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Other Please listen, Shotbow!

Discussion in 'The Network' started by Axyy, Dec 15, 2021.

Other - Please listen, Shotbow!
  1. Axyy Events Team Co-Lead, Mini Admin


    587 days ago is when I originally posted my first feedback thread on the current state of Shotbow, while it did receive positive feedback sadly nothing got changed because of it. Well I’m not quite sure if it’s because the thread was made by me or Shotbow just doesn’t want to gain any new players. It clearly doesn’t matter anymore, the state of Shotbow has drastically changed and it’s definitely time for a new batch of feedback and suggestions.

    Last thread I started by complementing Shotbow on their updates, the release of WiR and the fact that Lazertester was back from retirement. I hate to be rude but in no way can I start this thread off with any kind of compliment.

    The only thing that never changed during these 587 is the fact why I’m posting such threads. It’s because I care, I probably care more than half of the current staff members. I’ve made so many amazing memories and I’m just scared of the fact of Shotbow closing its doors. Because what is the point in keeping such a dead server open for the public, when there are barely any Annihilation games starting. A lot of stuff has to change, so please listen Shotbow, even if it’s just for this one time.

    Shotbow’s Staff Team
    Clearly this whole team doesn’t function right. There are currently 24 full admins, and only a few of them are actually doing stuff right. I do not like listing names but the admins that are doing a great job know this already. This staff team is full of inactive people, just get them out. Bring more life into this team, hire new people that are willing to help, that have the time for it and are capable of making better decisions by having a new recruitment process. I’m not quite sure if this “per minigame” team still works in 2021, I mean it’s quite unique as I’ve never seen it on another server anyways. This team needs to function as one.

    I’m sick and tired of the phrase “staff have a life besides shotbow”, it’s literally being used for everything. Please listen, if you don’t have the time to help the community just retire, we need active staff members that don’t care if they get pinged on Discord, and actually make time free for the network. Why the hell would you apply if you don’t have enough time?
    Keep applications open for all teams, why would you close them? If you see a new applicant who has got everything it takes to become a part of the team it’s only a win for you.

    Shotbow’s Marketing
    When I saw applications opening for Shotbow’s Marketing team I seriously got hope, but after seeing the player count declining this feeling changed very quickly. 12 marketing team members, 13 including Mistri. I don’t see anything happening?

    As a marketing team you can do so much, but just nothing is happening. What about seasonal build competitions on the forums? Trailers for upcoming updates to spread the word? Partnerships with content creators? I know Shotbow has content creators but I barely see anyone online, just go work as a team and try to get new partnerships, have active content creators and in return you can host events with them for their followers. Be active on social media platforms and especially TikTok. It’s so easy to gain followers on TikTok, use it. Countless opportunities for Shotbow to grow a new player base but just nothing happens.

    We’re no longer living in 2015
    This is truly the downfall of Shotbow, thinking you can run a large Minecraft network the same way as in 2015, or maybe even 2013? As a network you have to change all the time in order to match your playerbase. Shotbow just doesn’t. Look at Hypixel and CubeCraft, these servers are constantly changing so new players feel welcome on their server. Shotbow systems are just very weird and complex while it really shouldn’t. Just as how the staff team is run, it’s just weird and not new player friendly.

    This also falls under Shotbow’s punishment system, it’s outdated and very wrong. People deserve second chances and therefore the permanent ban should be removed from all punishment tracks except for ddosing, doxing and harassment/threats. And god please do not just ban people for chat offenses, nobody does this, just (temp)mute them. Let’s take a look at CubeCraft’s punishment-tracks for cheating and chat offenses.


    Please learn from it.

    Remove Gamemodes
    Okay I’m not sure many of you would agree with me on this but listen carefully. I’d say remove all game modes except for Annihilation, MineZ, SMASH and Slaughter. This would give Shotbow a second chance, go back in order to go forward. This gives the staff team less things to focus on, it probably will save them money and nobody plays the other games anyways. Not that slaughter is played a lot but it recently received amazing updates and it is very up to date, it also has a lot of potential.

    This is also what some other server’s did when they were dying, it gave them a second chance to build up to the future again. This may sound dumb but believe me, this would affect the server in a good way. New players joining and seeing 1 or 2 players playing a certain mode is just a very very very bad look.

    Talking about giving people second chances…
    Probably the whole staff team hates this idea since it has been suggested many times before. Please Shotbow, do a ban wipe. There’s no point in having people that cheated back in 2014 still banned. I know they would probably get a second chance if they were to appeal but these people have definitely moved on already.

    If you were to do a ban reset and announce it everywhere, a lot of people would definitely come back and experience the nostalgia again and maybe some would stick around. Just make sure you have an active staff team before doing this.

    All good things come to an end!
    I’m not quite sure if many people consider this as a good thing, and some might actually be happy it ended haha. I want to end on a positive note as well, please remember Shotbow, you’ve got people that care, people that don’t want to see Shotbow die and people that are actually willing to help. Please listen, and do this for them. Only together you can revive the network, you just have to match your playerbase.

    P.s. love to the SMASH team, they’re actually doing bits! :heart:

  2. Maashg Platinum

    I hope Shotbow listen us this time… Most of current admins are like +70 years old politicans ruling a country in 2021.
  3. Jarool Emerald

    As someone who doesn't really play on here anymore, my views have definitely changed on the matter. There needs to be changes happening (I never thought I'd be saying this).
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  4. Giratina_O Regular Member

    I played on this server years and years ago. I randomly decided to drop in today. I think ShotBow has the most potential of any server out there, the game modes are fun and unique and I really don't want to see the server go under. I think the best two game modes are SMASH and Annihilation. I truly hope the Shotbow staff listen to this and someone takes charge. It seems to me that there are a lot of people sitting around and the server is without someone in control.
  5. SunflowerTwix Regular Member

    I've been thinking of jumping back onto Minecraft (vanilla not modded) again and my the first server I always think of is Shotbow.

    But the past few times I've come back to Shotbow it seems to be...dying slowly. I agree with everything the original poster has mentioned. I think they're onto a lot of good points. Something I would like to add though, is perhaps against the idea of 'removing' gamemodes. Instead of removing them entirely from the server (for the time being), just put them in a separate section, 'legacy gamemodes', sort of thing. Some players might only join specifically those gamemodes when they play on Shotbow.

    But I do find the idea of focusing on the 'main' gamemodes to be more streamline and updated. I think it's a good idea. I also agree with the punishment overhaul. With a server that's becoming increasingly quiet, it's good to give people another chance.
  6. Jingle535 Gold

    I think this is a pretty well made, nice post. Definitely good food for thought.

    2 things: I think administration is much easier to look at from the outside and critique, especially after the fact. However, I think sentiments definitely can be learned from this.

    The other thing, I personally strongly disagree with allowing cheaters to play again. Playing against people who are cheating makes for an immensely horrible experience, ruining the game for actual players and driving people away. Additionally, giving people 2 strikes will encourage them to take a risk because its only a temporary ban. If these people do have a huge change of heart they can buy a new account.
  7. xCreeperGoddessx Regular Member

    Lmao a mod deleted my comment where I stated my opinion, this server really is getting shittier and shittier.
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  8. SunflowerTwix Regular Member

    I gave up giving Shotbow a second chance.

    After being killed 400 times while invisible with Spy class in Anni I got fed up with it and used a client to see what 'they' see.
    Only to use ESP and see legitimately 7 people at one time staring at me through the wall and melee'ing in my direction while I was invisible. Yeah now it makes sense.

    Yeah I used a client, I got banned. I'm not making excuses. I'd like to get unbanned so I can continue playing but I don't see that ever happening.

    Goodbye Shotbow. I used to proudly advertise us.shotbow.net but now...nup. If a player can see other players are cheating without even using cheats in the first place, then yeet.

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