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Discussion Potential to Transition to New Software?

Discussion in 'The Network' started by walterberryfinn, Jan 8, 2019.

Discussion - Potential to Transition to New Software?
  1. walterberryfinn Regular Member


    I have been watching some projects on Github as they progress and develop closer and closer to completing an alternate version of the Minecraft server software, completely free from the original code written by Mojang employees. Seeing as the Bukkit project has been shutdown (with the exception of Spigot and a few other forks), I was interested in contributing and watching these new developments.

    For those not familiar with the internal workings of the current server software, it is a layer of modified code running on-top of the vanilla Minecraft server, allowing developers to access and control the way it behaves and interacts with clients. The difference between the new server software (such as Glowstone) is that the current software running on Shotbow uses the original Minecraft server code as a baseplate which makes it subject to Mojang's EULA.

    Navarr, and I am sure other members of the community, has much more experience with copyright law and the regulations surrounding the protocol than I do, and so I wanted to post this as a discussion. Please do not turn this into another 1.x debate, I am begging you.

    My question is whether or not the new branches and server software would fall under the licensing of the original Minecraft software. Understandably, downloading a modified (i.e. Spigot, Bukkit, etc) server software that includes the original server code still falls under that license. The new branches use the Bukkit API alone (licensed under GPL) and use a from-scratch approach to implementing the Minecraft protocol. This raises the question of whether or not the implementation of the protocol would cause it to fall under the EULA.

    Under U.S. copyright law (now that the E.U. servers have been taken down) is it prohibited to sell XP, ranks, and the suchlike that were previously due to the EULA that applied to the vanilla code? Admittedly, these new server softwares are new and in-development and would hardly be ready to be deployed as of now... but if the network has plans to exist into the future for a while it may be a viable solution for revenue.


  2. Navarr Network Co-Lead

    The problem with any alternative is that the Minecraft game client is still being used to access it. Minecraft has no technical or moral issue with cutting off a server from being connected to

    I'm far more interested in watching potential new platforms like Hytale

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  3. walterberryfinn Regular Member

    That would be interesting for sure... Shotbow 2.0 running on Hypixel's game.
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  4. Smartz_ Platinum

    If you guys moved to Hytale and got rid of those awful EULA guidelines I'd be so happy. They got rid of everything that made shotbow and they restricted the development of the games. I'd really like to see something on Hytale.
  5. TeazHacks Silver

    just imagine
    minez on hytale owo

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