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PTR Update & MineZ Road Map

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by DocCodeSharp, Sep 24, 2018.

PTR Update & MineZ Road Map
  1. DocCodeSharp Lead Developer


    PTR Update

    As we get closer to the PTR release, we have decided on a date: October 26th.

    This date has been selected toward the end of October so everyone on the admin team and community can have fun with Halloween as we do every year.

    As many people want to know what is coming in the PTR, here is a list of few major changes included!
    1. New combat system to mimic more of what 1.7 was.
      • You now take more knockback and can easily be combo’d into the air.
    2. A complete re-work of the loot system.
    3. Harder zombies as you head up north.
    4. New mobs added.
    5. Localize Dungeon instances added.
      • Shrine of the Dusk and Eclipsed Ruins already instance-ready.
      • More to come as we work on making them instance ready.
    6. Render distance has been doubled. (Test to see how the impact of the changes can help with render distance)
    7. So much more.
    A full changelog will be released with PTR update.

    MineZ Roadmap

    We have big plans for MineZ this coming year after the PTR is released live, so at this time would like to release my roadmap.


    We hope to see you there online once the PTR is released. A new age of MineZ has come.

    - Doc

  2. Mistri Community Manager, PR Lead

    Huge shoutout to Doc for his incredible perseverance and hard work over a long period of time to get this to happen! Everyone on the team can't wait. :) Everyone give him a big hand!
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  3. connor564 Platinum

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  4. Monster_Bug Platinum

  5. Sweetman Platinum

    Great news, great work, keep it up Doc.
  6. AetheralWraith Platinum

    Finally some good news :) keep up the work
  7. 3it Obsidian

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  8. Goliac Silver

    Awesome. We don’t have to wait months and we even got a date. Will definitely come back for this.
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  9. Tozzu Platinum

    We actually got a release date!
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  10. Meme_MC Platinum

    this is great news, and i cant wait to see it in action! i do have a question, however; is anything being done to anticheat / nocheat, or is the report system being improved in any way? while these updates may be a fun, it could only take one hacker to ruin the experience for somebody. i believe mistri had said you were all working on a way to improve it in another thread, but i believe a thread like this would also be a great time to announce if you have any changes to it
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  11. 111kittycat111 Platinum

    I don't think making far north zombies harder to kill is a good idea. Seems as though it'll just become a nuisance to fight zombies, as they already have more frequent spawns and literal waves full of them in dungeons. It's especially redundant because, as you said, new mobs are in the works anyway. MineZ definitely does not need harder zombies.
  12. DocCodeSharp Lead Developer


    This is the reason for the PTR, to see if something is to strong, to weak then we can balance it before it goes live.
  13. Mistri Community Manager, PR Lead

    You can't ever please everyone — a lot of people have the opposite opinion and talk about how MineZ used to be super hard and now it's too easy to get good gear up north.
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  14. szth Silver

  15. shrauger Regular Member

    Mama, may I see?
  16. Marine_PvP MineZ Lead Admin

    In many games, the beginning stage is relatively easier than the mid-final stage, and the difficulty increases as players make progress to the final stage of the game. However, it is so hard to get out of this beginning stage on MineZ, as spawn towns are always populated and zombies' damage and health are all same, no matter where they spawn at. It makes it very difficult for new players to go to the next stage and settle down, and also make the game not challenging at all after the very first stage.

    The idea behind this change is to give more chances for new players to learn how to play the game, and encourage people to actually play the real zombie survival game, which you gotta overcome the risks to get better loot and get close to the final stage of the game.

    I completely understand your concern regarding zombies at dungeons. They have been adjusted after consideration of their HP changes. We have tested many dungeons for the balance and will change it whenever we feel like we need to after PTR(yep, give us your opinions!). Additionally, dungeons are meant to challenge you, and not something you can complete easily :stuck_out_tongue:
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  17. Marine_PvP MineZ Lead Admin


    Improving the anticheat is on Doc's to-do list and the team is fully aware of the issue.

    May I ask you for further details about what's wrong with the report system and how they can be improved?
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  18. Archi_ Platinum

    Banker system?
    Daily quests?
    Is MineZ becoming MineZ2?
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  19. Marine_PvP MineZ Lead Admin

    Whatever it becomes, it'll be better than now for sure :)
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  20. Blyson Platinum


    you can't report someone when they logged off......

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