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Suggestion Priority queue

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Br0DC, Oct 11, 2019.

Suggestion - Priority queue
  1. Br0DC Emerald

    Obi with sub rejoining > Obi rejoining > Emerald with sub rejoining > Emerald rejoining > Plat with sub rejoining > Plat rejoining > Gold with sub rejoining > Gold rejoining > Silver with sub rejoining > Silver rejoining > Sub rejoining > regular players rejoining > Obi with sub > Obi > Emerald with sub > Emerald > Plat with sub > Plat > Gold with sub > Gold > Silver with Sub > Silver > Sub > Regular players

  2. soto Platinum

    And now, please explain to everyone what in the living hell you've just written down here. . .
  3. Br0DC Emerald

    What the priority queue should be it’s Premium rejoining > premium > member rejoining > member rn silver shouldn’t get in queue before Obi ranks
  4. Vosl Emerald

    I agree.
  5. Tobi472 Platinum

    So your asking to make the queue more unfair and frustraiting for non premiums?
  6. Br0DC Emerald

    Nothing’s gonna change for the non premiums it’s just between premiums I don’t think a silver rank should be in front of obi ranks in queue
  7. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    No need for such a complicated list. Subscription automatically increases your rank and Emerald and Obsidian have been stated to NEVER be advantageous in any game system in any way (presumably to further separate themselves from servers with unreasonable server monetization.) Also making the advantages for buying increasingly higher and higher tiers of "premium" giving exponentially less value is antithetical to the statements made by the EULA by Mojang (and support by Microsoft) regarding server monetization.

    So the list would be as follows: [Premium rejoining] > [Player Rejoining] > [Premium] > [Player]
    The current order being: [Premium rejoining] > [Premium] > [Player Rejoining] > [Player]

    Personally I approached this from a game design perspective, as you should, and having [Premium] players have the chance of taking the place of a geared [Player Rejoining] that might have disconnected due to a lag spike or other factors not in their direct control, essentially putting a team at a disadvantage and making playing with your friends while not a premium unreasonably difficult. Player investment in the individual game wasn't explored enough when designing this system.
    If I was to design this such a system, I would do the following:

    Give people who were in the lobby waiting for the game to start more rejoining precedence over people who joined in later phases.
    [Starter Premium rejoining] > [Starter Player Rejoining] > [Premium rejoining] > [Player Rejoining] > [Premium] > [Player]
    Tobi472 likes this.

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