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PTR Update & MineZ Road Map

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by DocCodeSharp, Sep 24, 2018.

PTR Update & MineZ Road Map | Page 3
  1. kevory Regular Member

    I hope it is! I loved minez 2 so much!

  2. Smartz_ Platinum

    We all did until, ya know shotbow did what shotbow does best, bugs.
  3. up44 Platinum

    no bugs, just features
    Talef likes this.
  4. Majicou Retired Staff

    Exciting news I must say. Will definitely try to check it out, see you on the release date!

    I must ask thought, as someone who completely lost touch with MC, if you could update the "How To Play" wiki page.

    Anyway, cheers for working on the code and the loot! Can't wait to see what shape you gave MineZ.
  5. Smartz_ Platinum

    Yep farming 5k in the fire trial, feature :lmao:
  6. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    You'd need to ask one of the two people that can even edit the wiki right now, technical difficulties so i'm told.
  7. Zipeh Regular Member

    where can i get the map
  8. Smartz_ Platinum


    Also, Doc you've earned my respect dude. You actually got a PTR out on time and reworked Minez. Really really good job, if this is how the network operates and starts to deliver on time and keep promises that a good step in the right direction.
    Mistri likes this.
  9. TeaNcrumpets Regular Member

    excited for quests to come out. hopefully it wont be too much like standard mmo quests like kill this or collect that. i want quests that feel important and contains lore and possibly nice rewards :)
  10. Sir_Isaac_Nooton Silver

    See, for the longest of time i petitioned to have a banking and questing system at least added back into the game, seeing that Minez 2 was absolutely not coming back. To see these future updates coming, i am now overjoyed to see that my favorite features of minez 2 are coming to minez classic. Only thing i could possibly as for more is housing for even more storage and protection(to make clans all the better, in my mind) and an invasion system similar to minez 2. Thumbs up from me and you've got my support.
  11. Sir_Isaac_Nooton Silver

    you know it. Hype
  12. Hall_Of_Fame Regular Member

    Just an idea, from me and my friend.
    Roads should give speed 1 while walking on them
    just travel feels really slow sometimes and maybe to encourage walking on roads people could gain a benefit from it.
  13. connor564 Platinum

    That... actually sounds like a decent idea. But there are no roads north

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