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Announcement PTR : Fighting Update Change Log / Feedback

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by DocCodeSharp, Jun 28, 2019.

Announcement - PTR : Fighting Update Change Log / Feedback
  1. DocCodeSharp Lead Developer

    • Update saving for logout and death to a better threaded system.
    • Instance code change a bit to see if it will help with leak issue.
    • Re-add login timer when joining a new server. This change is for the saving change to prevent item duping.
      • Premium wait time: 30 seconds.
      • Normal wait time: 60 seconds.
    • Adjust bow damage to scale based on draw back.
    • Remove death message when using /mz kill
    • More code improvements to try to help with lag and memory leaks.
    • Fix issue where you can get neg items in PTR PvP area.
    • Change to kit saving to reset on logout and not server reboot (Might be the cause of the memory leak)
    • Adjust iron damage from 3.85 to 4.25.
    • Fix Simoon's Song not working.
    • Re-enable Therum's Strength as it was disabled
    • Fix bug where grenades where not working right with zombies and zones.
    • Adjust mob agro to where it will argo to random player if no damage has been done in a while (No more kiting a group of zombies anymore)
    • Fix Flail
    • Fix Heal sword
    • Fix Endeavor
    • Fix Gamble
    • Fix Peace
    • PTR started!
    • Fix issue where a lot of instance running causes server lag.
    • Changes to new PTR testing system.
    • Fix bug where zombie and lava would damage the player to fast.
    Please note any bugs or feedback below to be looked into and talked about.

    Thank you all for flying shotbow and testing the PTR Fighting Update.

    - Doc
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  2. plusouplus Emerald

    I mean even with 6 players online it's really laggy right now
  3. Smartz_ Platinum

    After Testing Legendary Weapons these are the bugs I found
    • Flail doesn't work
    • Heal sword (and tenseciga) rarely heals the person you hit and ends up doing damage on the same hit as healing
    • Heal bow doesn't need a full charge to work
    • Endeavor doesn't work and only does stone sword damage
    • Gamble does true damage to the player and not true player being hit with it
    • Peace only gives the person using it weakness
    Other bugs I've Found
    • The buttons at Mount Therum you shoot sometimes don't launch you even when both have been shot
    • Maze of the Tenth sometimes spanws you in the ground, this could be lag however but happened to me when the server was doing well
    • Pots don't always drink, sometimes you drink them and they reset in your hand
    • Splashed come out of your hot bar and don't land instead being invisible in your hot bar until you click it in your inventory
    The update is good so far it's just that iron sword damage (which I know doc knows) needs some sword of tweaking. The giants also need a nerf in the aspect that they kick way to much as of now. I think the pvp tho is a little to easy to combo with. Like I've hit someone once and been able to launch them about 10-15 blocks just by one combo.

    EDIT: Posted this on two forum pages but combined the bugs into one post
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  4. cyclone_43 Silver


    The healbow never functioned like that
  5. Smartz_ Platinum

    Its a bug from what I've been told that still hasn't been fixed
  6. cyclone_43 Silver

    Dunno who told you that, but unless it was an admin, they're most likely wrong.
  7. DocCodeSharp Lead Developer


    In secret update they removed the requirement of full pull back on the heal. Also it not avaiable in the game (as it drops from no where ATM). So that being said it will stay the way it is, and will be looked at in the Item Update.
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  8. cyclone_43 Silver

    Ah alright, I had one a couple times before the update but only very briefly. Secret project came out about 3 months after I started playing
  9. cyclone_43 Silver

  10. DocCodeSharp Lead Developer


    Damage will be on going as we change and try to improve it.

    The way it was before, was to overpowered as you could quick drop someone and it had no skill. It was who hit first and with this new PvP knock back no one would ever be able to recover who hit first. We are trying to find that find line of not to tanky, but also not to quick drop that involves skill and also allows you to counter a attack.

    Also Iron sword should not be able to melt iron armor that is the point of a d sword. Cause its either we have a very overpowered d sword (and if that the case they might go away for ever) or a kind of week Iron sword.
  11. cyclone_43 Silver

    Good explanation, I honestly like the way things are right now, besides the new bow mechanics for damage, I'll make sure to bring up what you said to Jay.
  12. Smartz_ Platinum

    If pow 2s do 3 hearts I will not pvp in this game its that simple. You can't chug out of it when three people are shooting you. Two hearts full pull back MAX.
  13. Prompted Regular Member

    You arent meant to be able to chug when 3 people are killing you. Swords or bows.
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  14. Prompted Regular Member

    Power 2 Bows fully pulled back should do 3 hearts.
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  15. cyclone_43 Silver

    2.5 isn't bad though, way better than 3.
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  16. Prompted Regular Member

    Player collision is enabled in instances.
    Simoons Melody sometimes does weird knockback. For instance, shooting someone straight on could cause them to take knockback to the left or right for no reason whatsoever.
  17. cyclone_43 Silver

    Remove the log in timer. It was a feature that's not needed in the game anymore.
  18. DocCodeSharp Lead Developer


    Login timer will stay.
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  19. Marine_PvP MineZ Lead Admin

    Currently most of the time there is only one public server so the login timer doesn't mean a lot. But one of the purposes of login timer is to prevent instant server hopping when there are more than one public server.
  20. Smartz_ Platinum

    Grenades sometimes don't do area damage. I was fighting with tatre today and on one life the grenades did the area damage and then on the next life they didn't do damage unless they were a direct hit.

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