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Update PTR Bugs and Suggestions

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by Fridge2177, Oct 26, 2018.

Update - PTR Bugs and Suggestions
  1. Fridge2177 Localization Lead

    Hey everyone !

    So the PTR is officially here and part of our commitment to making the game better is listening more to the community. below you will find a list of bugs, but if you find anymore please make a comment below and we will add them to this list. When they are fixed they will then be removed from this post or noted in some fashion.

    Follow this format and include images or videos if you can ! :

    Bug Report
    Description :
    Recreation steps :
    Date found :

    If you would like to make a suggestion or have feedback on the current PTR changes, please let us know ! Just write a comment below on what you would like to see in the game, or what you would like to see changed and provide some context.

    We will be monitoring this thread closely

    Known Bugs
    • merging 2 soulbound items removes the soulbound tag
    • no global chat (yet) // eye of ender removed (not sure if intentional)
    • /prefs doesn't work
    • zombies spawn in the air which when they fall will cause Pigmen to explode
    • graves can't be looted when they are in a dungeon zone
    • grenades sometimes disappear when thrown
    • No AFK DC timer in lobby
    • The following locations need to have their chests radius altered
      • Byesford labs, Treetops shelter
    • Grenades do more than 3 hearts of damage
    • Pistons seem to be buggier than usual when there are other entities on at the same time
    • Night's shadow doesn't work (unconfirmed)
    • Hitting players with a fishing rod glitches them out and appears to turn them into a baby zombie. From the hit players perspective, the surrounding players and entities flash. They cannot interact with the world but can see it. Relogging seems to fix it, but logging out also causes an antilogger to appear
    • Typing /minez [command] (i.e /minez uptime or /minez deathmessages) just displays the command list and nothing else
    • mz deathmessages doesnt seem to carry over between sessions sometimes
    Bugs Fixes
    • Please check the change log here
    Please note that if a game-breaking bug is found, the PTR will be taken down till it is fixed.
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  2. zackcolejost Silver

    As much as I love horizontal grappling, there is a fairly significant problem in that there is nothing you can do if you are being chased by someone with a grapple when you dont have one. I suggest that there should be some way to counter horizontal grappling without making it useless so theres something you could do to escape. Possibly make it so that you cant horizonally grapple with slowness? Could bring some interesting use to slowness pots and while still keeping grapples useful. I simply feel there should be some way to survive if you don't have one.
  3. backhasa Platinum

    Suggestion: Lower the damage that player zombies deal to players. It's already unenjoyable for the person getting killed and then it's an even worse feeling when you kill someone and there player zombie kills you INSTANTLY! Because of this feature that fight was unenjoyable for both players. Basically if you are under 3 hearts when you kill a player you are probably gonna die to their zombie.

    I'm down for a challenge don't get me wrong but the challenge shouldn't be having to double splash against a player zombie...

    I don't think there is any problem with the normal zombie damage, just the player zombies. Especially because pvp is already hard enough for some players for them to just get killed instantly after getting a kill is really degrading.
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  4. NPCt0m Gold


    - Remove GUI and have only the /mz spawn # and /mz spawn command
    - Remove /mz kill and replace with /kill
    - Have to repeat /mz kill command to confirm that you want to die to prevent players saying "check your stats by doing /mz kill stats" and you killing yourself by accident
    - Have a delay of picking any spawn instead of having a delay of just one spawn point
    - Get a MineZ PTR wiki/map (I could help with the map as I have experience in using PHP & Python in conjunction with World Overviewer
    - Have a MineZ PTR public, private and PvE server
    - Lessen the NoCheat in dungeons, especially in areas with fast pace parkour
    - Have a no-spawn radius preventing multiple people from spawning at the same spawn-point at any one time
    - Make Giants' spawn outside Knoxmoor stairway to make travelling to Abandoned Farm more dangerous
    - Create a mini Tiny Boat dungeon similar to the Agriculture Dig Site dungeon
    - When you click on "Agriculture Dig Site" on the MineZ map it doesn't forward to the correct wiki article
    - Add leather armour to XP shop
    - With the introduction of horizontal grappling lower the price of the "Weak Grapple" from 125,000 XP to 75,000 - 85,000 XP or increase the earn rate of XP.
    - Heavily decrease the amount of damage player zombies do with swords
    - Have an ETA on MineZ and Wiki admin applications
    - Have more MineZ events on the event server in general
    - Re-introduce sword blocking instead of those big shields that look absolutely terrible


    Discord: NPCtom#0103
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  5. Symergy Regular Member

    Increase the veritcal and horizontal kb just a tad to make more like 1.7, becasue right now people are glued to the ground also consider lowering the damage of player zombies cause atm they do 3 hearts a hit when full iron. Also readd blood and make zombies how they are on regular minez

    example of 1.7 kb
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  6. cyclone_43 Silver

    Alright so I played a bit of PTR and most of the things were good, but here are my nit picks:
    • Make Choosing your spawn point block out the spawn points next to it (Ie if you choose spawn 15 and die you cant choose spawn 14,15 and 16)
    • Lower Player zombie sword damage
    • Lower the cost of the grapple in the xp shop to 75k OR Add grapples to mil_epics spawning like other items so players without a grapple have a chance to get one
    As far as suggestions go, I really like the idea of the fishing rod as a survival tool in minez. However, the fishing rod is currently useless. I fished for about 30 minutes up north and only caught the different fish (none of which stack) leather armor, water bottles, unenchanted bows and a single bowl. For fishing I think one or both of the following ideas should be implemented:
    • Fish still don't stack, but they are cooked when you catch them. This makes raw fish equivalent to a peice of bread, which is worse then a stew, stack of melons or stack of apples. Basically fishing is a way to get food on the go, but it isn't better then getting food from food chests. Bowls and hoes are already a way to get food in the western part of the map that requires a tool and a large amount of inventory space, this idea is very similar to the bowl and hoe strategy, but just a different take on it.
    • Fishing armor depends on how far north you are. In about 30 minutes of farming I got about 6-8 peices of armor. For the south it would be 100% leather armor, for the mid map region it would be 50% leather 50% chain, and for the north it would be 50% iron and 50% chain.
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  7. HeroLonely Obsidian

    Some Suggestions:
    - guild system, /mz guild create / invite / leave / join / kick. When you become a member of guild, there will be a tag behind the name., like cyclone_43 create The Brotherhood . Cyclone_43[TBH] ,The same guild player will see the same color when he sees his teammates.

    - gapple need 3heart regen ,3 yellow heart . There is no need to change its spawn rate in pot chest.

    - Loot chest ,Don't nerf lootchest again ,That will not make players feel more interesting, it will only make players feel more waste of time. Faster collection efficiency allows players to do what they want to do faster in minez. dungeon chest need a little buff. At the very least, it should be directly proportional to the costs and benefits,Instead of getting chains.

    - fix and balance legendary item, Don't let them polarize. look like therum's strength and Agni's rage (no hit dmg) ,There is no comparison.

    - fix Knockback ,now hitting with sprint same hitting with stand in PTR server,The same Knockback makes it look even smaller than the normal server.

    - banned update or Reset, I quite understand the rigour of shotbow, but it really needs to be more reasonable now. veryone should have a new opportunity.

    - Trash Talk banned , More civilized game environment. When a player is reported and has evidence, he should be banned from 24hour.
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  8. Toyl Regular Member

  9. zackcolejost Silver

    Logging in next to someone will not always give you slowness. Dont know why, may have something to do with Y values, but its incredibly annoying to have someone login literally at your location and get no indication

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