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Suggestion Player Zombies

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by Ceryl, Apr 16, 2019.

Suggestion - Player Zombies
  1. Ceryl Regular Member

    I know a lot of people will argue that the zombie damage / difficulty is great, and they enjoy the challenge. Well I agree with the damage, I do not mind the zombies being more difficult. But I do have a few complaints about them. Let me paint a picture for you.

    > You log into MineZ at a northern town such as Al Hasa or Crowmure.
    > You find a single player, and decide to 1v1 them.
    > You fight it out and towards the end of the fight you start trading hits. Its getting down the the wire and you end up killing the player with 1-2 hearts.
    > Now that you just finished your fight there is a good chance that you do not have any splashes in your hotbar. (Especially since you let yourself get to 1-2 hearts)
    > Also since the zombies do not take any knockback, and since you were just trading hits in extremely close range, as well as dealing anywhere from 1-3 hearts a hit. You die to the zombie.
    > Now considering this was a 1v1 there are just 2 lone player zombies sitting in a northern town.
    > So you try to gather food as quickly as possible down south to run back and collect the loot.
    > You run back up but by the time you get back the zombies drop 0 items.

    Im either suggesting, a. make player zombies hold items for longer than 15 mins, b. reduce the amount of hits it takes to kill a player zombie (e.g. https://gyazo.com/7a4f6bb00c027e4c93178061302f6fd1), or c. make zombies actually take knockback (e.g. https://gyazo.com/5455bf1fef1ab58ed59e300d41f98a92). With the hit particles coming back I feel like perfecting zombies would make the game much more identical to 1.7 :)
    ACringyWeeb, Candere and HellionX2 like this.

  2. cyclone_43 Silver

    Why not just have more than 2 splashes lol, or better yet use your bow to kill the zombie it's not that hard to kite away from them. Also if you're in a fight you probably sugared. That makes you able to out run the zombie if needed
  3. Vohu Platinum

    Not all the time, sometimes when your fighting someone your too close and too low to avoid that fatal last hit.
    Ceryl likes this.
  4. Ceryl Regular Member

    Im just talking from experience. By the time im done fighting the Koreans and their 20 splash 2s im left with literally nothing lol. And im not going to start carrying a bow to kill a player zombie xd
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  5. HellionX2 MineZ Mini Admin

    I agree that players zombies are a little overwhelming to deal with right after a clsoe
    I agree that player zombies are too tanky. They take too many hits to kill and due to the low kb they take they can generally land multiple hits on you no matter how much you try to spam hit them. I think it should take 3 hits to kill them max.
  6. Candere Obsidian

    Do player zombies hold loot at all anymore? I died while playing with a friend, they killed my zombie almost immediately - it dropped nothing. If it is just time limited as the OP implied, I'm not a fan. I have fond memories of lucking out and finding a player zombie with good loot.
    dimonsmaster likes this.
  7. Ceryl Regular Member

    I believe its 15mins instead of 30... not sure though
    cyclone_43 likes this.
  8. cyclone_43 Silver

    This is indeed correct
  9. ItsSoular Obsidian

    Make it so players don't become zombies when killed by another player.
    dimonsmaster likes this.
  10. Mr_3141592653589 Regular Member

    It's time limited, but I have no idea if it is either a limitation of the code(could be because memory), a limitation of Minecraft(could be but I have some doubt about this), or just an unspoken "feature"

    Personally, I think it should be on a time limit that once per minute or 2 minutes a random item is removed from the Zombie inventory just to spite players
  11. Kytachi Silver

    dude what are you taking about
  12. _Silver Gold

    It's likely that it's a memory management feature, because it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense to keep these inventory-filled player zombies alive forever, especially in the cases where nobody's gonna come back for them. I have come across a lot of bodies lately that have been dead long enough that they didn't drop loot, and the players already disconnected (so they obviously weren't coming back). It would be nice to see the time extended a little bit, or at least have the empty zombies despawn to remove that disappointment of killing an armored zombie and getting nothing out of it.
  13. Ruined_Fort Gold

    They originally held items for 30 minutes, people would die at giant's camp run up and re-loot. The player zombie mechanic is designed to make you really think about fighting someone. if they are bugging out and not dropping items when they should thats another problem. Keep player zombies lol
  14. Ceryl Regular Member

    What do you mean THINK?? I mean if I want to really think about every fight I go into I will just assume that if they are full iron they probably also have 10 splashes. Meaning that I will never get a fight because I hardly ever get a splash inv.

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