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No Prefix Problems with account migration

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by _Windhelm, Jul 8, 2019.

No Prefix - Problems with account migration
  1. _Windhelm Obsidian

    A while back when we all had to migrate accounts, I migrated mine but somehow twisted up the emails and lost my password etc. I have tried everything (contacting mojang, etc.) but I cannot log into minecraft with my _Windhelm account. I created a new account named _Solitude to play on and purchased Silver rank. Since I cannot get my old _Windhelm account back, is there any way to transfer my stats & Obsidian rank to _Solitude? If the stats are lost, that is fine. I just want Obby back mainly. I can log into my _Windhelm account here on shotbow.net to prove that it was me. Can anyone please help transfer my rank? Thanks!

  2. Prompted Regular Member

    Under no circumstances does shotbow transfer ranks.

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