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Suggestion Proposed changes to GR

Discussion in 'Gold Rush' started by Mohawk2, Apr 4, 2019.

Suggestion - Proposed changes to GR
  1. Mohawk2 Mini Builder

    I decided to make a thread of ideas I have for GR, but these are just a random community member's ideas so don't think they will definitely (or even probably) get added. I'm going to separate my thread into two parts, changes (small things that just require tweaking existing features) and additions (bigger things that require more effort)

    • The beeping sound that comes from people breaking your team's stuff is horrible and annoying. Please both change it to do less beeps (maybe one on the first attack that's happened in like 20 seconds, and maybe every 20% of a wall/gate gets broken there will be a beep, maybe 5% for the smelter) AND make it able to be turned off via the jukebox menu sound slider, as it cannot currently be turned off doing that
    • The words that cover your screen as people break your team's stuff is also distracting and annoying. Change it to be in the same place where the "you cannot sleep in the day" messages are in vanilla minecraft
    • Making spam clicking actually work, nuff said
    • Add more upgrades, both permanent and temporary. Currently, at the end of the game, you pretty much run out of things to spend gold on. This should not be the case because I believe you should have options on what do spend your gold on for different strategies.
    • An ability to upgrade your pickaxe/sword for your current life for a very high price. This does not mean switching classes. I think it would be very cool to be able to spend like 1500 gold to get an iron sword for your miner class that disappears upon death, a better pic for your other kits, etc. Kits would still be useful because if you want that one item it would be much more efficient to just switch classes.
    • Rouge class is kinda weak right now. It would be helped by it also being able to leap short distances, either combining with the existing ability to be triggered at the same time or a seperate item.
    • More maps (I know these are likely being worked on but I have to say it anyway). Some ideas would be:
    • Wild West (ofc) where the requirement is to kill a boss that is riding a horse and the reward would be that the person who did the final hit would get put on the bosses horse. This horse can break through walls and gates instantly and allows the rider to move faster than running speed. Hits to both the rider and the horse get transferred to the horse, which upon death will just put the rider onto the ground where it died. The rider will still be able to attack buildings and player while upon the horse. Each time the side quest reactivate during the game the horse gets 2x the amount of health
    • A cities map where there are two large mansions of opposite sides that are where the teams are. The gold is in a connected subway or sewer area. All of the buildings can't be climbed up to the top, but you can get a few levels higher than ground floor to give archers the ability to actually do something and to make the map interesting. The side quest is EITHER to collect gold ore from killing players on the other team. All dropped gold from kills is marked and you can turn in that marked gold to get the special ability. OR for this map doing "illegal" activities such as breaking the other team's stuff has a chance to put a bounty on your head (bounties shouldn't be random because that might seem unfair, noobs shouldn't get everyone on the opposite side trying to kill them because of RNG). The benefit of doing this is everyone on the team gets a bodyguard which is a wither skeleton with all black armor that will follow that person and fight the opposing team, which can be used to rush. The health of the wither skeleton doubles each time it is activated.
    • Cruise ship and alien spaceships would be cool, but I can't think of any abiltiies that would work for them.
    Hope you enjoyed my list! I had fun writing it. Write in the comments what you like/didn't like! :)

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