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Discussion Post your Ideal Inventory!

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by LawsOfAviation, Sep 29, 2018.

Discussion - Post your Ideal Inventory!
  1. LawsOfAviation Regular Member

    Post a picture of what you'd like your MineZ inventory to be! It doesn't have to be a legit picture from the game, you can just make it in creative mode on a singleplayer world. Make sure to post notes for items that have extra attributes like enchantments that aren't visible otherwise.

    Splash potions are Health 2, normal potions are Health 3. The enchanted sword has Smite 4 Knockback 1 and the bow has Power 2 Punch 1.

    Feel free to discuss other people's inventory choices!
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  2. ItsSoular Obsidian

    This inventory gave me cancer.
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  3. kbsfe Silver


    That inventory....
    Ah, to be new to MineZ again...
  4. Mistri Community Manager, PR Lead

    Rather than being a jerk, perhaps show a little maturity and give suggestions to other players on what they could improve on.
  5. kbsfe Silver

    I'm not trying to be a jerk, I legitimately was reminded of myself, back when I first started to play the game.
    It just made me think, I've came a long way and all.

    If it's suggestions you want, I can easily provide a few of the tips I've learnt from others and by playing:

    The amount of milk and bandages is a tad over-excessive, I'd recommend cutting it down to 2 at the most, 1 if you travel with a friend (you can heal each other with green) or frequent towns with civ chests.
    If you're going to carry a non-smite sword of a good dura, a diamond one is highly recommended, as it's more dura and more damage than a regular iron sword.
    In terms of food, it's all down to preference, cookies are good dungeon and travel food in my opinion, though if you're more into PvP, food such as bread and mushroom stews are the best thing to carry.
    You can't really go wrong with carrying at sugar or two, its burst of speed that it gives is often great to escape people, or if you're doing a dungeon, can easily cheese some 4 block or 3 block 1 up jumps.
    A grenade or two is also often something I carry, great if you get unlucky with pigmen and have a large horde of zombies, or if you need to beat a dungeon's wave room.
  6. lightninge Silver

    [IMG]Something like this. Balances everything (Feather falling IV boots and all potions heal 4 hearts)
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  7. mcpwner321 Gold


    -Note This isn't totally ideal because it is an in game screenshot
    - I would subtract the iron sword, add a bandage, and have more splash 2's for an "ideal inventory"
    - Also I would add more cookies :)
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  8. CrazyComboes Regular Member


    <> Pretty standard inventory but figured I would share anyways because it looked as if most other people sharing had a more "healer inventory".
    <> All splashes are splash 2's and bow is Power 2
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  9. Alqddin Regular Member

  10. 111kittycat111 Platinum

  11. PyroApples Regular Member

    That's the best inventory i have ever seen, bravo
  12. 111kittycat111 Platinum

    that's odd, it's my spawn kit
  13. wSaiz86 Regular Member

    4 stack of apple 4 stack of cookie and 2 stack of melon, 8 slots of pots, 4 splash 4 drinkable, Bow and 3 stack of arrows, Sword, 3 bandage, one milk, 3 water bottle, One cobweb, grapple sugar and button
  14. FreeCookson Platinum

    Ideal inventory is totally subjective to what your trying to do in the game. If your pvping it would be a power 2 punch 1 bow, 2 stacks of arrows, d sword, 3 stacks of bread, 3 sugars, a speed pot, maybe a debuff of some sort or a void bow, 2 flash grenades, and then a bandage with the rest of your inventory being crowded with splash 2's.

    If its a dungeon basically same thing but subtract the sugars add a few more bandages and milk no flashes, maybe an infinity bow.

    But yeah don't bother trying to get all this shit in game its a waste of time.
  15. MuffinMinister Platinum

    Back when you could abuse dungeons

    Full invent of insta 3's with an overkill and regular dsword, if doing dungeons multiple smite 5 swords (like 3 at the best possible dura) and an infinity bow
  16. Sartain_Beta Regular Member

    I try to be a bit realistic
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  17. Prompted Regular Member

  18. Cringeguy85369 Regular Member

  19. Chibotle Platinum

  20. LawsOfAviation Regular Member

    Uh, where's the food?

    Also what the heck is that ender pearl texture

    (I am smart and forgot to use the quote feature. This is directed at Chibolte)

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