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Annihilation Priority Queue

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Murgatron, Dec 23, 2018.

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  1. Willberfollower Regular Member

    I think an imbalance of 4 players i a little to much it should be 2 because when there is 7 people on each team an imbalance of 4 players is a lot. I over and over again see the team down by 4 players get completely destroyed with no hope just because they are down 4 players.

  2. Zorolock Platinum

    While this is a good impetus at preventing team stacking, it doesn't really prevent it, in my opinion. Too often do I join a game where, before it even starts, it's clear already which team will win. Other players notice this as well, and so the queue to that one team grows, while the other teams are practically shunned by premium players (effectively barring access to the "winning" team to non premiums). This is especially noticeable when games are not full. In later game, as players leave the game disproportionately from teams that are doing less well, the one winning team will have a decisive advantage in player count.

    While some may argue that other players should just "get gud," personally I think that this kind of team stacking makes the game boring and predictable, both for nonpremiums/inexperienced players who may consistently be at the losing end, and for premiums/experienced players who can achieve victory with very little effort.

    If you were a new player to annihilation who experienced this predictability constantly, would you enjoy the game enough to stay in it? It's hard to say. However, when new players are rarely included in the actual team strategy (whether they are on the winning or losing team), I wouldn't expect them to find the game engaging enough to become a regular player -- why stay in a game where you are regularly ignored when instead you can play minigames (with smaller teams) where you have an impact? There are certainly other (quite successful) servers where one could do this.

    One (rather radical) strategy would be to make all team joining random, and instead include a party system which would allow parties of players to join the same team (randomly). The maximum cap on parties could vary per game, sometimes being disabled (i.e. at 1), and at other times going up to ~10 players (giving large groups the occasional opportunity to play together). In order to retain the (necessary) perks given towards premiums, maybe parties formed by premiums would have a larger player limit, or (possibly) the party system could be available only to premiums (which would not expel new players, but would make premium much more valuable).

    If experienced players were incentivized to lead less experienced players behind them toward victory (their only option, if random teams were enforced), the game might seem more welcoming to new players, expanding the player base; experienced players would be forced to play against each other sometimes (adding to the competition); and the game might lose some of its predictability.

    Just my two cents.
  3. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    Regen III and Gmodding has definitely exemplified this fact.
    "Given the opportunity, players will optimize the fun out of a game." -Soren Johnson
    I think we could all benefit from reading Soren Johnson's blog.
    Recently I have been drifting to calculating the various mechanics of Annihilation because I no longer can find enjoyment in the current state of the game. That's the main reason why I've been advocating two team games as it would boast a wide range of advantages. Higher chances for teams to be full being chief among them.
    Would this still suit the EULA? Personally, I never truly understood where exactly the EULA stated the things that limited server monetization. Furthermore, from what I understand, the EULA "changes" were likely just a customary nod during the acquisition by Microsoft as the EULA didn't get substantial changes to its monetization guidelines.

    Thanks for posting!

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