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Update PTR Bugs and Suggestions

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by Fridge2177, Oct 26, 2018.

Update - PTR Bugs and Suggestions
  1. Fridge2177 Localization Lead

    Hey everyone !

    So the PTR is officially here and part of our commitment to making the game better is listening more to the community. below you will find a list of bugs, but if you find anymore please make a comment below and we will add them to this list. When they are fixed they will then be removed from this post or noted in some fashion.

    Follow this format and include images or videos if you can ! :

    Bug Report
    Description :
    Recreation steps :
    Date found :

    If you would like to make a suggestion or have feedback on the current PTR changes, please let us know ! Just write a comment below on what you would like to see in the game, or what you would like to see changed and provide some context.

    We will be monitoring this thread closely

    Known Bugs
    • merging 2 soulbound items removes the soulbound tag
    • no global chat (yet) // eye of ender removed (not sure if intentional)
    • /prefs doesn't work
    • grenades sometimes disappear when thrown
    • No AFK DC timer in lobby
    • Grenades do more than 3 hearts of damage
    • Pistons seem to be buggier than usual when there are other entities on at the same time
    • Night's shadow doesn't work (unconfirmed)
    • Hitting players with a fishing rod glitches them out and appears to turn them into a baby zombie. From the hit players perspective, the surrounding players and entities flash. They cannot interact with the world but can see it. Relogging seems to fix it, but logging out also causes an antilogger to appear
    • Typing /minez [command] (i.e /minez uptime or /minez deathmessages) just displays the command list and nothing else
    • mz deathmessages doesnt seem to carry over between sessions sometimes
    • Logging in next to someone doesn't always give you slowness (unconfirmed)
    • Wolves can trample tilled soil
    • Death message that says something along the lines of "entity.MineZZombie.name killed <player> with <block>"
    • Wolves do not agro to the player when you shoot them
    Bugs Fixes
    • Please check the change log here
    Please note that if a game-breaking bug is found, the PTR will be taken down till it is fixed.
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  2. HeroLonely Obsidian

    Some Suggestions:
    - guild system, /mz guild create / invite / leave / join / kick. When you become a member of guild, there will be a tag behind the name., like cyclone_43 create The Brotherhood . Cyclone_43[TBH] ,The same guild player will see the same color when he sees his teammates.

    - gapple need 3heart regen ,3 yellow heart . There is no need to change its spawn rate in pot chest.

    - Loot chest ,Don't nerf lootchest again ,That will not make players feel more interesting, it will only make players feel more waste of time. Faster collection efficiency allows players to do what they want to do faster in minez. dungeon chest need a little buff. At the very least, it should be directly proportional to the costs and benefits,Instead of getting chains.

    - fix and balance legendary item, Don't let them polarize. look like therum's strength and Agni's rage (no hit dmg) ,There is no comparison.

    - fix Knockback ,now hitting with sprint same hitting with stand in PTR server,The same Knockback makes it look even smaller than the normal server.

    - banned update or Reset, I quite understand the rigour of shotbow, but it really needs to be more reasonable now. veryone should have a new opportunity.

    - Trash Talk banned , More civilized game environment. When a player is reported and has evidence, he should be banned from 24hour.
  3. IvanDoomy Wiki Administrator

    I really like the wolves but I think they can be tweaked a little more. They should work as a pack, as in if one attacks/gets attacked by another entity (be it zombie or player) all the wolves in a 10 block radius should all aggro on it until it's dead. Also, the fact you can turn wolves from hostile back to neutral with a snowball. I like the mechanic when used on zombies but not when used on wolves.
    Their line of sight needs some tweaks too. Sometimes you can just climb on a tree and as soon as you're behind a block they'll go back to neutral. They should have a minimal visibility range where they will aggro on anything that's in a 3-5 block radius from them, too.
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  4. NPCtom Silver

    Bug - Achievements

    Loot Chest Achievements have not been working for some time now.
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  5. NPCtom Silver


    Remove Beetroot (I liked the simple food-loot table consisting of Fish, Cookies, Bread, Stew, Pumpkin Pie, Cake, Melon and Apples.)

    Raise the knock-back of melee attacks towards mobs.
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