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Suggestion Potential Cosmetics, Daily Stuff & More

Discussion in 'The Network' started by DerMongoose118, Aug 7, 2017.

Suggestion - Potential Cosmetics, Daily Stuff & More
  1. DerMongoose118 Regular Member

    Hello there, I am Mongoose and I am addressing (or trying to address) the problems that Shotbow has had for some time, and I'm confident that Shotbow may die out if these ideas are blatantly ignored, so, I am going to introduce these ideas one at a time.

    Daily Experience:
    This is a system that makes it so that You don't necessarily have to constantly grind games of Annihilation to (Or Strife once I get that done) get a good amount of Shotbow's main currency, experience. Once you join in, there will be something at the hub that will grant you experience via. multiple ways:
    • Simply clicking on the "Daily Reward", "Weekly Reward" or "Monthly Reward" items in the Rewards screen. Daily Rewards could also potentially get better and better as you keep receiving them.
    • Voting for Shotbow, which will also be accessible via the Rewards screen; voting should grant more Experience than the "Daily Reward", and likely just as much as the "Weekly Reward".
    • Following Shotbow on Twitter or Liking Shobot on Facebook, this will likely grant as much as, if not more than a "Monthly Reward".
    This system may be overused and potentially even flawed in some ways, but overall it extends player retention and makes it easier to vote for Shotbow; as for what the thing that gives rewards would be, I have an idea, the thing you go to for rewards could be called "The Fletcher", which fits in well with the theme of the Shotbow Network, and could have an interesting apearance to it, like having the head of a wither skeleton and wear oddly colored leather armor, basically it would be to make it just be an armor stand rather than a player.

    Acheivements & Mastery:
    Acheivements would be granted after doing things in your favorite gamemodes, like Annihilation and MineZ; these could be easy or difficult to obtain, and would grant Mastery Points based off their Difficulty for completing them. Some could be completable only once, whereas others could be done multiple times and grant Mastery Points based off of milestones. Mastery is a thing to showcase how much Mastery Points you have gotten, and award you for such; some of the rewards and perks for Reaching Mastery levels could include:
    • Experience, this would scale with your Mastery Tier.
    • Cosmetics for the particular game you are playing (although some would be locked to Premium players only)
    • Experience Boosts for everyone in the minigame (will be balanced so that minigames with less players will have higher boosts than minigames with a more players).
    • Phase Keys and Cosmetic Shards, I'll explain these later.
    This could potentially grant a more interesting and overall greater experience when you play your favorite minigame, which could mean greater player retention for the network as a whole, as some completionists may like the system.

    Cosmetics and Cosmetic Fragments:
    This is the more extensive of the systems, as cosmetics will be rated in tiers based on their complexity and overall how cool they are:
    • Common: This applies to simple hats and the contents of the current toybox (with the exception of the rainbow armor) and even some pets (specifically mobs like zombies and farm animals), all of these items aren't interesting even at the slightest.
    • Unusual: This applies to more interesting hats and armor sets, to pets like wolves and sheep, and even to some gadgets too (take a bow that shots explosive arrows for example); all of these items are somewhat interesting, but not by much.
    • Unique: This Applies to most armor sets that apply a cosmetic effect as well as most other cosmetics; most of these items are interesting to say the least.
    • Resplendent: This applies to things like animated hats and fancy stuff like that, and especially pets like the _jeb sheep and charged creeper.
    • Pearlescent: Cosmetics that are deemed Pearlescent must be truly amazing, think floating sheilds made from blocks worn by armor stands epic.
    Anyways, that is all the types of cosmetic tiers I could think of, now onto how the fragments work:
    Cosmetic Fragments are gotten whenever you receive a duplicate of a cosmetic when you find it in the Spatial Rift, that cosmetic will break down into fragments based off of it's tier and style. Meaning you will find more fragments from a Resplendent than you will from a Unique, but if the Resplendent is based off of a star and the Unique is based off of a tophat, than the Resplendent will give mostly fragments of a different color. Most cosmetics require mostly a specific kind of fragment, but if you cannot get that kind of fragment, then you can use experience to neutralize the coloration of the cosmetic fragments you have, turning them int Rainbow Fragments, which can be used to craft any cosmetic. The types of fragments will be based off of color, and there will likely be six of them (based off of the primary and secondary colors) plus the Rainbow Fragments, making seven.

    Spatial Rift:
    The Spatial Rift will be your main way of obtaining cosmetics and cosmetic shards, and your way to open it, called Phase Keys be found at random after completing games; Phase Keys can also be gotten from "Weekly Rewards", "Monthly Rewards", and by leveling up your Mastery to higher tiers. Spatial Rifts do not have tiers and are not locked to premium only players, but if you do have any premium rank, then you will get two cosmetic rewards instead of one. Otherwise these just function like any RNG Lootcrate.

    Well, that's all I got, feel free to suggest things in the comment section, and as always, Mongoose lifting off lol.
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  2. Ripdog1 Platinum

    Daily experience is probably the suggestion that I agree with the most. There should be more ways to obtain xp than just the normal way of obtaining it through games and the rare occurrence that an xp code is given out. Maybe not give a lot of experience. I suggest not doing the per day thing or else the xp will add up and really become too easy to obtain. I suggest doing free weekly xp as in if you're on for 5 hours a week, you have the option of getting 100xp at the end of the week.

    Achievements are also a great way to make the server more enjoyable. They offer a wider range of stuff to do on the server and even if you don't like the game, once you get an achievement, you get 10xp from every one you get based on the difficulty as you said in the OP. It gives the player a chance to do more on the server than just play the games and gain xp and unlock classes.

    For the cosmetics however, is a great idea, because it gives more stuff for the more experiences players, (this is just my opinion) but I'm not very keen on the whole Cosmetic Fragments idea. As you explained it, it's very detailed, and maybe I need to read it again, but it seems complex on how it works and not straightforward as a new player would understand.
  3. DerMongoose118 Regular Member

    I was thinking on making the dailies like 3 xp up to 15 xp, so it doesn't take long to achieve the highest gains, but it isn't too high, meaning players will have to play games still in order to get lots of xp, especially since mastery tiers give an xp boost to everyone, which means the rewards for playing a game will be higher than they are now if this system gets installed.

    As for cosmetic shards, the colored ones don't matter too much, but it's there to differentiate it from other cosmetic systems from other networks, take Hypixel and Mineplex for example. the whole colors system doesn't matter too much however, as you can use xp to turn shards into rainbow shards, which are all purpose, basically speaking, you play games in order generalize shards used to craft cosmetics just as you would buy classes.
  4. DerMongoose118 Regular Member

    I'm just gonna rez this post since I think it still applies now, and honestly applies more than ever.

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