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Other Poison 3 - Disabled

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Murgatron, May 29, 2019.

Other - Poison 3 - Disabled
  1. Murgatron Retired Staff

    Hello everyone,

    Poison 3 has been disabled until further notice due to issues with it being used in conjunction with regeneration 3, making it difficult to do damage to players. We'll be discussing how we re-implement a higher tier poison potion for alchemist but we would love to hear your ideas as well below.
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  2. zoomninja3000 Regular Member

    What exactly was this doing? Were they using it for the invulnerability caused by taking damage?
  3. Clip Regular Member

  4. Tobi472 Platinum

    We need to remove scout and tier 3 regen. It breaks the game. Scout wins every encounter and tier 3 regen makes u close to unkilable
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  5. Monster_Bug Platinum

    remove regen 3 add poisen 3 back
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  6. Clip Regular Member

    Youre telling me a leather scout would win vs a bloodmage? pyro? iceman? Or in late game you can just use a fire 3 or poison sword from bb. or just enchant a fire sword. There are plenty of counters lol
  7. Tobi472 Platinum

    I didnt want to make this another why scout is op discussion but ok a statement:

    What makes classes, heroes, champions op?
    (Random order)
    1. Mobility
    Nearly all mobas have a problem with too mobile heroes etc.
    They are fun to use, you can outplay ppl but overall you have an unfair advantage over your oponent.
    Here you have nearly a no cooldown ability which gives you the freedom to choose any fight.
    Meaning on paper you could only go for save fights and if you tend too loose you can still run.
    Meaning you do not have too loose a single fight as a scout.

    2. You need a special playstyle to counter a class
    I could come up with countless examples from mobas why this is annoying and you sometimes would have needed the counter pick earlier and so on...
    Here it is fire and slowness.
    Is anyone ever making slowness potions? You cant even make them before phase 3!
    Yes really good point fire swords. Every player who plays annihilation and ever felt like: hm that fire ticking damage really hurts um. Takes a water bucket and bam easy no fire.
    Not sspeaking about how hard it could be to get a fire sword. Yes many times the default enchant seed is still in place and you can get fire from it but you still need to enchant it, taking away like 2 minutes just to counter one class, and any other players would likely get the sharp 4 knock 2 or reset the seed.
    2.2 picking a counter class
    Bloodmage, you would win the 1 v 1 but you would waste a 60 second cooldown and after using your ability the scout is free too leave.
    Pyro, works good in the early stages of the game but not if they carry a water bucket.
    Iceman, if Your not hitting the iceman you wont get slowed and can still run.
    Bard, the first real counter. Slowness aoe and he cant grapple maybe even speed, regen and weakness on top, profit.
    Scout, this sounds stupid but its true. Your as fast as him and may catch him. In addition to that fire swords come in handy because if he placeS water around him he cant get set on fire again but if your able to catch him ones again which no other class, ok sometimes dasher, can you can slow him down again.

    I mean if scout wouldnt be op noone would use it. There are no better options for the overall solo gameplay.

    To all scout players remember you last deaths with good gear. Who killed you?

    The answer for me in most cases is

    ~ a scout
  8. Murgatron Retired Staff

    Whilst I appreciate people's enthusiasm in discussing general Annihilation game balance I would like to keep this thread on topic about Poison 3 (or other ideas!) about Alchemist. There are other places on the forum to host other debates :)
  9. connor564 Platinum

    Good god stop with the scout circlejerk already smh

    Sorry murg
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  10. Tobi472 Platinum

    I guess thats right but fixing balance by removing regen 3 and scout would work for me

    The problem with regen 3 is that it is 0.8 hp/s and regen 2 is 0.4 hp/s.
    Thats twice as much on top of it the duration is nearly 4 times higher.

    I would lower the duration back to what it was before and make it only 0.6 hp/s.

    Espicially the splash version is quite broken. You make your whole team close to unkillable.
    One game we used 4 ppl and regen 3 splash to outzone 6 ppl including 2 full diamond players. And this only because we used this class.

    On top Id like to see no regen 3 and strenght 3 splash.
    In the describtion it says you have to stay as the class to use the effects but there is no problem in a 4 man rush to take one alchemist with you and buff the whole team again.
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  11. Cali_Gamer Regular Member

    Very good regen should also be nerfed but for now good job thanks.
  12. LegitHunkinBoi Regular Member

    I like never use regen 2 because the duration is super low. I died the other day max hearts berserker because I forgot to chug my regen 2 (I had regen 1 already) which prob would have saved me. But I dont even think of regen 2 because it is so short a duration. Theres several options for regen 3

    -Remove it because alch is a free class and doesnt need to be op. And it has other tier 3 pots and benefits.
    -make regen 3 0.4 hp/s but longer duration than regen 2
    -make regen 3 0.6 hp/s and have regen 2 duration

    Theres prob other options these are just my ideas hopefully gets nerfed soon. Along with the reduced mobility kit hp that was mentioned.
  13. Tobi472 Platinum


    remove scout because its a free class and doesnt need to be op :lmao:
    and thank you for posting my suggs in a small differnent order
  14. Ivandagiant Silver

    Could we perhaps add lingering potions to alchemist? Lingering potions seem really cool, and I think a lingering potion of instant damage would be fun. Or maybe make the dragon breath ingredient a reward from the boss buff.

    Also, why does Regen III on alchemist have such a long duration? For the other tier III potions, it seems to follow a +33% duration rule. STR II and Speed II are 1:30, and their level three counterparts are 2:00 long. Compare this to regen II which goes from a 0:22 duration to a 1:10 duration. That is over a 300% increase in duration. Not to mention it heals twice as much. Over 600% increase in total health regenerated. Absolutely insane compared to the other potions. I would suggest lowering the duration to 30 seconds to follow the +33% duration trend. It still may be too strong, but this would ATLEAST make it cost a bit more.

    I also think it would be cool if alchemist could make instant health and damage III, but maybe instant health IIIs would be overpowered and instant damage IIIs would be infuriating to play against =(

    I can't think of any way to add a higher tier poison without getting around the i-frames...Maybe keep the effect at poison II, but make it gives constant hunger so it makes regenerating health hard? I wanted to say you could stack poison and wither and have the wither effect go away when they are approaching low hp, but I'm not sure if that interaction would work as smoothly as I think it should.
  15. Tobi472 Platinum

    I think we should readd poison 3 since regen 3 isnt a thing anymore...
  16. Monster_Bug Platinum


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