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Class Suggestion Predator Class and Flyer Class

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Wilconia9_, Apr 16, 2019.

Class Suggestion - Predator Class and Flyer Class
  1. Wilconia9_ Regular Member

    Hello everyone!
    Today i'm going to suggest two classes for this gamemode!
    First, we got the Flyer! (FLR)
    You are the winged.
    Use your elytra to plane across the map at high speeds!
    Use your "Take off!" to get levitation and glowing, and plane with your elytra!
    But keep careful! you cannot use any chestplate and you can't unequip the elytra!
    Starting items:
    Leather helmet.
    Elytra. (Instead of leather chestplate)
    Leather Pants.
    Feather Falling II Chainmail boots.
    Elytra. (Hotbar) ("Take off!" Skill).
    Wooden Sword.
    Wooden Pickaxe.
    Wooden Axe.
    With this gear, you would have 2 of protection instead of the normal 3,5.
    Active "Take off!"
    Cooldown: 40 Seconds.
    Right click: You will get levitation 9 for 5 seconds, use it to take off, or climb some areas, also you will get glowing for 10 seconds, this will reveal your position, so keep an eye when you are in the air.
    Curse of the flyer: You cannot unequip/Change your elytra for a chestplate. , so you have a lot of less protection, in order to balance the high travel speed.

    The second class is the Predator! (PRE)
    You are the predator.
    Use your plasma cannon and your infra-red vision to look for preys.
    Your helmet reveals enemies that are 50 blocks near you.
    You deal 2 additional damage to glowing enemies, but 3 less to unglowed enemies!
    Sneak to use the infra-red vision!, revealing all the enemies that are 100 blocks around you, sneaky!
    Watch out, if you remove your helmet, you will lose the infra-red vision and your helmet skill!.
    Also you can't use any other bow other than your plasma cannon!
    Starting items:
    Chainmail helmet ("Predator's Helmet").
    Leather chestplate.
    Leather pants.
    Leather boots.
    Clock "Infra-Red vision" (Skill item).
    Wooden Sword.
    Wooden pickaxe.
    Wooden axe.
    Left-Hand Slot, Bow. Undropabble "Plasma cannon"
    10 Arrows.
    Active "Infra-Red vision"
    Equip the clock and sneak, as long you sneak, you will see any enemy that is 100 blocks near you with a glowing effect, if you stop sneaking, the effect is gone.
    Locked Prey: You deal 2 aditional damage to glowing enemies, but 3 less damage to unglowed enemies.
    High-Tecnology: In your left hand you will always have the plasma cannon, you can't shot arrows from any other bow.
    Your arrows will always have glowing effect.
    Predator's mask: You and your allies that are 9 blocks near you will see enemies that are 50 blocks near you for 3 seconds, this is activated every 30 seconds.
    Also if you remove your helmet, you will lose this skill and the infra-Red vision.

    Thank you for reading!

  2. IncognitoSausage Platinum

    I believe this version of the Elytra class is heading in the right direction but still does not allow for the implementation into the current annihilation meta. Where as the predator class i just OP and broken, basically like Mercing every player in 100 blocks distance, people who rush will get spotted a mile away.
    Ivandagiant likes this.

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