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MineZ PTR Update : The Fighting Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by DocCodeSharp, Jun 25, 2019.

MineZ - PTR Update : The Fighting Update | Page 2
  1. InstantLightning WebMod Lead

    Giants currently can’t be in the west for precisely this reason. The west is basically entirely covered in forest making it extremely easy to cheese giants. This idea that is going to be tested in PTR would finally allow giants to be elsewhere than the Al Hasa area.

  2. connor564 Platinum

    So, you’re saying being dicked out of a dsword by a bunch of RNG zombie spawners is how the game is meant to be played? Sounds lazy to me
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  3. Smartz_ Platinum

    If you were chain it would do half health and leather it would do 7.
  4. Tozzu Platinum

    He wants to kill newspawns easier, would be too difficult otherwise :stuck_out_tongue:
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  5. Flexicution Platinum

    just so you know; A difficult gamer doesn't equal a better one
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  6. Smartz_ Platinum

  7. InstantLightning WebMod Lead

    100 blocks in my opinion is enough of a radius to get away from the zombie spawners. We can always look at increasing the radius.
  8. XenoPVP Platinum

    Not gonna lie these last few updates combined are possibly the worst updates I have seen in any game possible including minecraft, the game where people would rather play on old versions. Shouldn't be "fixing" things that aren't broken or people literally have no problem with. Also I seriously don't know why there is a public test server if you guys don't listen to community feedback anyways. There isn't full diamond in MineZ for a reason so if this new damage is anything really tanky you might aswell start adding diamond armor while your at it with these new updates. Usually im trolling but this post is the one time where im serious and its like you guys fix some things that actually need to be fixed which is a good thing, and then go and add all this other stuff that no one asked for and/or wants.

    Seriously, if the new damage is anything like the old tank damage heres a poll when that damage was a thing http://prntscr.com/o6njjg
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  9. InstantLightning WebMod Lead

    Last time we did PTR we made several changes to the game from community feedback. We changed a bunch of stuff based on what the community liked, didnt like, and what was ultimately good for the game, balance wise. We fully intend on going through this same process again. PTR is meant to test and change, so we’ll see how the new pvp system works in the game, and if it doesn’t work, it’ll be changed to make it work.
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  10. 111kittycat111 Platinum

    Yes, but I'm saying that a skilled player can navigate a giant fight on flat ground such as to pretty much never receive damage from the Giant, basically as though they're camping with a tree. The threat during a Giant fight comes from zombie spawns and nearby bandits.

    Say, for example, we put a Giant at Crowmure farm. The player can either use typical backstrafing and kiting strats to minimize damage, or run to the tree. The only difference under the tree is that you're not holding S while you crit. It's easier to run from the Giant stomp too, but it's a bug in its own right that Giants can initiate a stomp and then move toward you on the ground before the shockwave activates.

    In fact, can we take the time to raise the ceiling in Anemos wave room and Frostbain Giant room? There's literally 1 giant worth of ceiling space, and we need about 2.5 for stomps to work correctly. Thanks to instancing it shouldn't be a problem to implement this.
  11. InstantLightning WebMod Lead

    Skilled players can navigate a giant pretty easily, and possibly in the future we may look at making giants harder, but it’s still extremely easy for even new players to crit a giant out under a tree while theyd be having a harder time moving around. This change right here makes it so giants can’t be cheesed easily even if we increase the difficulty. Making the frostbain room higher is a good idea, and you’re right instancing would make this much easier.
  12. Virtual_God Gold

    i will upgrade to obsidian if you guys actually listen to the community this time
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  13. cyclone_43 Silver

    Pretty sure to chain right now it's 4.5, and yeah it two shots leathers
  14. connor564 Platinum

    That does not mean the zeds wont get to you anyways. Those fuckers run like the devil, and a baby faster.
  15. GJrocks09 Builder

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  16. Smartz_ Platinum

    Yeah playing today was actually really damn smooth. It felt like 1.7 and was really fun to play on. Doc you did a really really good job making this feel like 1.7. The only problems I had were bugs that had already been addressed.

    If I could change one thing tho it would be to take the grenade area from 12 down to 10 and add a little more fall off as I was still able to Nade, hit someone three times, and nade and it still kill. (That was with an arrow though.) I'm saying reduce the nade and the fall off because I hard missed both grenades and they still did close to full damage according to the person I was fighting. I also want beetroot soup to stay.

    EDIT: I also forgot to mention player zombie damage was reduced. I didn't take 3 hearts from an iron sword zombie. The zombies also feel like 2014 zombies again too and just overall feel better to fight rather than just strafing them. Also chugging 3 drinks while being crit out actually has you gain 5 hearts overall.
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  17. mistermegabyte Platinum

    N0000 not beetroot soup
  18. Mr_3141592653589 Regular Member

    They also removed fireworks for no reason a long time ago. It's removal roulette time. Place your bets
  19. Smartz_ Platinum

    Bugs I've Found
    • Helmet of Vision doesn't work still (even when all armour is taken off)
    • Grenades currently only hit and damage targets (including zombies) if they make direct contact
    • Shotbow ONLY works if you pull the bow back all the way and wait for two seconds, you can't pull it back to 100% then release, it don't work
    • The buttons at Mount Therum you shoot sometimes don't launch you even when both have been shot
    • Maze of the Tenth sometimes spanws you in the ground, this could be lag however but happened to me when the server was doing well
    • Pots don't always drink, sometimes you drink them and they reset in your hand
    • Splashed come out of your hot bar and don't land instead being invisible in your hot bar until you click it in your inventory
    The update is good so far it's just that iron sword damage (which I know doc knows) needs some sword of tweaking. The giants also need a nerf in the aspect that they kick way to much as of now. I think the pvp tho is a little to easy to combo with. Like I've hit someone once and been able to launch them about 10-15 blocks just by one combo.
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  20. Smartz_ Platinum

    After Testing Legendary Weapons these are the bugs I found
    • Flail doesn't work
    • Heal sword (and tenseciga) rarely heals the person you hit and ends up doing damage on the same hit as healing
    • Heal bow doesn't need a full charge to work
    • Endeavor doesn't work and only does stone sword damage
    • Gamble does true damage to the player and not true player being hit with it
    • Peace only gives the person using it weakness
    • Helmet of Vision (and Miners Lamp) doesn't work

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