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Private Games

Discussion in 'Slaughter' started by SwagleyGaming, Feb 21, 2016.

Private Games
  1. SwagleyGaming Platinum

    Will there ever be private games where you can invite certain people and people cant just join randomly??

  2. BlueToePolca Retired Staff

    You already can through our party system! Simply type /party create in order to form your party. Either click on player names listed in chat, or type /party invite (USER) to invite your friends to your party. Your entire party will be pulled into the next game you create.
  3. JUSTGioDM Emerald

    As BlueToePolca stated, you can create a party.
    When you're in a game and a friend of you want to join during the game, you'll need to accept him entering the party AND entering the arena.
    Once he entered the arena, it'll do some weird stuff, like you'll get switched to another server or smt, but it isn't that annoying.

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