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No Prefix Plz Nerf IMM and LUM

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by MAGMA_EX, Jun 13, 2019.

No Prefix - Plz Nerf IMM and LUM
  1. MAGMA_EX Platinum


    I propose the weakening of the immobilizer, Lumberjack. The skills of these professions are only valid for solo players. It is almost harmless to the rush of a large number of players. These occupations make solo rush difficult. Even if it is hard enough for Mercenary defense. Reduce the time and restraint time for mining speed reduction of the immobilizer by 2 seconds, or change the time to the next immobilizer to 40 seconds. Also, remove the skill to peel off Lumberjack's armor and make it a different skill.
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  2. Tobi472 Platinum

    hm interesting thoughts.
    I think rn a person with prot 4 and regen 3 need this classes to not completly break the game. Even doe you still should be able to deal about 20 damage solo before your armor breaks. And even if it breaks you can just put on the armor of a person you killed. I dont see lumberjack as the problem because out of rushes you still can repair your armor.
    About the immo we should talk right here. If the enemy defends with 3 immo a solo rush is impossible. I dont see the problem in the stun duration but in the longer lasting mining fatigue which gives you as a rusher no counterplay which is frusttraiting. The mining fatigue just has to be decreadsed by 1 or 2 seconds and this should be fixed.

    All in all anni is a teamgame and ppl shouldnt be able to solo rush easily ( nerf regen 3 )

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