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MineZ PTR Update & Changelog

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Marine_PvP, Oct 22, 2018.

MineZ - PTR Update & Changelog | Page 2
  1. ShayminPlays Platinum

    1. Yay no more Shotbowxd
    2. Yay I finally might get back into the game

  2. Escape_ Obsidian

    i mean other banned like duping,remove dupe items,You should give any player a chance.
  3. Prompted Regular Member

    just do a ban reset, what could it hurt now? you’ve already completely redone the banning system plus added vpn protection.
  4. Archi_ Platinum

    "MineZ PTR is finally here and ready to be played"
    Releasing Oct. 26th....
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  5. Roquel MineZ Mini Admin

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  6. 3it Obsidian

    Imagine using a grapple in 2k18,
    A few days ago I said to Doc bring back the Grapple he told me It's never coming back and see now.

    NP GUYS thank me lol
    btw everyone without a grapple #rip
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  7. Goliac Silver

    I like the changes overall. There’s a few i dislike but that’s something to be expected i guess. Though one thing i’m gonna ask why is the way to private message people is changed? Everyone is used to that and is there a really a reason for that?
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  8. ZPapz96 Obsidian

  9. RogueFlame1 Regular Member

    Wow, this looks awesome! I might have to make a This Week in MineZ about this. :wink:
  10. LegendaryAlex Platinum

    Looks pretty good!
    Let's hope it's perfectly balanced as all things should be.
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  11. Mohawk2 Regular Member

    I think it would have been cool if nights and days had some differences. Say, zombies were faster at night and stuff like that. It would add more strategy for minez as well.
  12. FadingGeneral Platinum

    I think this was a good and needed change. It will be a small hassle for us who are used to it to adjust but it will greatly help newer players who are more used to private messaging on most servers using a command like /tell or /msg (i.e. more intuitive to newer players).
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  13. FreeCookson Platinum

    Are the admins gonna be harsher with ban appeals for bans over a year or two old or are they just being tough with new bans?
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  14. kevory Regular Member

    That's a yeet
  15. TeazHacks Silver

    Any regular OR premium player can farm for a grapple. It is a choice you can choose to do.
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  16. Mistri Community Manager, PR Lead

    I did not personally decide this change, but I agree with it completely, for the following reasons:
    1. You can't tab complete the @ command for names, which was a huge hassle. Sometimes if you didn't type out the full name, it would go to someone you didn't want it to go to, so you would have to painstakingly type out their full name. If you misspell it on accident, you have to retype it all again.
    2. It's not intuitive to new players. Most people have never heard of this system. I certainly didn't understand it until my friend showed it to me back in 2013-2014
    3. Some modes do have it, others don't. It's better to make it unified throughout gamemodes, because if someone accidentally types the message with the @ command, and the server doesn't use that method of messaging, it will send to the public chat, which is very embarrassing. When you do /tell on an unsupported server, it just says that it's an invalid command without sending it to the public chat.
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  17. C9Fan Platinum

    I don't know why I care because the staff team has made it clear that I'm not welcome on the server, but I do and as a 'long time plater' of minez I'm gonna give my disjointed thoughts on the patch notes

    Loot changes - these all seem good, making the survival harder actually makes the game more fun for noobs, which helps attract new and potentially invested platers. For pvp, the best changes seem like the pot changes, removing 3s and buffing drinks is great, and lingering potions seem kind of shit but could be useful for dungeons or something. Giant changes are also nice

    Gameplay changes - again, making the survival aspect more fun is a good thing. Removing cancer like depth strider, nerfing gopples, and buffing drinks is great for pvp. Horizontal grappling is questionable, but with a cooldown it might add a unique aspect to pvp while not being as op as it was. Chaning pms seems unnecessary, i dont see a reason they couldnt just use both systems.

    Combat Changes - just seem like trying to emulate 1.7, dont know if it'll work but current pvp is pretty bad, especially hit detection. Removing bowboosting is interesting, seems like it'll just be more annoying to chase but maybe horizontal grappling will make up for it

    Build Changes - These seem interesting, depending on which bridge they deleted that seems like it could be a really annoying change. Some of them also seem like they'll help make it more fun for noobs too

    Dungeon Changes - This seems like it'll only be a good thing, honestly cant really think of a downside besides maybe removing pvp in dungeons like palister or anvalia

    Ban Updates - questionable, perm banning for chat messages seems like a bad idea, a mute is all thats really needed, especially with the dwindling playerbase

    Overall it seems good, the implementation of a test server seems kinda useless, because every other game ive played that has one just rolls patches straight from it to live regardless of player feedback, maybe this will be different though.
  18. Monster_Bug Platinum

  19. InstantLightning WebMod Lead

    Just one thing, while community feedback is extremely important to us, another reason other than garnering what players think is that PTR also allows us to find bugs more easily before it is rolled to live. This is especially important because this is a complete rewrite of MineZ.
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  20. Goliac Silver

    Let’s say i am playing on PTR. If i die there, will i die in normal game too? I read the post but it was kinda confusing for me so i had to ask.

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