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Discussion PTR : 1.12.2 Update Change Log / Feedback

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by DocCodeSharp, Apr 3, 2020.

Discussion - PTR : 1.12.2 Update Change Log / Feedback
  1. DocCodeSharp Lead Developer

    • Fixed an issue where absorption hearts stayed after death.
    • Fixed an issue where the login spawn message was not working.
    • Fixed an issue where the Blunderbuss took 15 arrows and not 5 on use.
    • Fixed an issue where flash grenades particles generated too much.
    • Increased mob spawnrate by 10%
    • Changed Therum's Strength
      • It now has a 20% chance to grant the attacker resistance I and slowness I for 4 seconds on attack.
    • Added 2 new toggle cooldowns:
      • Support kit cooldown:
        • Time until you can be healed again.
      • Support kit xp cooldown:
        • Time until you can use the support kit to gain xp again.

    • Fixed an issue where zombie where not spawning.
    • Fixed an issue where /mz stats was showing server uptime.
    • Fixed an issue where using sugar would lock you out of using it again.
    • Fixed an issue where the sugar speed was giving the wrong effect duration.
    • Fixed an issue where Heal Sword was the wrong item.
    • Fixed an issue where Quiet was named incorrectly.
    • Fixed an issue where skulls would not save their textures on logout.
    • Fixed an issue where you could remove items from flower pots.
    • Changed support kit and toggle system toggle icons to wool for indication.
    • Lowered zombie speed in 3 regions. (South was unchanged.)
    • Added missing support kit items in the PvP instance.
    • Added cobwebs to the PvP instance.
    • Adjusted descriptions on support kit dyes.
    • Changed the look of lore on food descriptions.
    • Adjusted item lore for food and stack info to update on login.
    • The PvP instance is now open to start testing PvP changes.
    • Fixed an issue where the PvE line broke due to some code updates.
    • Fixed an issue where food items caught from fishing did not have the proper item info.
    • Fixed an issue where breaking chests would dupe the food info lore.
    • Fixed an issue where shot arrows were not updating the lore and would lose the option to stack.
    • Fixed an issue where soulbound bandages could still be added to the support kit.
    • Fixed an issue where spawn kit dyes would not add to support kit.
    • Fixed an issue where cakes and cobwebs would not place on half slabs.
    • Fixed an issue with Robber's Blade where it would pull the proper item and not stack with other items like it.
    • Fixed an issue where shift axe kills were not counted in stats correctly.
    • You can now use /mz stats to open the stats menu.
    • Added the following stats:
      • Total water bottles drank.
      • Total chests looted.
      • Total giants killed.
      • Total cactus, lava, and starvation deaths.
    • Added a new message below the PvE line for when you're about to cross over to the PvP side.
    • Made the following changes to food items:
      • Items will now show stack limit, hunger, and saturation values.
      • Changes made to the following items:
        • Apples: Increased saturation. Restores 1 water level.
        • Beetroot Soup: Lowered saturation.
        • Carrots: Increased saturation.
        • Melons: Increased stack size from 2 to 3. Restores 2 water levels.
    • Other items will also display their stack limit.
    • Fixed an issue where a bandage would not give 1/2 heart when healing from bleeding.
    • Fixed an issue where the radio would show all channels and not the channel you are only in.
    • Fixed an issue where healing with Antibiotics was giving the wrong message.
    • Adjusted damage frames to help with flying while being attacked.
    • Fixed an issue where bleeding and infection were removed on logout and login.
    • Fixed an issue where player zombies were getting removed on chunk unload.
    • Increased bandage spawn rates in civ_commons.
    • Fixed an issue where wolf death messages were not correctly shown.
    • Changed bandage limit to 1 from 3.
    • Old MineZ Stats are working again. (This was brought back and re-done to allow stats to return while Milestones are taking longer then I wanted due to other projects being worked on)
      • /mzstats to open the menu
      • Please note PTR stats are for testing and will be wiped once the update rolls to live.
      • Work will be done to convert old stats to work with this system.
      • These old stats are in place until Milestones are completed and released.
      • Not all stats will update, more will be added on future updates.
    • Changes to support kit. (Feedback from the kits have us re-look how we can better balance the kit, the changes below are idea from the team and players talking and the idea we had together)
      • Bandages will now only be used when enabling an extra support dye.
      • At least 1 bandage in the support kit is required to use as a basic or extra support.
      • Basic healing cooldown has been changed to 5min per heal for the receiver.
      • Item cooldown info will update next time you open and close the kit.
      • When using dyes, it will change back to the shorter re-support time.
      • Bleeding removal has been moved only to the healing dye, removed from basic support.
      • New kit fusion system has been started, will be completed on another update.
    • Fixed an issue where logging in would spawn you in the void.
    • Fixed an issue where dropping your radio would not remove you from radio chat.
    • Fixed an issue where if your radio was on when logging out, it did not stay on when logging back in.
    • Added golden name color to the player chat messages, not just the tablist and nametags.
    • Disabled player suffocation.
    • Fixed an issue with saturation loss not working as intended.
    • Fixed an issue where splash potions healed twice as much.
    • Removed pigman spawns from giants. Rework of giants in progress.
    • Increased the spawnrate of bandages and red dye in civ_commons.
    • Fixed an issue where there was high ping upon joining the server.
    • Fixed an issue where brewing was not working.
    • Fixed an issue where sweeping attacks were enabled.
    • Fixed an issue where shears in some chests were not updated.
    • Fixed an issue where Eillom Ale was not hurting you when used.
    • Increased XP gain on the PTR server.
    • PTR started! The patch notes can be found here.
    • Lowered zombie spawns.
    • Fixed an issue where players could attack other players with bows below the PvE line.
    • Fixed soulbound shears not opening new menu (soulbound tag will be fixed on the item in a later patch).
    • Fixed support kits in chests not being set right.
    • Fixed an issue where normally noncraftable items could be crafted.
    • Fixed an issue where tools like hoes and shovels would lose their nbt data on crafting.
    • Fixed an issue where player zombie would not spawn.
    • New spawn saturation has been lowered from 20 to 10.
    • Fixed radios not being added to a players spawnkit on spawn.
    • Fixed an issue that you can set an item to your offhand.
    • Fixed an issue where hoes could not harvest beetroot.
    • Fixed an issue where login slowness was not applied correctly.
    • Fixed an issue with soulbound items losing their soulbound tag on repair.
    • Fixed an issue where healing with just ointment would say something it wasn't supposed to.
    • Support kit will now only take nonsoulbound items.
    • Increased the spawnrate of red dye and bandages in civ_commons.
    • Fixed an issue where old shears still spawned in tool_south chests instead of the new support kit.
    Please note that posts below will be removed once the bug has been fixed to cut back on the amount of messages.
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  2. fhana Platinum

    Bug: Slowness occurs in spawn lobby
  3. mines Regular Member

    Positive Feedback: I really like the new healing features and think being able to give people extra speed or fire resistance is EPIC! I love it. I'm also extremely happy about the bandage and shears being combined into one, that's super handy, efficient and will benefit me a lot! I think the one time use of dyes is fair and a well considered change too. And on top of all this, the heal cooldown will be reduced too!? Crazy. I'm also in favor of the spawn region being PvE as it will make it easier for new players, but I'd be a bit careful the zombie spawns don't increase too much and offset the benefit.

    Improvements Feedback: I very strongly disagree with bandages being one time use, as this is going to make my current play style almost impossible and make me pretty upset - I give out heals all the time and love doing it! If I have to find all the bandages needed to continue my current heal rate I am confident this will not be possible, even with an increase in bandage spawns. I've also noticed that PTR has disabled adding dye to leather armor, so I can't craft my green chestplate anymore, which also makes me sad. I understand my way of playing is not how minez is meant to be played, but it's how I enjoy playing and hope this may still be possible after the update goes live ^-^

    Based on the above I strongly suggest changing the support kit to only require one bandage, which can be reused. This will allow a basic heal to be performed infinitely (like the current mechanic). However, all other dyes should continue to be single use and toggleable to keep healing balanced, fair and enjoyable! This would make me very happy :)

    I hope you take my thoughts into consideration, thank you!
  4. Mistri Network Lead

    - Can hear other radio frequencies from far away
    - Still on radio frequency if you toss your radio, have to log out to leave the channel. Should automatically turn off radio if you toss it.
    - Old shears still spawn
    - Zombie headshots not consistent
    - While killing a giant, it despawned without any loot, and it didn't TP back because we went back to Giant's Camp and it wasn't there. It despawned mid jump.
    - No zombie count for this life anymore

    - Instead of Eye of Ender, it would be cool if the radio item was an actual radio. You can find radios heads here. I personally think this old radio is cool.
  5. ShayminPlays Platinum


    It'd be cool if you could hear messages from a slightly different frequency but the other frequencies were more scrambled/obfuscated depending on how far they were from your current frequency.
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  6. shrauger Regular Member

    Grenade self-damage triggers PvP timer but grenade by itself does not.
    Radio functions about the same as a real eye of ender, at least when you right click.
    Support kit takes soulbound bandages again.
    Me and another player were really unlucky with iron boots. We got plenty of iron chestplates and iron pants, but boots was both our issue.

    Beetroots feel really good right now for something only in food commons and farms.
    Please invest time in making the support kit less complicated and have dyes automatically go into the support kit rather than into your inventory.
  7. Sonicraft118 Regular Member

    So far I'm excited for this update, just a few suggestions I'd like to add along with some insights I had.

    #1 - Zombies are fun again
    #2 - Stealth mode through zombie-infested cities was pretty neat
    #3 - Even with the food nerfs I've had no trouble with food
    #4 - I think Zombie AIDS was buffed? It does damage quicker than I remember.\

    Now for the suggestions:
    - Bandages are too difficult to find. For a support kit that uses one per heal, it's very hard to heal my friends. I like this new healing system, but it's too hard to heal teammates consistently. I saw a very neat suggestion above, maybe use that or I also thought maybe it'd be cool to have each bandage be usable three times?
    - Raw potatoes need a higher stack limit, especially if apples and beetroots are gonna be nerfed.
    - I know I just complained about how healing is too hard, but maybe tone down the amount of potions people get. Most of the time my friends just heal through potions without using the amazing new support kit.
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  8. _SealClubber Platinum

    Player zombies do not drop any water bottles
    Issue with fall damage- if I fall on the edge of a block, I take no damage (but I hear the hard landing noise that you hear if you are 1 block from taking fall damage)
    Baby pigs do not launch you into outer space anymore, and their explosions are weaker
  9. sakke001 Gold

    Healing players with ointment (green dye) didn't fix my infection, we tried it 2 times
  10. GuardianGamer97 Regular Member

    Positive feedback: I haven't been on MineZ in a bit, and I'm so shocked and impressed at how much it has changed and improved! I can't wait to see what y'all do next!
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  11. RoseFredricks Platinum

    Yup, women exist. As do people who don't identify as males.
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  12. RoseFredricks Platinum

    Correct...? The sky is also blue. And beetles have hard shells. Any other completely irrelevant things you want to talk about? :stuck_out_tongue:
  13. HensiHinterseer Regular Member

    A few Bugs i saw:
    1. In the near of Zombie Spawner spawn Chicken. I saw a few Chicken on the top of Floating Islands and other places with Spawners. In Vanilla MC Spawners can spawn Mini-Zombies with Chickens, i think thats the cause for that bug.
    2. Sometimes destroying Chests with Leftclick doesnt work. You click 5-10 times until they break.
    3. When you are in the Chest Inventory and throw an item out, it gets sometimes invisible. Items disappear sometimes when you put them for a short time (a few seconds) in a chest.
    4. Zombie Headshots are too random.
    5. Sometimes Zombies are not moving for a short time even if they are agro. This happens mostly when you are above them and they need to jump one block high.
    6. The Giant at Giants Camp can spawn on one of the Rocks.
    7. The Sheers Cooldown seems buggy: when you use only Bandage: 300 sec CD, when you use Bandage with a Dye 90 Sec CD. Im not quite sure if this is intended.
    8. Today (12.4.20 after the Update) many Locations had ZERO Chests. Very frustrating. They spawned after a while, but normally Chests shouldnt spawn that late.

    My personal Review on the Update:
    1.I like the Sheer System with the Dyes. But dont make the Cap for every dye and Bandages less than 10 and Bandages should spawn more often.
    2. I also like that arrows are more rare.
    3. The Non-Cheat Bugs where you get set back or hang on half slabs are gone. Thats very good.
    4.But everything seems to get harder. Sometimes to an frustrating Level:
    a) You make Food much worse. its a little bit over the top when you half all the Stacks (Melons/Apples) and remove Wheat/Cocoa--Beans in the South. Whats the Sense of Apples/Carots/Potatoes when they give all the same amount of Food.
    b) The Zombie seems stronger (for example: 5 hits for a Zombie in Roseluck Island with a Wooden Sword) and they are too fast. Try to hit a Mini-Zombie up in the North. You get always 1 heart damage when you fight a Zombie in an open Area (except you are a skilled player, but im not :D).
    I dont understand why you remove the Villager-Zombies. They were fair enemys which can see you easily but are not so strong as normal Zombies.
    c) Military Chests feels very unsatisfying. You shouldnt find Stone swords in Military Rare or Epic chests far in the North ( like Mining Town etc.)
    5. You make a PVE-Zone to attract more new player, but in the same time the game gets too hard for some people. Remember that people are playing this to have fun even if its a Zombie Apocalypse amd not everybody is a veteran.
    6. When someone kills a PVP-tagged Player in the PVe-Zone, other Players who are not tagged, can easyly steal the loot of the killed player and the Bandits can do nothing against it.
    7. Me and my friends are always playing with 150 ms or more. I think its because there are only US-Servers, no EU-Servers. Pls think about bringing back EU-Servers.
    8. Bring XP-rewards for Finishing a Dungeon or visiting some difficult Locations like Hell-Tree or the top of Floating Islands etc.
    9. The Giants are npw more difficult. i think its a good thing because its too easy to get a diamond sword. But i also went to Giants Camp and someone was there right before me. I just saw a trail of 30 Mini-Zombies who made the Life of this Player very difficult :D

    All in all it is a little bit too hard for normal players. Bring back more stacks of food or more food Locations or at least a few Food Uncommon Chests to the Spawn Cities and bring back 3 Bandages per Stack.
    AND VERY IMPORTANT: Pls fix all the Dungeons. Its not worth for Dungeoneers to go in the West because all Dungeons (Warped Ruins etc) are closed. Also try to fix the Levitating Parkour in Eclipsed Ruins. Its an important dungeon if you want to do the Main Story Dungeons.
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  14. RoseFredricks Platinum

    Chests are off location at a lot of places because they are in their Origins locations where the builds have been redone.
  15. CraftablePenguin Regular Member

    -People logging in nearby doesn't give slowness
    -Sometimes no fall damage is taken
    -Chests where you put items in won't break with a hit
    -Also logging out and back in occasionally removes milk disease and bleeding
    -Killing player zombies can drop a player head
    One last thing, Im not sure if this is intensional but throwing grenade above zombies sometimes won't kill them.

    In my opinion, I think PTR is great. I like how zombies are now faster and actually poses a threat.

  16. _Silver Gold

    Bug: Enabling and healing someone with a dye you don't have still displays a message that they were healed with that dye.

    Also, I can definitely see why the chest opening bug hasn't been fixed yet. Being in adventure mode, you can't normally break a block in front of you so the server has to get the block you're looking at (this is also why chests can be broken from farther than normal), but the default method to do this ignores bounding boxes, which means that even blocks like carpets are treated as full blocks and will stop you from breaking a chest. Now, the solution would be to actually raytrace in front of the player to see if a block's bounding box is hit (this is implemented in 1.15 but doesn't exist yet in 1.12), but looking at 1.15's code, yikes. I guess for the time being, it'd be useful to add blocks like carpets/snow layers to the list of ignored blocks just to allow players to break certain chests easier.
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  17. Tatre MineZ Mini Admin

    Grapple velocity has too much vertical push (throw it straight up and it will make sense).
    2 blocks above the player still seems to count as a vertical grapple.
    Flash grenades create a lot of particles, to the point where you can't see the person hit by it.
  18. _SealClubber Platinum

    New bugs from latest changes:
    • When you right click shears, the "you can be bandaged!" message shows up twice in chat.
    • Players drop inventory upon death in pvp arena.
    • Particles seem really overblown (slime grenade flash, Pluvia's Rain shot)
    • Ipse's Folly does not remove absorption hearts.
    • Ipse's Folly removes 5 hearts when you're full health, but kills you instantly if you have less than full health (tested with 9.5 hearts)
    • Golden apple hearts stay on screen after death in PTR if you die with them.
    • Where's the Pluvia's Storm?
    • Simoon's Melody still broken (gives speed I upon being shot)
    • Blunderbuss uses 14 arrows, not 5.
    Bugs from previous versions
    • When clicking the button "Fuse support kit", it activates the Aloe Vera on/off button.
    • If your sword/fishing pole/any tool breaks, you cannot hear the usual tool breaking sound. However, other players can hear the sound.
    • "Someone is nearby" currently does not work.
    • Slower zombies (speed of zombie villager) with less health spawn (spotted in Agni Ignis and Maze of the Tenth)
    • Zombies cannot get into doorways if there's a carpet in front of the 2 block high doorway (seems to be a problem with Minecraft)
    • Chests still annoyingly hard to break (have to get really close to them).
    Unknown if bug or feature
    • Trapped chest zombies have more health than normal zombies.
    • Rocksteady uses only 1 arrow, and does damage. It also gives 5 seconds of the effects instead of 4.
    • Peace does the damage of a wooden sword.
    • In the support kit, change the descriptions of the dyes so they don't include "to..."
    • For example, "Boosts healing recovery", "Cures infection", "Gives a speed boost for 10 seconds", "Gives an extra 2 absorption hearts for 30 seconds", "Gives fire resistance for 5 seconds".
    • Can't easily differentiate between if there's one dye in the support kit or none- add a number 1 to the stack number (not sure if minecraft supports this)
    • Maybe add a sound when you add a dye to support kit (feedback sound is good).
    • Is there a reason the wool for enabled is yellow in the support kit?
    • I like the new water filling sound added when you refill from cauldrons.
    • I also like the description for empty water bottles and snowballs. However, the filled water bottle should have a description of "Hold right click to replenish thirst".
    • For description of fishing rod, add "Right click into body of water to fish for items" (a bit long though).
    • For the stone axe description, change "crouching" to "sneaking".
    • Golden apples give less saturation than a normal apple? Seems too big of a nerf. Maybe instead of 2.4 saturation, buff them to the saturation of a baked potato, they are good items after all.
    • Mil_rares are simply not good to loot anymore, the smite I stone swords should be added to mil_uncommons. Arrow count should be stable at 5 arrows instead of a chance of 3, or lower mil_epic arrows to 10.
    • Add Grass Blade and Simoon's Deal to the pvp practice.
  19. RoseFredricks Platinum

    - Hostile mobs don't spawn from anything
    - Robber's Blade stolen items stack fine, but they remove any extra except for 1 from the player stolen from. For example, if A uses a Robber's Blade on B, and takes 1 arrow from B's stack of 15 arrows, B will have only 1 arrow left in the stack, and A will have 1 stolen arrow. So 13 arrows were deleted.
    - Melons do not always restore 2 water, sometimes they only add 1
    - Zombies slow down to vanilla speed when there are a ton of them in a small area? (not 100% sure cause, still testing, good way to reliably replicate is in LTG zombie plate trial)
    - Most spawn items are lacking new descriptions, stack sizes, etc
    - Session kill stats reset on death
    - Cobwebs and cakes cannot be placed on "double_stone_slab" blocks
    - Shot Arrows cannot be picked up unless you have a free slot in your inventory, maybe do some switching with the offhand to get around this?
    - Saturation in general seems to behave inconsistently. For example, saturation decreases significantly faster than hunger does while doing the same activity, which should not be happening. Potentially something to do with the changes to exhaustion in 1.11 having some conflict with one of the plugins? Alternatively could the regen from saturation be consuming saturation at the high exhaustion rate despite the player not actually regenerating? I've been trying to test it a lot and it seems very inconsistent. But I know there is something up with saturation, that's without question.
    - Occasionally lag back several seconds, not sure if just lag, but doesn't happen on live the same way.
    - Login warning no longer displays when player logs in nearby
    - Sometimes zombies in Maze spawn as vanilla zombies
    - Giant at Giant Camp can spawn on top of South East rock and will not agro down, making it unkillable without a grapple

    - Horizontal Grapple timer on scoreboard needs a 0 on the left side of the colon
    - Cake needs food lore (hunger, saturation)
    - Update descriptions on bandages and dyes
    - Make all instance in and out points safe (no two deep water pools that you can drown if you have a slow computer, looking at LTG exit and Paluster entrance here. Also Flooded Tunnels entrance.)
    - Baby pigmen should be removed as a random chance from spawning in dungeons from pigmen spawners and dispensers

    - Add time until you can heal someone for XP as a option for the scoreboard
    - Add time until next tip as an option for the scoreboard. I think that would be really useful
    - Radio as an item that takes up inventory space is unlikely to be used often. Making it a command like /radio would make it much more usable and actually really cool.
    - Add button in support kit to add all dyes in inventory at once (not bandages)

    - Change lore for Lingering 1 to "\u00a79Right Click: Throw to heal 5 hearts in a radius." to match other potion descriptions
    - Change lore for Lingering 2 to "\u00a79Right Click: Throw to heal 10 hearts in a radius." to match other potion descriptions
  20. SupremeGustice Platinum

    I really like that you're trying to retain new membership in the MineZ community and using PTR to pay attention to the insight of veteran players who have seen this server evolve for almost a decade.

    That being said, while PvP might scare away or frustrate newer players, I don't think that a PvE line is the best solution. This takes away the incentive to go north as fast as possible, and also removes one of the core aspects of MineZ: do you trust players around you? Additionally, something that I find just as aggravating is teaming up with someone at a spawn town and them turning on me as soon as we cross the PvE line. Having more gear to lose, I would be much more likely to rage quit (from the perspective of a new player). I think something much more useful would be to have a 'grace period' when you spawn, where you can't hurt other players and they can't hurt you - once that expires all bets are off. This would still incentivize you to go north (where it's less crowded) quickly before the grace period runs out, watch out for iron bandits circling back south for easy victims, and get you used to the PvP aspect of MineZ from the start.

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