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Discussion Poll: Should swapping near obsidian be blocked by the game?

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Az_Naviko, May 2, 2015.

Discussion - Poll: Should swapping near obsidian be blocked by the game? | Page 2

Should swapping near obsidian be blocked by the game?

Yes - you should NOT be able to swap players into obsidian 57 vote(s) 38.3%
No - obsidian swapper traps are OK 92 vote(s) 61.7%
  1. xSoles Gold

    I just shoot the swapper while he's trapped in his obby cage :D
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  2. Haichao Platinum

    Yeh, this. If you can't get out they won't be able to get back in either.
  3. dranjohn Platinum

    I vote for:
    Blocked in Phase 1 and 2
    OK in Phase 3, 4 and 5
  4. stoneheart2 Regular Member

    it would be a bad idea to ban a good strategy, that would be ridiculous if every time a new strategy comes up that's really good it gets banned it would discourage players from coming up with new strategy because if there good there will be complaints and it would get banned so i think obsidian swapper traps etc should not be banned
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  5. Superbob1000 Retired Staff

    I... Don't even know what to say.... I thought for sure YES!!!!!! I HATE OBBY TRAPS! But now... After reading both sides of the arguments.... I don't know what to say... :stuck_out_tongue:
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  6. InfernoTheDragon Platinum

    you should NOT have to use one specific class to counter a tactic, it ruins class diversity (or what little we have left)
    this is a modded gamemode for a videogame, not actual war. A nation under attack in a war doesn't really have much of a choice, while in a video game people chose to log on and join the "war". If it's not fair we wouldn't have people playing. For example, what if we said that historically blue team always had access to excellent mining technology and every player spawned with iron armor? few people would want to deal with playing against that.

    now for my opinion of the matter
    Personally I think and obby trap is just overkill, and shouldn't be allowed, or even possible. After all, when someone is in a trap and getting beaten to death by 4 guys, remembering to break the blocks seems to be the last thing on the average person's mind. A wool or dirt trap is often enough. The real issue is builder. Builder's obsidian has never really been useful for actual defense building, it takes up a small patch in the wall that is avoided or is used to build swapper traps and grief teammates. We should just remove builder's obsidian, maybe give them a little more wool in it's place. That way people will have to find and mine out the obsidian with a diamond pick which wont be in play until phase 3 anyhow.
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  7. Murgatron Retired Staff

    Why oh why do we still have obsidian swapper traps. Ludicrously unfair, they should not be permitted, remove obby from builder :(
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  8. JesusCrusty Platinum

    Ehh.. getting obsidian in builder's drops is rare. I usually get like a total or 4-5 while building the whole defense. I usually just throw it out cause I don't know where to put it.
    But anyways, I know some people don't put obsidian on the bottom, so try digging down? I've personally never encountered a obsidian trap. (Or a swapper trap for that matter... :confused:)
  9. ghana7 Gold

    Maybe there could be an efficiency 100 diamond pick with 1 durability left in the weapons shop available for like 16-32 gold, so if you want you can be prepared against obsidian traps but you can also rush more quickly while taking the risk of getting trapped
  10. Litnetti Emerald

    I just go swapper and swap him back into his own trap.
  11. Keyboard Gold

    Be wary of adding things just to be a band-aid to other problems, or else you'll slowly end up with a mess of counters, counter-counters, and counter-counter-counters.
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  12. KytanApprentice Silver

    The real weakness of a swapper trap is that it can only trap one enemy rusher at a time, and if an enemy doesn't come close enough to the swapper trap it's useless AND the swapper is trapped. Yes, an obsidian swapper trap will stomp a single rusher who wasn't prepared for it, but that's about it. It's nobody's fault but your own if you blindly rush alone into the enemy base without any idea what their defenses are.
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  13. CaptLejar Regular Member

  14. Keyboard Gold

    My only issue is that they pop on contact with another person so if you get swarmed at mid you'll get out, and then dog-piled immediately after.
  15. w95559w Regular Member

    This is my way to counter obsidian trap:

    1. Usually people are careless about the block below them, so dig straight down!
    2. (Similiar to what Pretendence said) Couter obsidian trap with obsidian! (Block the 4 opening hole with obsidian and log out, then rejoin the game.) (Or if you happen to have a diamond pick, after you block the holes dig down and seal the hole!)
  16. Coyn Platinum

    Its a tactic. I highly doubt they will remove obby traps just because of the fact that there are ways to get out of it / counter it
  17. Sens Platinum

    Don't. Just don't. That is the only feature that your map has that makes it better than coastal in my oppinion and many others hit-and-run solo players.
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  18. Kabryxis Silver

    I think obby traps are too op. Nowadays I get someone with nothing to yolosuiciderush into a base to see if they have an obby swap trap. If they do, I won't rush them, or get anywhere near it (since the range is astronomical, and they can simply hold right click so they have absolutely no chance of missing). It's not a strategical thing. It's a you're 100% fucked kind of thing. There is no counter, no save, nothing. In a lot of cases, swapping yourself out of the trap doesn't even work, because there is often ANOTHER swapper right there as well, who swaps you the moment you swap out, then you're fucked. If I get put into an obby trap I can't get out of, I usually try to drink all the potions I can before I die so the other team doesn't get any. Or if no potions just /kill myself. I think the traps are fine, but there needs to be some way nearly anyone can counter it under certain circumstances.

    /e A good counter would be to add a timer on using the ability so you can't spam it.
    Like if you miss, you get to wait 5-10 seconds. If you hit the player, do whatever normal time is.
  19. yhoo Silver

    well, I play swapper alot so I'd like to highlight a few point:

    since swapper made it available to swap someone wherever you want, why should you remove obsidian off the list or make it banable
    that's like if you say acrobat should get falldamage, because it ables you to jump off of anything except edge to void without dying.

    you shouldn't remove something from the original minecraft game to make it easier for others, it's your opinion that it has to be removed, that means you want it to be easier for you, you shouldn't change the whole game so you won't die.

    as annihilation is a team based war game, you shouldn't go alone, which makes it possible that only you get swapped, if you go in groups you get less chance being swapped

    the part of war:
    war is unfair it always has been and it always will be.
    if a team decides to use an obsidian swaptrap, to defend themselves even more than let it be.
    you would use strength in a rush too, even if it makes you stronger than your enemies
    that's unfair too.

    every problem has a solution
    make a solution for obsidian swaptraps.
    for example:

    go inside their base with a diamond pickaxe
    mine the obsidian and jump in the void, nobody would have enough obsidian to keep it up, once they'll use wool too, only thing to do then is destroying it

    in case you want another example:

    take engineer and destroy every single block around it,
    by doing so your enemy won't be able to reach his trap over and over.

    both examples have been tried by me or someone who destroyed my swaptrap.

    hope this makes it clear enough

    Kind Regards,

  20. Kabryxis Silver

    1. This is a horrible comparison. The two situations you described have absolutely no correlation except for the fact that they each have their own abilities. It's like you saying in defense of obby swapper traps "thats like if you say lumberjack shouldnt get doublewood, because it ables you to get more wood than anyone else".

    2. Invis. And it's not an opinion. It's a fact that obby traps are overpowered. And it's not so much as easier, but make it possible for me to enter a fight and come out alive on the other side, and not ending it in me being completely and totally 100% helplessly buttfucked.

    3. Hey, another reason why clans should be in the game! Players should have a choice to solo, and not require buttbuddies to get a few kills or get a few nexus points.

    4. No. Your "you would use strength in a rush is unfair because you get more damage" argument is invalid. The OTHER team is at the advantage because they have 20+ players, while you have yourself. By that time, there are most likely other people with strength, which is a universal thing. But what isn't universal, is getting out of an obby swapper trap. May as well make it bedrock. Also, I wouldn't say war is completely unfair. Why do you think we haven't used chemical weapons in forever? Or prolonged dropping nukes in WWII as much as we could? If we wanted to win the war with Iraq, why not nuke the fuck out of them?

    There's a difference between advantage and impossible. Let's keep it at advantage.

    5. "go inside base with diamond pickaxe"
    I lol'd hard. You try getting up to a floating Andorra obby trap unnoticed by an entire team and mine an obby without being noticed. You're basically suicide rushing with diamond pickaxes. And I mean it's not like we carry diamond pickaxes in our back pockets. Diamonds aren't the easiest thing to get ya know...

    "engineer" If you could even get to the obby trap without dying, there's a very good (by this I mean 100%) chance that the ground the trap sits on will be rebuilt by the time anyone can get back up there. This basically has the same strategy has having a suicide rusher go first so he can take the swap. But what if there's more than one swapper?

    I find it very unbelievable that you or someone could do that. I don't think anybody could.

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