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Discussion Progressive Ideas Suggestion Thread

Discussion in 'Mine Theft Auto' started by Saber527, Jul 21, 2017.

Discussion - Progressive Ideas Suggestion Thread
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  1. Saaber Platinum

    Progressive Ideas Suggestion Thread

    Hey, everyone!

    We want to reach out to all of you more and include your ideas in progressing the Mine Theft Auto gamemode, so a thread has been created for all players to have a chance to brainstorm to what new mechanics are next released! You can post your suggestions in this thread in our attempt to give this gamemode a more progressive and community-friendly feeling. Take your best ideas about Mine Theft Auto to this post to help brainstorm what could happen next in future updates -- we are now turning to you, the players, for ideas on how to constantly improve MTA!

    Your ideas can be, for example:

    Reworking a gun system (How?)
    Adding new stats (How would they work?)
    Adding more unlockables
    New features
    Etc. etc.

    Make sure to explain how certain mechanics could be reworked and how newly-implemented features would be used; please make sure to explain yourselves a bit to give us a better idea of what we can work with! Please consider this thread a brainstorm; there's no need for further discussion about suggestions -- so please try and refrain from excessively replying to the suggestions that are made, or it'll make it more difficult on us to find your suggestions and pick them out!

  2. sumbichesyo Platinum


    Shotguns: Shotguns have been a problem, the old version, shotguns were OP af. The update, ruined shotguns. Even though it seems as if it just changed to how many bullets you have hit on the player per shot, there has still been a hit delay between hits, making it do the damage of 1 bullet.

    Cop Farming: This is a glitch that I reported as a bug, but going to mention it here, because I'm not sure. I think this has to do with 1.9, but when you fire a fast fire rate gun at a cop, there is a hit delay between each hit.

    Fire Rate Upgrades: People may think that the guns are what were changed with fire rate, but they are wrong, (besides MG, Combat MG, AK) Maybe slightly buffing it to 0.1 instead of 0.05 (So x2)

    New Guns: New guns would be greatly appreciated.

    Parkour Boots: The parkour boots don't completely break the fall, they only add resistance against the fall. Jumping off the U6 plane will leave you at half a heart.

    Buffing the Mini Gun: As most people know, unlocking the mini gun isn't must of an achievement, because you basically get every gun before that, and most of them are better. In other words, the mini gun sucks and isn't worth it.


    House Levels: There are multiple houses that are about 150k but are for level 35s. Not many people make that much money that that level, so that could be changed

    Leveling Reward: Along with getting Shotbow EXP for leveling up, maybe adding a $ reward that goes up every time you level up, for example from level 194-195, you get $19500, and $19600 at level 196.
  3. 134891949 Regular Member

    Another Progression System

    Kill Based Progression System: This progression system is based on killing players as a civilian, not NPCs. The progression system has ranks for how many you kill, and have a specific amount of ranks. Once you reached the maximum rank, the progression system isn't over, you could reset your rank to the first rank, but get upgraded or more perks, such as increased shotbow XP gains from killing players. The rewards for ranking up is a specific amount of money and shotbow XP.

    New NPCs

    Thugs: This NPC is a hostile criminal, that has a chance to attack a civilian or not. The thug spawns mostly in the downtown regions, like heartrow mall. These thugs automatically attack cop NPCs or players, but do not give out arrests due to them being easily farmable for arrests. Like any other NPC, they drop cash when you kill them.

    Smugglers: This NPC is passive unless attacked. These NPCs drop illegal packages, which can contain guns, armor, or even drugs at rare occasions. They spawn occasionally with thugs as their bodyguards, going from one place to the other. When they spawn, it's announced in public chat and when they reach their destination, it's announced.

    New Missions

    Illegal Smuggling: This mission is about smuggling illegal packages. If you succeed, you get money and shotbow XP from delivering the illegal packages. If you fail in this mission, similar to failing heists, you don't get the money from the mission. The smugglers are at a wanted 6 and thugs automatically attack them since they want their illegal packages.

    Assassination Missions: These missions are about assassinating a NPC, like the mayor or a government figure. You spawn in a private instance with your pick of 3 weapons, rifle, marksman, and sniper rifle. Your stuff won't spawn with you in the private instance. You have to aim for the target's head and headshot it. If you succeed, you get money and shotbow xp. If you fail, you get put in jail when you go back to public instance.

    I might edit this for more new ideas in the future.
  4. Ktrompfl Retired Staff

    over the last few months I've collected suggestions that I have recently reviewed and reworked to the current state of MTA. I made a lot stuff pretty detailed like how stats get improved per level. However those values probably all have to get recalculated to be balanced. Have fun reading! :stuck_out_tongue:


    -C-Bow (Sniper)
    -Poison Syringe (Melee, 1 durability, poisons the enemy, stackable but it has a cool down)
    -P90 (Machine gun)
    -Chainsaw (melee)
    -Airstrike (Right click with it on bottom, beacon marks it, 10 seconds later it explodes)
    -water pistol (pistol, slows enemies because they are wet, no damage)
    -flare gun shoots firework
    -shotbow (shotgun that shoots arrows, really slow but extreme damage) just a needed item… (its actually a bow like in smash)


    -Crowbar 1.5sec knockout
    -Broken Bottle 0.5sec knockout; 5sec bleeding
    -Nightstick 1sec knockout
    -Pool Cue 0.5sec knockout
    -Baseball Bat 2.5sec knockout
    -Golf Club 1.5sec knockout
    -Shovel 1.5sec knockout
    -Knife 7.5sec bleeding; 100%armor penetration
    -Hammer 3sec knockout
    -Hatchet 2sec knockout
    -Katana 10sec bleeding; 75%armor penetration

    -Knockout: nausea, slowness, blindness
    -Bleeding: damage over time, stops by using a bandage, prevents you from regenerating health over time
    -Infection: Poison damage over time, hunger, nausea, comes to a 33% chance if you are bleeding, stops by using antibiotics (milk)

    The effect can't be given permanently, if you have it your immune to it for the time you have it + 2 seconds.
    Also there is a chance for it to apply the effect which rises by leveling up your Melee fighter stat starting at 20%.


    You wont be able to win a fight against a person with a worse but full modded with a better but unmodded gun. People get modded guns very easy which makes it harder to play. All the time you get killed with modded guns without having a chance if you don’t have a modded gun. New players get bored really fast less interested in a mode with players that kill them without having a chance until they also have modded weapons. So I suggest something that makes them not useless but more risky or more tactical. This will need a good guide so new players can also understand it.
    Just some ideas:
    -Fire rate attachment makes a higher fire rate but does slightly less damage
    -Bullet speed attachment makes bullets fly faster but let’s the gun shoot slightly slower
    -Reload speed attachments add/higher the jamming chance for a gun -Magazine size attachments make the gun reload slower

    You wont be able to have all attachments on one gun. Which means that you have to decide what stats you want to improve and what you don’t care about.


    Melee attachments:
    -Attachment: Infected, Melee weapon infects the enemy every 5 seconds for 2 seconds with poison
    -Attachment: Hardened: Higher durability but less damage
    -Attachment: Knockout, weapon attacks extremely slower but hits are heavier so they nausea enemy for 2 seconds
    -Attachment: Bleeding Weapon makes enemies bleeding for maybe a 10% chance so they get wither effect for a few seconds
    -Attachment: Sharpened, weapon ignores 100% armor but only has 10% of its durability
    -Attachment: Cleave, your weapon does AoE damage in a 1+0,5X radius for 20X% of weapon damage (X= attachment level, up to 4)

    Gun attachments:
    -Attachment: Laser, you get Night vision I while scoping
    -Attachment: Piercing bolts, Bullets can go through 3% of the enemy armor per attachment, lowers gun speed by 5%, stackable up to 5 (don’t works for rocket launchers)
    -Attachment: Heavy bullets, Your bullets knock back targets, but you also get extra recoil, lowers gun speed by 5%, can be stacked up to 3
    -Attachment: Dragons Breath, only for shotguns, ignites enemies but has a 4 second cool down, consumes double the ammunition, only stackable once
    -Attachment: Silencer, makes gun doing the suppressed shooting sound like the silenced 9mm, not for silenced 9mm


    We really need new stats that you can level so you get rewarded for doing specific tasks like swimming. Those will of course have more influence on your gameplay.

    -Toughness: +0.15% melee damage reduction per level, up to 15%
    -Drug acceptance: You get less allergic reactions and theres a small chance that the effect rests longer. Gets leveled by drinking drugs .
    -Hacking: Theres a chance that you turn invisible to scanners for a few minutes. Gets leveled by scanning
    -Job specialist: Has up to 5% more time in missions and gets up to 20% less cool down after finishing them. Levels by doing missions
    -Dealer: get 0.15% cheaper prices per level in all shops, up to 15%
    -Acrobat: +0,5% fall damage reduction per level, up to 40%
    -Sprinter: +0,3% movement speed per level, up to 30%
    -Swimmer: +0,4% movement speed in water per level, up to 40%
    -Melee Fighter: Rises the chance for applying the melee affects up to 90%


    Im sure there were more kits supposed to be than one custom and one class specific one. So here are suggestions for new kits [of course they are not going to be for free but still they might have a lower price then buying everything single since its a bundle]:

    -Explorer Kit: 1 parkour Boots, 1 Sat Nav, 3 Parachutes, 5 apples
    -Delicious Kit: 3 apples, 3 steaks, 3 carrots, 3 cooked chickens, 3 cookies
    -Grenade Kit: 2 flash bangs, 2 grenades, 2 Molotow cocktails
    -Pilot Kit: 1 plane (random one), 1 parachute, 1 Jetpack


    Leveling is right now a bit boring right now because theres not a lot you unlock by doing so, the stats are currently boring. After suggesting new and more interesting stats I also want to suggest that Kits get better as an reward for leveling up your general level:

    For example at level 1 you have no armor kit, at level 5 your armor kit includes 1 piece of leather armor, at level 10 it includes to pieces of leather armor, …, at level 20 your kit includes a full set of leather armor, at level 25 you kit starts replacing your leather armor step by step with iron armor pieces, at level 40 you will have a full set of iron, …

    Like this you can have a lot of different kits and with each level up some of them will get improved and/or a new one will unlocked. In the kit app on your phone you can see how many levels you need until unlocking/upgrading your next kit.

    The Cop kit is also pretty boring so I suggest here also some cop level up progression. By leveling up your cop level your cop kit gets better:

    -Cop 1 Kit: 1 scanner, 1 9mm, 3 pistol ammo, 1 night stick, 2 flash bangs
    -Cop 2 Kit: 1 scanner, 1 9mm, 5 pistol ammo, 1 night stick, 3 flash bangs, 1 handcuff
    -Cop 3 Kit: 1 scanner, 2 9mm, 7 pistol ammo, 1 night stick, 4 flash bangs, 1 handcuff, 1 cop car
    -Cop 4 Kit: 1 scanner, 2 9mm, 11 pistol ammo, 1 night stick, 5 flash bangs, 1 handcuff, 1 shield, 1 slightly modded cop car (2,0x speed)
    -Cop 5 Kit: 1 scanner, 2 9mm, 16 pistol ammo, 1 night stick, 7 flash bangs, 1 handcuff, 1shield, 1 tazer, 1 average modded cop car (2,75x speed)


    Because many players complain about marksman at the moment I think it should get changed because its not fun at all if your playing MTA and a player jumps to you and almost one shots you before you even see him. I don't think that reducing the damage would help, as that would just make the gun useless. I suggest adding effects to guns so they don't have to get weaker but fit more on what they are supposed to be used for:

    -Snipers: Snipers are supposed to aim from a distance but not to use them in fast fights or close combat so I suggest that you have a delay between walking and shooting with a sniper so you can aim on distance but cant just surprise attack somebody in a melee fight.
    -Shotguns: Shotguns are supposed to do a lot damage in close combat which is already through 1.9 the case, however they aren't use right now a lot because their bugged and because their range is too small, they should have a 10-15 block range
    -Heavy Machine Guns: Heavy Machine guns and Miniguns are supposed to shoot a lot of bullets, but they are really heavy so you shouldn't walk fast with them around so I suggest your slowed whilst using them. Also you shoot fast with them but you can't aim with them so they should be a little inaccurate
    -Pistols: Pistols are supposed to be used as second choice gun if you cant use your main gun anymore so they should have an average fire rate and an average damage,
    -Sub Machine Guns: SMGs are also supposed to be used as secondary gun, unlike Pistols they deal almost no damage but are very fast
    -Flame Thrower: The flame thrower deals on a really short range a lot of damage by burning your enemies so it should deal more damage but shouldn't go very far
    -Rocket launcher: Rocket launcher and RPG deal a lot of damage on an average distance, however they are really heavy so you should be extremely slowed whilst using them. You also should get a lot more recoil
    -Machine Guns: Machine Guns have average stats: they shoot fast, deal some damage and are accurate. However they shouldn't replace all the other guns in an all in one gun so they should be slower than the Heavy machine guns and should deal less damage than other guns. They still should be used as usual gun for most standard situations, but in specific situations other guns should be better than them

    (Every suggestion I made here is open to be discussed and is supposed to also give others ideas for some suggestions!)
  5. MCDuckler Platinum

    I have some more or less needed suggestions, but hey i think some of them would add a nice touch to MTA, and some of them are just needed)
    -More Particles: Particles when shooting a gun or when a bullet hits a block and when a player dies
    -When a bullet hits a block, the block should show some sort of damage for a short time, just like in other shooter games. This is possible and could be done using the break animation of the block. This could even look better if the texture would be in the resource pack, and even more better if different states of the animation would be used. (1 shot = Sprite 1 (1 Bullet hole), 2 shots = Sprite 2 (2 Bullet holes, block starts to crack) 3 shots = Sprite 3 (3 Bullet Holes, even more block damage) 4 shots = Sprite 4 (Block Heavily damaged) etc..
    -In a GUI, the items for "back" etc. should have a own texture
    -Maxed guns in kits should definitly get cheaper again, because right now noone uses kits
    Add a description to every gun/item in the lore (so that noobs better know which weapon to use, for example they often use a Combat MG, but with a description they maybe would know that it's much better for fighting to use a 9mm)
    -Update the lobby (I can't really describe how, but i often see how noobs walk in the lobby and have no clue that they are in a lobby (I was the same when i started), maybe make the spawnloc near to the [Spawn] sign), also the lobby should be a place where you can be COMPLETLY save, but nope you can die there. I will do a bug report of this, but a simple way to fix this is would be for example checking the location of the player in PlayerDeathEvent, and if its in inside the lobby coords, the player shouldn't drop anything and just respawn with all stats in the lobby.
    -Add a real scope to snipers. Really. I would love to see this in action. I saw it on other servers, and its just so nice to have it. This would be a lil complicated because we would need the pumpkinblur texture, which is already used by the jetpack. But I'm quit sure it is possible, so please take it into consideration as it rly makes snipers much more fun to use, and in combination with some other changes Ktrompfl already couunted it could be a pretty nice weapon that isn't too OP. + i agree simply giving it less damage would be a bad idea.
    -RPGs/Rls definitly need some serious nerfs. I agree to Ktrompfls suggestions.
    -Make shotguns great (or at least better) again. A lot of us still have tons of them and they are just useless for us and filling our chests. I really would love to use them in a fight again.
    -Give bands a own texture. I mean really- bands, buttons in GUIs and cheques have the same texture?
    -Fix the minigames. When 1.9 came out, a few skyscrapers where shortened to increase laggs. But onf the LMS Maps still has the old coords, so when you spawn you just fall down and die. Wow. The battleship map is to out of boundaries and in Deathmatch, one of the spawnlocs is inside a room where you can't get out.
    -Remove deathstreak. Noobs still can't win against us high level players with that, instead it gets abused by other high level players to kill full diamonds with just the standard kit.
    -Speaking of kits: More kits would be nice (Maybe including Civ/Cop Ranks etc., there are enough suggestions in this direction :stuck_out_tongue:)
    -Jail. Right now, if a noob gets into jail, nobody cares. Often they just logout and never come back then. If they break out themselves, they often die and get arrested again. I think this should get updated. By requesting assistence to break out of the jail, a mission should be started where you can join in by clicking in the chat. You should then automaticly get to the right jail by helicopter (thats another point where noobs often don't get far) and get some TNT and a instruction of how to get them out. Then you should bring them to a destination point where they can finish the mission even with a wanted level and then loose this level. The ppl that did the mission should get some kind of "crim-points" and the more crim points they have, their crim level gets higher (not wanted level!) (just like cops...). Ofc these "crim-points" should also be able to get collected in different ways (Heists etc.)

    Same goes here.

    I'm sure that i will edit this post soon, as i think i forgot sth....
    I would like to help, but I'm not a mini or anything hehe

    EDIT 1
    -in 1.8, we were able to disable the jetpack with doublespace, just like activating it. Now, this doesn't seem to be possible at all anymore, so please change that again back, or fix it if it is a bug, or tell me if I'm wrong.
    EDIT 2
    -Getting kicked for beeing afk while actively flying a helicopter is just stupid
    -The spot at Fire Depot to farm cops afk should be already known to a lot of us. I know i used that spot too, but i still think it should get fixed. (Don't even get why it is working there, while it isn't in other locations...)
    EDIT 3
    -Corpes. When a player dies, there should be a corpse of the player lying on the ground, and with right click you can acces his inventory. This would add also be helpfull to keep inventories organized and not filled with trash, cause you then just can take what you want.
    EDIT 4
    -Backpacks. #1: Make it cheaper, but add rows that you can buy for extra money/SBXP. (Up to 6 rows or sth, idk)
    #2: (At least i) always loose them. Why don't we just store a variable in the database if the player has the backpack, and when he respawns, the pluing looks into the database and gives the player his backpack. Or at least make a comand, and when you execute it the plugin looks if the player owns a backpack and gives it back. (Loosing the backpack is eZ: die while you are respawing (Spam suicide :D)
  6. Runkelpokk Platinum

    -gang leader can set the xpsplit for recruits
    -no friendyfire in gangs
    -gang ally´s and enemy´s (maybe /gang ally gangname friendlyfire true/false )ally gang have to accept the ally so betwen diffrent ally gangs you can not kill eachouther (save noobs which payed for team ) or /gang enemy and you get a notice when enemy players join the server )
    -use /gang see playername to see gang ally´s and enemy´s
    kits etc..
    -:use playerheads to get skullpoints to unlock crime classes (like cops classes)
    -higher crim /cop class unlock new kits(crim rank and lv should be not bound togheter )
    -lv and crim class kits
    -higher bounty and reward´s by doing heists (noone hunt players for 100 dollar)
    -mods can found in chests and should not longer bound
    -daily reward (1k more each lv or something )
    -leaderboard money reward (100k for 1 place 50k for 2 place etc )
    -more archivements/high reward for get archivements
    -playerkills (1,10,100,1000,etc.)
    -cop kills (1,10,100,1000, etc.)
    -cop/crime player kills (1,10,100,1000 etc )
    -playing mission´s (1,heist 10heists etc
    -lv up /cop/crime lv up
    -RIP (die 1,10,100 times etc)
    Playershop/new lobby
    -if you join the game the first time or after you die you spawn in a new big lobby (no pvp no wantet lv etc)
    in the lobby should be a atm a way to tp random in the map and a playershop (playershop have to rent with mta money per week like 10k 1week for a large chest ) chests with different prices for the items inside etc
    guns should shoot in the air but jamme more often but dont drop away(thats stupid)
    molotove cocktail have a biger fire place (like 5x5blocks fire after trowing )
    jail escape as a mission (if a player ask for help klick at a buttom in the chat and help him after he get unwantet you get a reward
    for cop 7 and higher army trooper (can not use tasers handcuffs etc have 12.5 lives)
    call nps cops with /reinforcement

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  7. TheSavagePanda Platinum

    Gang Leader changing Xp for recruits seems a little excessive. Unfair to new players if they want to be in a gang the leader could change the XP to 100% and then they can't level. Perhaps adding a max to it like 50 or 25. and daily reward 1k for each level would be too insane. That means that someone who is level 50 gets 50k and someone who is lvl 100 gets 100k every day. 1 mil in ten days? you could buy anything and would make the game dull.
  8. dange Localizer

    I appreciate "nerfs" and "buffs" of the cop classes, because for some months people abuse the cop being as an advantage and reversed: I recommend a HIGH cooldown between switching the classes and a higher one to switch between cop and SWAT. (Por example 1 hour). Additionally the cops should have their own chat again like at 1.8 (/ch cop) As 3. point I prefer a change of the backup and aid function: i would like them to get a 100% success chance, but a higher cooldown. Handcuffing also needs an advantage for cops, because newbie cops should be able to arrest EVERYONE easier. I speak about a head start with 20%. The number is so high, because most players are killing the cop instead of evading the arrest by sneaking
    Car driving:
    Cars only should be placeable on streets like on the christmas map (because of the snow) and should explode much easier because of crashes into walls, to just a near comparison to the reality.

    It isn't that nice that passive players, who can't get harmed by other players, may grab the loot of a died person. So i would say passives shouldn't be able to collect items others drop, because "they want to stay out of the other players doing".
  9. MCDuckler Platinum

    Agreed! Cars should also get a nerf in their acclereation, low levs accelerate way too slow and high players way too fast.
  10. Runkelpokk Platinum

    HI this post is about the gangs in mta

    At the moment recruits in gangs can not open chests its good so that you can store stuff in your gang chests but new players can not steel it.
    Some times it would be usefull if new players gang use gang chests but there is still a risc that they steel all stuff from gangs so it would be verry usefull to set look different gang houses for different gang ranks ( something like /gang sethome (name of the gang house like O1 ,N1 etc) recruit member etc ) so the owner of a gang would be able to decide which player can use which chest.
    It would make the mta gang life mutch more easily and big cans would recruit more new players and give them the chance to get better by using some gang houses.

    Also u should not be able to kill each outher in the gang .
    If a new player join a gang he thing that he is truced with everyone outher in the gang mutch rude players keep killing players in there own gang
    if friendly fire is disable new players would feel more save and it give them a reason to join a big and strong gang.

    xp split

    a gang owner should be able to set a minimum xp split for all gang members (not more than 25%)
    with a minimun xp split new gangs have a better chance to get a high gang lv. and old gang would recruit more people to become a higher gang lv

    Gang book

    In the gang app should be a gang Bulletin board where gang (co)owner and admins write importans informations about the gang gang rules and
    tasks for gang members

    changes like that would make the gang life in mta much easier new gangs would have a better chance to get big old gang would recruit more people .
    new players would have a better chance to get good if they have a strong gang in which they dont die against there own gang mates

    I hope some of this changes can get realiced thanks for your attention
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  11. KounterattacK Gold

    I suggest knives in the game
  12. creeperman116 Regular Member

    I want more advertising for MTA so it can at least outpace the other crappy grand theft auto servers since MTA is pretty much a good gamemode being hidden.

    Also, inaccuracy should be readded to MTA since it is beneficial to new players more than jamming system which makes the gun system more fair. Even though this might be a strange decision, jamming just not really allows new players to use weapons other than high leveled players. It might be a disadvantage to even high leveled players, but they should have leveling rewards to compensate the inaccuracy system for low levels. Edit of 3/10/2018
  13. nanacoro Silver

    I made custom kits before.
    When I use that kit, I've forgotten contents of kits.
    There was no way to check contents of it without use kits.
    So, I propose that we can name kit or add ways to check contents of it.
    If it add, we may be able to use it easily.
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  14. MCDuckler Platinum

    Plus it'd be great if there would be options to buy more kit slots, have more pre-made kits and maybe cheaper prices for the modded guns, because right now noone really uses kits.
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  15. iilunax Platinum

    Adding a New TIP system

    - New to MTA? Check our Wiki on: https://shotbow.net/forum/wiki/mine-theft-auto/
    - Use /home tp to get teleported to your house(s)
    - Switch to Cop by going to your phone -> Civilian App -> change class
    - Want to leave your current queue or mission? do /mission leave or /queue leave
    - Want to level up? Kill cops, Do missions/jobs via phone -> mission/jobs
    - Missing the MTA resource pack? Please check this: https://shotbow.net/forum/threads/having-problems-with-the-mta-resource-pack.383089/

    Please add more specific tips down here
  16. jinl3e Platinum

    I don't know if this was suggested already but add trucks.
    They are bigger and can run over people.
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  17. Skystorm Regular Member

    Add in motorcycles.
    Add in drug farming (you don't use it yourself but sell it to others)

    Explosives should be stronger, since they seem miniscule. Explosives should be able to be bounced around blocks like in Minestrike or just obey the laws of physics.

    Flashbangs should have a particle effect of a yellow flash that blinds you like in Minestrike.
    Grenades should stay the same with a slight decrease to fuse and better particles.
    Molotovs should have a much larger spread of fire like in Minestrike.

    To spice up MTA's PvP, the game should add in taunts and sound effects.

    To make MTA feel more realistic, cars, aerial vehicles and jetpacks should have a refuel option to allow them to keep going.
    Death streak should be removed.

    I don't know if MTA is mostly focusing on fighting, but there should be options to pick careers to earn a bit of cash, like a shop clerk or a janitor. MTA needs to have a bit of city life rather than fighting all day, every day.

    Edit of 3/10/2018
  18. MCDuckler Platinum

    If they do that, they should also make drugs better in some way and not just let them be random suicide items.
  19. creeperman116 Regular Member

    Can we return back to inaccuracy? At least the noobs can shoot their guns at any time without stopping to unjam
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  20. MCDuckler Platinum

    You know shotbow... after creating something they will NEVER change back, even if the majority would prefer it...
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