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Discussion Post what you think is a problem with MineZ currently

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by HellionX2, Apr 10, 2019.

Discussion - Post what you think is a problem with MineZ currently
  1. HellionX2 MineZ Mini Admin

    Hi I'd like to start a list of perceived issues with the game as of now. I ask that members from the community just right a brief post about something they see as an issue in MineZ that: makes the game less fun, too frustrating, doesn't make sense for the games theme, affects pvp in a negative way, or any other concerns.
    The reason I'm asking this Is I would like to start trying to ponder issues that I haven't personally seen or experienced myself. Please provide specific examples of how it impacts the game in a negative way!

  2. bombermatt360 Regular Member

    I understand why Shotbow decided to change the spawn rates of chests to prevent farming the really overpowered ones, but I think they went a bit too far with it. Sometimes I cannot, no matter how hard I try, get certain chests to spawn. It was nerfed more than they intended, as the problem is you can't get chests to spawn in the first place. Also, I think they should add some potion chests to the middle-North. In the west, you can get pots at Lazerville and Sanctuary of Peace. (I think?) In the east, you can go to Agni Ignis or Kauri, but in the mid-North, there aren't very many potion chests. While it should be noted Eillom and Death Mansion have potions, Eillom is pretty far out of the way, and Death Mansion requires a button. Al Hasa has potions, but I think it's obvious why that's a bad idea. I feel like a place such as Mining Town or Camp Kharj deserve some potion chests to even things out across the map. Death Mansion and Fort Kharj have really good potion chests, but they are behind iron doors. Buttons are really rare at this time, so if that's the only way we can get potions, that requires either a button spawn rate buff, or more potion chests.
  3. HellionX2 MineZ Mini Admin

    Thanks for the post! I agree with a lot of what you said. Ill try to hash out some ideas
  4. cokc Platinum

    mandatory 1.9+ and the issues inherent in it (no blockhit, hitreg is trash, etc.)

    i understand it will never change because shotbow has a hardon for hypixel type gamemodes and has completely alienated its pvp community but its still worth posting abt
    Ceryl likes this.
  5. Oraceon Obsidian

    There's not enough events or special things that take place in the game to keep people playing it.
  6. RogueFlame1 Regular Member

    There's a lot of effort being put in to try to make the game "fresh" and that is really great. Unfortunately, nothing has been done in the last year or so to convince me that MineZ has anything new to offer. All I've really seen since PTR are a bunch of rebuilds that make towns much harder to loot (e.g. Tahosa). At the end of the day, a rebuild here and there is not enough to convince me to revisit a game, especially a game with such a limited amount of things to do.

    I really hope I am wrong. I want some of these new updates (Like the Item and Quest Updates) to reel me back in, but we will have to see as those things get closer.
    Ceryl likes this.
  7. Mr_3141592653589 Regular Member

    lack of content. i played for half an hour recently and got bored very quickly
  8. lightninge Silver

    A few dungeons are closed and IDK when they will be back!
  9. Vohu Platinum

    My main vice with the server is that they only allow 1.9 and above and viaversion is bannable/patched and their reason? it give players better hit reg which makes no sense to me.

    I get that its a advantage over others but legit ANYONE can download it and use it? i think it should actually be encouraged and supported for the people who want the server to downgrade.
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  10. CEABACUR Platinum

    Was recently watching some old videos around when MineZ was really fresh/in beta. I understand that what made the game really replayable was that it was new and people wanted to explore the map. However, another thing I noticed was that achievements gained throughout a single life would benefit the players' next life by adding certain equipment to their spawn kit for a set amount of time(e.g 1 day). We should really consider this feature strongly as it will keep people coming back due to these rewards they get for their efforts. Although this might not seem attractive to some of the veterans of the game but it would allow new blood to better explore the dangerous map and give them a PvE incentive instead of just PvP.
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  11. HellionX2 MineZ Mini Admin

    I totally forgot about this, nice catch. This would be great for the game.
  12. Candere Obsidian

    One of my older routes for getting iron was Geuten -> Pileus -> Agni (with occasional stops added if necessary). While introducing friends to MineZ, I took them up there because I considered it one of the lower stress routes. It seems like Agni's difficulty has spiked up severely. I expect there to be a lot of zombies, but I don't recall there being a spawner in every single house? I also remember there being a way to avoid the pigman spawners, but that no longer seems to be the case.

    I always found it fun to learn where the spawners were and where I had to avoid in order to survive, but now it seems there's little point with a spawner in every corner - you can't avoid them, so there's nothing to learn/improve on when looting there - experience with the location isn't rewarded.

    The loot doesn't even seem that great, especially for the difficulty. Seems like some adjustments could be used there, though I'm always willing to hear anyone out if they have a better route for introducing friends to the game.
  13. cyclone_43 Silver

    Alright so Agni, don't loot it during the night. Also the water pigmen spawners can be avoided if you go in the house to the south east of them and go into the hidden room. Last night I looted agni for two day cycles and left with an iron set and 2 gun powder. It's really good but you have to know what you're doing to loot it.
  14. Candere Obsidian

    Guess the strategy there changed a bit.Thanks for the tips, though I'm not sure how you managed to get a full iron set that quickly given that last time I went I got iron boots that were badly damaged over the course of multiple in-game days, lol.
  15. cyclone_43 Silver

    East side of the town, that's my suggestion :wink:
    Candere likes this.
  16. Grima Silver

    it seems like the "difficulty" of pvp has been replaced by lots of zombies/pigmen spawners? the result is a more frustrating experience, and considering most people who play minecraft are pretty casual, frustratingly high difficulty is likely going to keep people from getting into it.

    i dont want minez to be super easy (it wouldnt be fun) but right now most of the locations i used to gear up at are the opposite end of the spectrum

    maybe i just need to try some new locations tho... idk i miss going to hell tree and wish it was how it used to be
    HellionX2 and Clip like this.

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