm not sure there's any good way for such psuedo-anonymous connections to be possible
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  8. Axyy Obsidian

    The name of the staff-member who punished the rule-breaker doesn't have to be there. A simple chat message as, "Player has been suspended from the network" would work already. The same counts for a potential punishment page on the website, the name of the staff-member does not have to be there. You can give staff the ability to view more information about the ban than a regular player.
  9. SquallyTheWally Emerald

    May also discourage cheaters due to the public shame of them. I know Shotbow has some weird thing around public shaming but it's a great deterrent for cheaters - see Valve with VAC bans.
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