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Please repair the Slaughter maps

Discussion in 'Slaughter' started by krystex01, Feb 4, 2016.

Please repair the Slaughter maps
  1. Gryphooon Regular Member

    I am asking you to repair the Catacombs and Garden maps in gamemode called Slaughter.
    I loved that game earlier, I used to play 2 hours each full game sesion. It was amazing!
    I invited my friends and camped in 1 best place.

    "Garden" was my 2nd map and I got very far.
    When I came back like today, when this post was shown on this website, I played Garden, but the Kitchen (area on the map) was blocked by gravel and stuff, I remember that you needed to shoot something to clear the path, but I dont remember anymore.

    Catacombs were full of these puzzles, yu needed to shoot something or stand in indentified place in order to open the door.
    Please repair that gamemode, because it's exciting and full of PvE / AI

  2. Kura_ Regular Member

    Hi! Gardens has a button that you can jump on a block and hit.
    You dont' need the bow for it.
    As for catacombs, I agree with you on fixing that one :/
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  3. Jarool Emerald

    No idea why Catacombs was changed... and never finished...

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