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[Poll] Enchants / Potions

Discussion in 'HardCore Factions' started by TravisArmstrong, Jul 2, 2013.

[Poll] Enchants / Potions

Enchants and Potions

Keep enchants and potions as they are but allow health splash 2 because of the nerf 48 vote(s) 37.8%
No enchants 28 vote(s) 22.0%
Vanilla enchants and potions 38 vote(s) 29.9%
Vanilla enchants and potions without regen 10 vote(s) 7.9%
Vanilla enchants and potions without fire aspect or regen 3 vote(s) 2.4%
  1. TravisArmstrong Retired Staff

    Please let us know what enchants you would like to see on the next map.
    Ice_otter and iCrafterPro like this.

  2. ZoveReign Regular Member

    Vanilla Enchants and potions without regens seems like fun.
  3. UnPhair Gold

    I think we should be testing with the new health pots before voting on anything, to be honest...

    Who's to say that what I vote for now would actually be terrible with the new potion balance?
  4. Rafiki2085 Developer

    This is true, we all need to test 1.6.1 before any valid voting is done.
  5. TravisArmstrong Retired Staff

    The poll is to get an idea of what type of fighting they would like. We've all tested each quite a bit because the player base is never happy with keeping it one way. The health potion change will need testing but it's not exactly a mystery of how it changed either.
  6. ginie1 Gold

    Vanilla :)
  7. Camellia Gold

    I'd prefer full, unlimited vanilla enchants. There's really no reason to ban regen, as it's been nerfed. And it's just weird fighting in Protection IV without any fire aspect. The only thing I'm not going to enjoy with this is the grind for gear, but the Protection II set up is becoming dull.
  8. chris752w Platinum

    Remember this though, regen was nerfed almost 50% in this update. I personally think it would be best to start with it allowed get input from the community and then make our changes or let it stay the same.
  9. Jitter4Ban Emerald

    I think someone is getting on alts and voting for No Enchants...
  10. sluttycow Regular Member

    Exactly. If you voted for nonenchants please explain why.
  11. 6_Pool Platinum

    I LOVE the pvp we have now..Don't distort it too much :c Splash IIs are a needed evil, after the nerf of potions. KEEP IT THE SAME!
  12. Jitter4Ban Emerald


    Oh, it's probably MineZ guys who never play HCF -.-
  13. Stabbd Gold

    They should either do full enchants, no regen since most people use Fire Res. anyway fire aspect wouldn't change much but can have advant,ages in different ways. I agree in testing the regen and deciding after, as well the rest of the situation, but i personally think they should add Prot 3 Sharp 2 Health 2 to almost stay at the same level as the current system yet change it enough to be noticed and appreciated.
  14. supamina Regular Member

    It's definitely them, MineZ skids like Lordethano and others are posted about how "great" no enchants would be, but when they get what they want, they'll want the map to end 3 weeks in.

    Stupid MineZ skids.
  15. daeshik Gold

    Enough hate on the "MineZ Skids", I'm not a big fan of them either.

    Back on topic, I personally would like vanilla enchants, because the regen is nerfed anyways, no point in removing it. If the raiding system is kept the same, having everything vanilla would be the most appealing.

    Even if the raiding system doesn't change, the general prot II set up has already gone stale, and is a bad combination with the current raiding system. Most of the fights on HCF with prot II at most last ten minutes, because whenever two or more players die, that one faction retreats because of the fear of being raided.

    TL;DR fights are too short, prot II is stale, people want longer/bigger fights without going raidable.
    ZoveReign and ginie1 like this.
  16. jshep Platinum

    Why do people want no enchants? I havent seen any reasons for it but people keep voting for it
  17. ioime96 Regular Member

    Vanilla enchants, vanilla pots. I haven't been around HCF in quite some time. The last time I remember playing prot IV and all potions was like map 2. I would love to see how it plays out nowadays. I believe it would be a better idea for next map.
  18. Nathan719 Gold

    no enchants is the fucking best

    peopel voet for it because its bitchin
  19. ZoveReign Regular Member

    bitchin for people with good ping.
  20. antelopeking Silver

    Should wait for patch and see how it is IMO.

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